Gravity Explained

Gravity Explained

by Martin O. Cook, David D. Miller


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[Note: The most complete version of the big picture that eluded Einstein in his attempts to unveil a unified field theory can be found in the book, The Gravity Cycle, by the same author as this book. This book, Gravity Explained, was one of many approaches to the ideas that will shake the very foundations of physical science upon which we presently stand.] How is it that scientists can tell us about the big bang, black holes, and subatomic particles, but fail to explain how the observable force of gravity really works? It has been over three hundred years since Newton pinpointed the force keeping order in the universe and apples on the planet. Finally, after all these years, a book that can explain how gravity operates from a quantum perspective!

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Publication date: 04/03/2013
Pages: 84
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