Gratitude Increase

Gratitude Increase

by Thalia Alexiou


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ISBN-13: 9781524619930
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/27/2016
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.12(d)

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Gratitude = Increase

By Thalia Alexiou


Copyright © 2016 Thalia Alexiou
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-1993-0



Tibetan meditation and transcendental meditation. It has always been part of my healing work for mindset transformation.

I know the power of meditation and the power of mandras, it was taught to me 37 years ago from a yoga teacher when I was pregnant to my son John. Her name was Miss Louise Novi and it has worked tremendously well for me, however, I realized that everyone could not understand the inner meaning of eastern mandras.

I know I have a passion to teach the positive effects of meditation and mandras but I realized guided meditation was great and everyone respected when it was demonstrated to my clients.

When I was trying to explain to them to continue at home, doing their affirmations and mandras they will speed up their healing, instead of waiting for the next week to come to my office and guide them to transcendental meditation. Part of my healing meditation it was granted too.

I asked my clients to use a Mala beads to express gratitude. The magic happened automatically.

First success

The first week a client of mine sent me a beautiful letter and later on, a friend. She says:


I count my blessings and I definitely count you twice, thank you for relighting my life with so much joy and love and happiness and health and laughter.

I love you always,


What is Mala

I like to explain to you what I do and I want you to be your master teacher, as you all master your own manifestations.

I like to tell you what I do, and you do it your own way, as long as you are doing it. Every Mala is made personally for you, using your birth numbers to connect with heavenly vibration and to manifest your earthy luck. So as you are holding your Mala you will notice it is divided in four sections with 27 beads.

They are all together 108. Eight and one is nine and it has always been the magic number in all the ancient civilizations.

The Tibetans and the Indians, the Greeks, the Egyptians the Mesopotamians, they counted nine as the number of completion.

So that number has a magic when you are counting those 108 beads while you say your mandras in your own way or your gratitude's.

How to use your Mala

I say "Thank you God for another day of life, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this information.

Thank you for my wellness, thank you for my family's wellness. I visualize them, I visualize my beautiful man, my beautiful children and grand children and I visualize them in the light of God. "

And I am grateful and I say "I am grateful for the light for my children, for their wellness, their health, for the protection, I am grateful for myself for all that I have.

My house, my family, my friends, coworkers, clients"

I go to specific areas in my body I go to my head area and I say: "Thanks to my right brain and my left brain, I am grateful you are working in this perfect and genius way".

Then I go to my eyes and my vision, I go to my ears and my hearing, I go and I say:

"Thanks to my nose, to my breathing, to my mouth, to my teeth. I am very grateful that you are working so well",

to my tongue, my lips, my skin, my skull, my hair, "I am very grateful to everything I know and I don't know. In my sixth chakra which is working in such a perfect way"

Thank you!

Then I go to my throat area and I tell to my fifth chakra how grateful I am,

to my esophagus, to my vocal organs, to my beautiful voice, whatever I know and I don't know, in my throat chakra, I am very very grateful for their wellness.

Then I go to my shoulders and visualize under my arms all way down to my hands.

And I tell them how grateful I am for their wellness and how beautiful they work.

And then I go to my heart

I tell to my heart for all her beauty and her glory for her kind

I tell to my lungs how grateful I am, they are working so beautiful

I tell to my forth chakra and everything I know and I don't know.

In my heart center my fourth chakra, I am very grateful.

Then I go to my solar plexus and I say I am very grateful to my digestive system. I am very grateful to my liver, to my splin, to everything I know and I don't know. In my solar plexus to my third chakra.

Thank you!

Here and there, I take a deep breath just to go deeper then I go to my pelvic area, to small intestines, to my genital area, to my kidneys, to my pancreas, whatever I know and I don't know and I am very very grateful.

Then I go to my hips and I tell them how grateful I am. I tell them how grateful I am for their movements, for their flexibility. I am very grateful. In my legs area, my feet, my toes, my toenails, I am grateful for everything I know and I don't know in my physical body.

Thank you!

Then I go to my blood, my bones, my skin, all my atoms and molecules, everything I know and I don't know in my physical body. I am very grateful for their wellness, I am grateful to my emotional body, because I am aware of all emotions, the sadness, the happiness, the joy, the appreciation of life.

I am grateful to my spiritual body as I am connected with the light of the creator, my guides, my angels. I am grateful to my family, my parents, my grandparents, my siblings and I usually visualize them and name them their names and their families. I am grateful to my clients that they trust me to teach them my knowledge and changing their lives and they can help others to change their lives

Thank you!

And you can do it in your own way as you are using your mala beads, giving you vibrations which are beautiful to feel their energy while you are using your own words. You can either use the traditional mandras or just use the gratitude.

I love and approve of myself just the way I am.

I do that 108 times every morning and every night that I am blessed with so many wonderful things. People call me to tell me they love me. It is unbelievable! I want you to have the same experience which is absolutely beautiful and you can do it! Be grateful to mother earth for her producing so many wonderful things.

I always go and say "I am grateful to the oceans, to the running waters, to the forests, to our deserts and our cities and towns and villages, to our animals, to the vegetarian kingdom. I am grateful to all the scientists, I am even grateful to the oils that earth is producing because we can manifest so many beautiful things, our technology is absolutely beautiful today, our medical world most of the times is wonderful and if combined with alternative medicine you create a masterpiece for your health and your wellness." I also go to the stars and tell them how beautiful they are and the vibrations they are sending to change our wellness.

I just go constantly and I am grateful for everything, I am even grateful for all my appliances.

How to close your meditation

I am going to guide you to a small meditation that I have been using for 28 years. I always close with the gratitude meditation. I like you to take a deep breath and go deep inside you and find yourself in a peaceful environment, some place you feel serene, a place you had loved experiences. For me it has always been a place I have experienced as a child. I love that place it brings me peace and serenity and it is so beautiful. You go there and you find yourself at peace. I like you to, as you take a deep breath, go to that deeper level in your essence, the essence which has made you who you are and your virtues. As you go deep inside you, I want you to be grateful for who you are ...

... tell yourself: "I am grateful for who I am, I am grateful for all that I am, my total health, my balance, my family, my friends, my house and car. But most of all, I am grateful for the light of the creator I am connected with and I can create everything I want". And as you take a deep breath and you pay attention to your environment, the beautiful place you are standing I want you to open your arms and give a big hug to yourself. Tell to yourself "I love you so so much and I appreciate you for who you are". Tell to yourself:

"I am who I am and I love who I am".


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