Grassroots Environmental Action: People's Participation in Sustainable Development

Grassroots Environmental Action: People's Participation in Sustainable Development


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Focusing on areas where local people are vigorous participators in the determination of their own future, Grassroots Environmental Action uses case studies of communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa to emphasizes the potential of local environmental initiatives. International contributors analyze the social dynamics of local level resource use both in situations where encouragement and support is supplied from external agents, such as the state or international organizations, and where local communities are forced to formulate their own plans and activities in spite of neglect, resistance or even active external oppposition.

Managing resources sustainably on the local level is essential for achieving the global goal of sustainable development. Grassroots Environmental Action examines the combined impact of the small-scale activitieseither constructive or destructiveundertaken by vast numbers of individuals on the fate of many resources and ecosystems,particularly in the Third World.

Contributors: Maurice Strong, Michael Redclift, Jessica M. Vivian, Charles Lane, Ruth Ammerman Yabes, Antonio Carlos S. Diegues, Julio Moguel, Enrique Velazquez, Jutta Blauert, Marta Guidi, John Kurien, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Michael Stahl, Philippe Egger, Jean Majeres and Charles A. Reilly.

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ISBN-13: 9780415077620
Publisher: Taylor & Francis, Inc.
Publication date: 08/20/1992
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 2.00(d)

Table of Contents

Preface by Maurice Strong 1. Introduction, Dharam Ghai and Jessica Vivian PART I: APPROACHES AND CONCEPTS 2. Sustainable Development and Popular Participation: A Framework for Analysis Michael Redclift 3. Foundations for Sustainable

Development: Participation, Empowerment and Local Resource Management Jessica Vivian PART II: TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS OF RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 4. The Barabaig Pastoralists of Tanzania: Sustainable Land Use in Jeopardy Charles Lane 5. The Zanjeras and the Ilocos

Norte Irrigation Project: Lessons of Environmental Sustainability from Philippine Traditional Resource Management Systems Ruth Ammerman Yabes 6. Sustainable Development and People's Participation in Wetland Ecosystem Conservation in Brazil: Two Comparative Studies Antonio

Carlos S. Diegues PART III: SOCIAL ACTION AND THE ENVIRONMENT 7. Urban Social Organisation and Ecological Struggle in Durango, Mexico Julio Moguel and Enrique Velazquez 8. Strategies for Autochthonous Development: Two Initiatives in Rural Oaxaca, Mexico

Jutta Blauert and Marta Guidi 9. Ruining the Commons and Responses of the Commoners: Coastal Overfishing and Fishworkers' Actions in Kerala State, India John Kurien 10. From Environmental Conflicts to Sustainable Mountain Transformation: Ecological Action in the

Garhwal Himalaya Jayanta Bandyopadhyay PART IV: LESSONS FROM ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS 11. Environmental Rehabilitation in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands: Constraints to People's Participation Michael Stahl 12. Local Resource Management and Development: Strategic

Dimensions of People's Participation Philippe Egger and Jean Majeres 13. Who Should Manage Environmental Problems? Some Lessons from Latin America Charles A. Reilly

movements (Environmental Politics)

mechanism in indigenous societies (Adil Najam, MIT)

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