Great Baseball Feats, Facts and Firsts

Great Baseball Feats, Facts and Firsts

by David Nemec

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Great Baseball Feats, Facts and Firsts by David Nemec

Discover the unconventional, the offbeat feats, the historic moments, and the one-of-a-kind characters that have kept baseball flying for more than 150 years. This comprehensive and updated volume features all the need-to-know stats, scores, and strikeouts every die-hard baseball fan wants. All the information that every baseball fan will refer to again and again -- before, after, and during games, and over the long winter months when it feels like spring training will never come.

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ISBN-13: 9780452259256
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/23/1987
Pages: 1
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 5.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

The System for Evaluating Featsxvii
Section 1
Famous Firsts: 1846-19003
Season Record Holders Prior to 190114
The Four Most Interesting Teams Before 190119
Wild Men on the Mound23
Famous Brother Acts33
Invisible Men: Umpires39
First Basemen's Records44
Under the Lights49
World Series Play: 1876-190052
Section 2
Famous Firsts: 1901-1959
A Short History of Team Names63
Where the Games Are Played68
Managers' Records75
The Three Most Interesting Teams Between 1901 and 191981
ERA Records84
On the Black87
Second Basemen's Records90
Triples Records94
Pitching Records for Most Wins97
Pitching Records for Most Starts and Complete Games104
The Great Scandals108
World Series Play: 1901-19114
Section 3
Famous Firsts: 1920-41121
Total Bases Records125
Record Slugging Averages128
Long Day's Journey132
Iron-Man Pitchers134
No-Hitters and Perfect Games137
Record-breaking Scorers145
The Three Most Interesting Teams Between 1920 and 1941148
MVP Award Winners151
All-Star Game Feats154
Shortstops' Records158
Astronomical ERAs163
The Hall of Fame167
Individual Batting and Pitching Streaks171
World Series Play: 1920-41175
Section 4
Famous Firsts: 1942-60183
Batting Title Record Holders187
Handicapped Players193
Firsts by Black Players196
The Four Most Interesting Teams Between 1942 and 1960202
Minor League Feats and Firsts205
Switch Hitters' Records216
Great Batting Debuts220
Pitchers' Records as Hitters224
Pinch-hitting Feats228
Cy Young Award Winners234
Batters' Strikeout Records237
World Series Play: 1942-60242
Section 5
Famous Firsts: 1961-76249
Expansion Team Firsts252
Home Run Feats256
Not with a Whimper265
Outfielders' Records268
Triple Crown Winners272
Great Shutout Feats276
The Three Most Interesting Teams Between 1961 and 1976281
Relievers' Records284
Workhorse Records292
Great Feats of Precocity295
Great Milestone Achievements299
World Series Play: 1961-76303
Section 6
Famous Firsts: 1977-93311
The Most Difficult Pitchers to Beat313
The All-Time Worst Fielders317
Base-stealing Feats320
Loyalty Records326
The Hitless Wonders332
The Three Most Interesting Teams Between 1977 and 1993338
Third Basemen's Records341
Red-hot Rookies345
The Leading Losers349
Father-and-Son Firsts355
The Most Prolific Hitters359
World Series Play: 1977-93362
Section 7
Famous Firsts: 1994-2001373
Life-Begins-at-40 Records375
Team Records since 1901379
One-Year Wonders386
RBI Records393
Men for All Seasons398
Eagle-Eyed Hitters403
Doubles Records409
The Three Most Interesting Teams since 1994411
Catchers' Records414
The Strikeout Kings418
World Series Play: 1994-2001423

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