GRE Words In Context: List 1

GRE Words In Context: List 1

by Vibrant Publishers


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What's in this Book?

This book contains a Word List unlike any you have seen before. A traditional word list offers a vocabulary word, its dictionary definition, and a SINGLE use of the word in a sentence. That is simply not enough for a fully functional understanding of a word in all its complexities. Our Word List takes each vocabulary word through its paces, denoting its part of speech, synonyms for its various contexts, its descriptive meaning, and, most importantly, THREE (3) to FIVE (5) sentences using the word in its varied contexts. When appropriate, those varied contexts include both literal and figurative uses of the word.

How will our Word List Help You Prepare for the GRE®?

Performing well on the GRE® General Test, especially its Verbal Reasoning section, requires a strong working knowledge of the vocabulary that appears in the questions-how those words function both literally and figuratively, how their meanings vary based on context, and how (in many cases) they operate as more than one part of speech.

Tips and Strategies for Learning the Vocabulary using the Word List

• Activate what you already know. Five hundred (500) words may seem like a great deal, but it is likely you already know a number of them, in one form or another. Begin by focusing on those you think you may know.

• For example, you might highlight in yellow those words that you know outright, without making any adjustments to your understanding.

• Highlight in green those that are functioning as a different part of speech than what you are used to seeing.

• Highlight in blue those words with a literal or figurative use that is unfamiliar to you. Also highlight the example sentence(s) in which that use of the word appears.

• Highlight in pink those words that you do not know, but that you can connect to using related words.

• "Chunk" your learning of the remaining vocabulary.

• Have fun with the words as you make them your own! Never lose sight of your ultimate goal: to incorporate these words into your personal vocabulary.

Using All Three (3) of our Word Lists Can Put Your Preparation on the Fast Track

We offer three (3) Word Lists to help you prepare for the GRE®: List #1 (this list), List #2, and a Challenging list. It is important to remember that your goal is to be fully conversant in as many of these vocabulary words as possible. Why? You must not only recognize and comprehend the words when you encounter them in GRE® test questions, but you must also utilize sophisticated vocabulary to express your own ideas in the Analytical Writing section of the test. It is to your advantage, therefore, to have as many high-level vocabulary words as possible at your disposal. This is especially difficult to do if your preparation time is limited.

Working with all three lists, you can "fast track" your preparation by making it your first priority to activate your prior familiarity with all 1500 words across the lists. Because these are words with which you are already familiar, they will be the easiest to move (through your study of the word lists) from "familiar" to "fully-functioning." As "fully-functioning" words in your vocabulary, you will be comfortable using them when composing your responses to the Analytical Writing tasks on the GRE®. If, after activating as many familiar words as possible across all three (3) lists, you still have preparation time left, you may then turn your attention to the remaining words and use the word lists to help you become fully conversant in them.

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Table of Contents

How to Get Most Out of this Book

1. Chapter #1 (aberration- banal)

2. Chapter #2 (barrister - conveyance)

3. Chapter #3 (conviction - drone)

4. Chapter #4 (ecstasy - gait)

5. Chapter #5 (gale - initiate)

6. Chapter #6 (insightful - monetary)

7. Chapter #7 (mortician - practicable)

8. Chapter #8 (practical - rivulet)

9. Chapter #9 (robust - terminal)

10. Chapter #10 (theocracy - zany)

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