Gravity explained

Gravity explained

by edward johnson


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Gravity Explained describes this universal mechanism and finally closes the door of this eternal mystery. It is based upon the rearrangement of our basic dimensions which invalidates temporal time. This new theory claims and reinforces the 4 dimensions are 4 spatial dimensions and nothing to do with temporal time which only causes ongoing confusion for the last 100 years. The primary dimension is no.1 the first and most important as it provides a physical means to understand and unlock many other outstanding confusion regards the unification of the 4 forces of nature. The mechanism of Gravity is simply explained by resolving these dimensions and the Primary one has a construct of constant time which is constantly emerging and populating itself with points of zero time to form Newton's Absolute Space. Although instinctively he knew that the Absolute should exist he did not live long enough to provide us with a mechanism. This book does and explains it to us in very simple terms with plenty of illustrative sketches.

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