Great American Catholic Eulogies

Great American Catholic Eulogies


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Here are 50 compelling eulogies, printed memorial tributes, and elegiac poems that span the American Catholic experience from colonial times to the present. They include remembrances of pioneers in social justice, education and health care; military and pacifist heroes-, artists and sports legends; and founders of distinctly American religious orders. Carol DeChant's entertaining prefaces to each eulogy place the deceased in their respective eras and are story-telling at its best.

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ISBN-13: 9780879464677
Publisher: ACTA Publications
Publication date: 10/28/2011
Pages: 403
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.05(h) x 0.95(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Thomas Lynch 13

Introduction Carol DeChant 23

I We Remember Our Heroes

The Happiest Man on Earth Chaplain Mychal Judge, NYFD Reverend Michael Duffy 35

An American Original Mother Katharine Drexel Anthony Walton 45

A Hero's Last March General William Tecumseh Sherman author unknown 55

The "Opposing General's" Valor President John Fitzgerald Kennedy President Ronald Reagan 63

A Saint for Our Age: Dorothy Day Jim Forest 69

A Eulogy to Whitefeather of the Ojibway Larry Cloud-Morgan Patricia LeFevere 83

Plain-Spoken, Practical, Taking Care of Business: Major David G. Taylor John Taylor 87

II We Remember Family

Aloise Steiner Buckley R. I. P. William F. Buckley 97

Remembering Pup: William F. Buckley, Jr. Christopher Buckley 102

Every Gift but Length of Years: John F. Kennedy, Jr. Senator Edward Kennedy 109

The Golfatorium: Meditation on a Mother Dying Thomas Lynch 115

Coming Home to St. Pat's Rosemary Clooney Nick Clooney 137

What You Can Expect from the Son of a Bookmaker Wellington T. Mara John Mara 141

Eulogy for a Baby Who Dies after Baptism by his father 149

III We Remember Our Friends

Leaving a Legacy of Kindness: Phil Rizzuto Bob Klapisch 153

Sissies Anonymous: Andre Dubus Tobias Wolff 157

My Closest Friend for Sixty Years: Remembering Walker Percy Shelby Foote 163

Enemy of the Passive Voice, Who Rocked Some Jaunty Hats Liz Christman Melinda Henneberger 167

A Friend of the Family: Mr. O'Connell Is Dead Dorothy Day 171

The Cardinal's Epistle to the Jews: John Cardinal O'Connor Rabbi Haskel Lookstein 181

Remembering My Friend Tim Russert Maria Shriver 187

IV We Remember Our Artists

Eulogy for Andy Warhol John Richardson 195

Danny's Promise: In Memory of Danny Thomas Phil Donahue 199

The Angels of Patricia Neal Terry Mattingly 203

He's Comin' Through: Milton Batiste Jason Berry 207

Wit and Wisdom on the Refrigerator Door Erma Bombeck D.L. Stewart Anne Gasior 221

An Unwieldy Radiance of Spirit: Flannery O'Connor Katherine Anne Porter 225

The Invisible Artist: Sculptor Frederick Hart Tom Wolfe 229

V We Remember Those Who Served Us

Servant of Incurable Cancer Patients Rose Hawthorne Lathrop Julian Hawthorne 243

Imperiled Men: Mourning CAG Andre Dubus 255

The Great Heart of Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill Thomas O'Neill III 265

The Angel of AA: Sister Mary Ignatia "Bill W" 271

Thank God for the Life of Elly Chovel! Reverend George A. Garcia 283

In the Irish Tradition: Daniel Patrick Moynihan Lawrence J. McCaffrey 287

VI We Remember Those Who Showed Us The Way

Didn't He Show Us the Way? Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Monsignor Kenneth Velo 301

The Work of Democracy: César Chávez Mario T. Garcia 307

The Poster Boy for Hope: Ron Santo Monsignor Dan Mayall 317

Elizabeth Ann Seton is the First Wholly American Saint! Homily of the Holy Father Pope Paul VI 321

Fixed, Solid, Holding a True Position: Rev. Robert F. Griffin, CSC Luis R. Gamez 327

One Witness, Pointing: Mary K. Meyer Father Mike Coleman 333

From Slave to Priest': Father Augustine Tolton Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers 339

VII We Remember With Poetry

Game Called: Babe Ruth Is Gone Grantland Rice 347

Quid Pro Quo: On Losing a Child Paul Mariani 349

His Tools, for My Father Michael Fleming 353

To Mother Marianne Robert Louis Stevenson 357

To Kosciuszko John Keats 361

Atonement: Joyce Kilmer, R.I.P. Aline Kilmer 365

To Philip Daniel Berrigan, SJ 367

The Innocents: Mary Surratt and Others Al Rocheleau 369

VIII We Remember The Unknown Child

Restoring Dignity to Abandoned Children: Rest in His Arms 377

Notes 383

Credits And Permissions 393

Discussion Questions For Book Clubs 399

Acknowledgments 401

About the Author 403

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