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Over a period of a dozen years, John Timmerman ran a traveling UFO exhibit for the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) that appeared in malls from Seattle to Dallas to Nova Scotia, and from Guam to Puerto Rico. In the process he spoke to hundreds of people from around the world who came in off the street and described their own UFO sightings and experiences. Timmerman ended up with nearly 1,200 taped interviews, firsthand testimony with the lingering taste of truth.

Their stories present the UFO phenomenon in all its raw glory, describing lights, disks, cigars, boomerangs, and objects where the structure was... well... indescribable; close encounters of all kinds, landing traces, physiological effects, vehicle interference, entities, radar cases, jet scrambles, crashed disks, morphing objects; and cases of such concentrated weirdness they'll just make you shake your head, leaving you puzzled and uncomfortable - if not totally floored. A mighty strange universe is providing this entertainment.

JOHN TIMMERMAN graduated from Cornell University in Sociology and had a long and successful career in business. He was intrigued almost immediately by the UFO phenomenon when sightings began, and in the 1950s he was one of the volunteers for Project A at Ohio Northern University in a long-forgotten chapter in UFO history. In 1978, after attending a lecture by astronomer J. Allen Hynek, he volunteered with CUFOS, taking on a variety of responsibilities, ranging from case investigation to Treasurer. He was editor of the CUFOS Associate Newsletter and developed and manned the CUFOS display, allowing him to record the many reports detailed in this book.

MICHAEL D. SWORDS graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Chemistry, Iowa State University in Biochemistry, and Case Western Reserve in the History of Science and Technology. He was a professor of Natural Science at Western Michigan University for 30 years and spent 20 years of scholarship and service with CUFOS, including editing the peer-reviewed Journal of UFO Studies. He now writes a blog called The Big Study.

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GRASSROOTS UFOs 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
mndoc More than 1 year ago
Too many books written on this subject are poorly executed attempts of an author to support some pet theory. Not so with this book. It is simply a collection of what people told John Timmerman at the UFO exhibit about their own apparent UFO experience. These were tape recorded and transcribed. Dr Swords has attempted to produce a simple distillation of those reports, grouping them categories. No theory. No overreaching speculation. No third hand accounts of crashed spaceships. I've read a lot of UFO books, probably too many. Most of them failed to impress me. What I appreciated about this book is that it is offered as a catalog, using the witnesses own words. On the one hand it's a simple read, on the other you'll come away with a decend sense of what groups of these reports look like over time. I'd almost forgotten how many UFO witnesses go on to have unusual paranormal experiences. Definitely worth a look.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My son was not impressed with this book.