Grave Expectations

Grave Expectations

by Lina Gardiner


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ISBN-13: 9781611946604
Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication date: 08/31/2015
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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Grave Expectations 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Montzalee Wittmann More than 1 year ago
Grave Expectations is the 4th book in the vampire hunter series but it is not necessary for you to read the others to be able to know what is going on. The author catches you up so you can dive right in. Once you read this you will want to read the rest of the books, I am sure of it! The story continues with the strong female lead character, Jess, who is a vampire who hunts vampires. Her brother is back from Rome, he is a priest and in his 70's, but returns looking in his 40's! He also has company that seems to be bad news. They have brought with them a very large and uncontrollable vampire. Meanwhile Brit, Jess's boyfriend, is trying to figure out why he has these new powers and why. All the while vamps are after them, a new bad guy wants them, someone is trying to help them, and things are crazy! I can't say too much do to spoilers but it is action packed, full of surprises, new twists, and unpredictable. The characters have remained complex and true to themselves throughout the series, the plot is great and full of surprises. Enjoyed this book as much as the others. This series has been one fun ride! I reviewed this book for NetGalley.
Maisie-D More than 1 year ago
This is the last book in the series. Also the best book in the series! I couldn’t put it down! Regent has disappeared. Britt is back, but what is he?? He won’t touch Jess, he doesn’t want to hurt her and he knows he could very well accidently kill her. This frustrates the hell out of Jess. So she teases him to get him to react to her. He does, but then pulls away. This puts doubts in Jess’s mind about Britt’s feeling for her. So while trying to figure out what he is, Britt pulls away from Jess. He goes hunting to find out answers at the monastery where he recuperated from his death, in the last book. He finds out that there is another like him, so he finds this man who is pretending to be an evangelist, and claims he can cure all vampires. He says he can make them human. He gets in trouble when some very, very old vampires want to walk in the sun. He exhausts himself and his powers trying to cure them and tries to recruit Britt to help him. Britt will do it, but with certain conditions. In the meantime Regent returns. But it’s a much younger Regent. This man is in his early 40’s. Not 73 like he should be. With him comes Vatican guards and a Vatican official with a vampire that is growing out of control. The Vatican wants Regent to heal him like he did his sister. This just has so much suspense and it’s just so thrilling! I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on. But then so sad when I got to the end and it was over. I was gifted a copy of this book by NetGalley for an honest review.