Grave Instinct

Grave Instinct

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one fun roller-coaster ride the author puts you on, You never know what is coming next, and I loved the way he used public access to computers in libraries and schools as a way for the evil to spread. The killer here doesn't want much from you, just a thumbnail piece of your brain...but getting at it....well, it gets messy. You gotta love Walker's unique plot twists. Like I said, a real roller-coaster of a ride.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you love Patricia Cornwell you will absolutely want to read the instinct series featuring Jessica Coran. I have read them all and they are the best serial killer series I have ever read. I cannot wait till Absolute Instinct comes out in paperback. I suggest you read them in order since they tell a story about Jessica Coran, but you can read them on their own. They are all a fast read,intense,suspenseful and you can't wait till you find out the ending. I also read Patricia Cornwell,John Sandford,Anne Frasier and Kathy Reichs. Robert W. Walker is definetly in the big league. 5 stars.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Amazing author this Walker fellow. He continues to grow as a writer even after a decade of doing the Edge books and the Instinct titles, and with this GRAVE Instinct the 'master' of the serial killer novel since BEFORE Silence of the Lambs has outdone the master--himself. Combine all the best elements of all others writing the medical thriller and the forensics stuff, and you have Robert W. Walker straddling overhead of the likes of...well any and all his competition! He makes them all look like girl scouts by comparison. His rich text is only exceeded by his outrageous yet satisfying leaps and mind boggling twists, combined with an uncanny ability to crawl around inside the head of a lunatic mind and place you there as that lunatic and completely in simpatico with his/her lunacy. Wow! Imagine it. What Robin Williams does for humor, Robert Walker does for edgy suspense verging on horror. How many other writers must read and learn from this man? His research is impeccable and so interwoven as to make it part of the lace of the tale. He has mastered an astounding style that lets fewer than a hundred passive verbs pass his narrative lips in an 80,000 word novel here! A feat in itself. This stylistic architecture of the author's plan is so unique and fulfilling. So dramatic and cinematic that you see every detail in your mind's eye. His language ability and approach has to be from a keen mind that understands the underpinnings of our language on the order of a modern day Shakespeare in a sense. The sure-footedness and unique imagery and his deft hand with the shears of language amaze one. Walker understand the rudimentary elements of style itself, and like a dynamo this makes for a dramatic, fast- paced read that spins and spirals and twists and turns like a great and breathtaking runaway train ride. And when you think it is over, no it is not. There must be six endings to this novel and each is more satisfying than the previous one. And parents of 9 and up really must sit their children down with Walker's young adult historical novels--modern day classics on the order of Johnny Tremain and Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn all rolled into one--Daniel Webster Jackson & The Wrongway Railway, and Gideon Tell & The Siege of Vicksburg from Royal Fireworks Press.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Robert W. Walker proves himself the leader in the serial killer-thriller genre with the best book ever in his ongoing Instinct series. Continuing herione FBI forensic pathologist Jessica Coran faces off against her deadliest adversary yet in the Skull-digger, a psycho who kills to eat brains. The action is swift, the pace is relentless, and the ending will blow you away with tension and surprise. Kudos to Walker, who should gain a whole legion of new fans with this book, while completely satisfying his die-hards.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Rather than harm his wife and child, Dr. Grant Kenyon and his alter ego ¿Phillip¿ moved out of his home in New Jersey and trolled I-95 for females. Once Grant snatched the innocent young woman, Phillip would take over and surgically cut the brain out and eat it. He believes that eating fresh human brains will increase his awareness and achieve cosmic consciousness. Grant is modeling his behavior after Daryl Thomas Chockil ¿The New Jersey Ghoul¿ who dug up the bodies of dead children in 1990 and ate a part of their brain.

He was incarcerated in a hospital for the mentally insane but has gotten out a month before the skull-digger started killing his victims. The FBI immediately focus their attention on Daryl but medical examiner Dr. Jessica Coran thinks the real killer is setting up The New Jersey Ghoul to take the fall. She persuades her superiors to look for someone who keeps logging on to Daniel¿s website and after a ton of digging, they find a likely suspect but Jessica almost gets herself killed when she tries to take him in.

Robert W. Walker can always be counted on to create an exciting crime thriller with a villain that readers love to hate. Told from the point of view of the killer, the audience learns that the character suffers from multiple personality disorder but he is so evil, he illicits no sympathy. The novel is also told from the protagonist¿s point of view and readers sympathize with her feelings of impotence and frustration as she tries to convince her superiors to go after the right person, not the easiest one to blame.

Harriet Klausner