Great British Albums

Great British Albums

CD(Dutch Import)

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Release Date: 08/14/2012
Label: Sony Import
UPC: 0887254026327
catalogNumber: 5402632
Rank: 259719


Disc 1

  1. Stop Messin' Round
  2. I've Lost My Baby
  3. Rollin' Man
  4. Dust My Broom
  5. Love That Burns
  6. Doctor Brown
  7. Need Your Love Tonight
  8. If You Be My Baby
  9. Evenin' Boogie
  10. Lazy Poker Blues
  11. Coming Home
  12. Trying So Hard to Forget
  13. Stop Messin' Round
  14. Stop Messin' Round
  15. I Held My Baby Last Night
  16. Mystery Boogie

Disc 2

  1. Tarkus: Eruption/Stones of Years/Iconoclast/Mass/Manticore/Battelfield/
  2. Jeremy Bender
  3. Bitches Crystal
  4. The Only Way (Hymn)
  5. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
  6. A Time and a Place
  7. Are You Ready Eddy?

Disc 3

  1. Sweet Jane
  2. Momma's Little Jewel
  3. All the Young Dudes
  4. Sucker
  5. Jerkin' Crocus
  6. One of the Boys
  7. Soft Ground
  8. Ready for Love/After Lights
  9. Sea Diver
  10. One of the Boys
  11. Black Scorpio [Demo Version
  12. Ride on the Sun [Version
  13. One of the Boys
  14. All the Young Dudes
  15. Sucker
  16. Sweet Jane

Disc 4

  1. You Know What I Mean
  2. She's a Woman
  3. Constipated Duck
  4. Air Blower
  5. Scatterbrain
  6. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
  7. Thelonius
  8. Freeway Jam
  9. Diamond Dust

Disc 5

  1. The Whole of the Law
  2. Another Girl, Another Planet
  3. Breaking Down
  4. City of Fun
  5. The Beast
  6. Creature of Doom
  7. It's the Truth
  8. Language Problem
  9. No Peace for the Wicked
  10. The Immortal Story
  11. Lovers of Today
  12. Peter and the Pets
  13. As My Wife Says

Disc 6

  1. London Calling
  2. Brand New Cadillac
  3. Jimmy Jazz
  4. Hateful
  5. Rudie Can't Fail
  6. Spanish Bombs
  7. The Right Profile
  8. Lost in the Supermarket
  9. Clampdown
  10. The Guns of Brixton
  11. Wrong 'Em Boyo
  12. Death or Glory
  13. Koka Kola
  14. The Card Cheat
  15. Lover's Rock
  16. Four Horsemen
  17. I'm Not Down
  18. Revolution Rock
  19. Train in Vain

Disc 7

  1. Evidently Chickentown
  2. Conditional Discharge
  3. Sleepwalk
  4. 23rd
  5. Beasley Street
  6. Thirty Six Hours
  7. Belladonna
  8. The It Man
  9. Limbo (Baby Limbo)
  10. A Distant Relation
  11. Beasley Street
  12. Gaberdine Angus
  13. Twat

Disc 8

  1. India
  2. Sister Europe
  3. Imitation of Christ
  4. Fall
  5. Pulse
  6. We Love You
  7. Wedding Song
  8. Blacks/Radio
  9. Flowers
  10. Susan's Strange
  11. Soap Commercial
  12. Mack the Knife
  13. Flowers

Disc 9

  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Metal Gods
  3. Breaking the Law
  4. Grinder
  5. United
  6. You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise
  7. Living After Midnight
  8. The Rage
  9. Steeler
  10. Red, White & Blue
  11. Grinder

Disc 10

  1. Dog Eat Dog
  2. Antmusic
  3. Feed Me to the Lions
  4. Los Rancheros
  5. Ants Invasion
  6. Killer in the Home
  7. Kings of the Wild Frontier
  8. The Magnificent Five
  9. Don't Be Square (Be There)
  10. Jolly Roger
  11. Making History
  12. The Human Beings
  13. Antmusic
  14. Antmusic
  15. Feed Me to the Lions
  16. The Human Beings
  17. S.E.X.
  18. Omelette from Outer Space [Demo Ver

Disc 11

  1. Faron Young
  2. Bonny
  3. Appetite
  4. When Love Breaks Down
  5. Goodbye Lucille #1
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Moving the River
  8. Horsin' Around
  9. Desire As
  10. Blueberry Pies
  11. When the Angels

Disc 12

  1. Medicine Show
  2. Sony
  3. E=MC²
  4. The Bottom Line
  5. A Party
  6. Sudden Impact
  7. Stone Thames
  8. Bad

Disc 13

  1. Born in a Storm
  2. Raintown
  3. Ragman
  4. He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
  5. Loaded
  6. When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
  7. Chocolate Girl
  8. Dignity
  9. The Very Thing
  10. Love's Great Fears
  11. Town to Be Blamed
  12. Riches
  13. Kings of the Western World

Disc 14

  1. I Wanna Be Adored
  2. She Bangs the Drums
  3. Waterfall
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Bye Bye Badman
  6. Elizabeth My Dear
  7. (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister
  8. Made of Stone
  9. Shoot You Down
  10. This Is the One
  11. I Am the Resurrection

Disc 15

  1. Movin' On Up
  2. Slip Inside This House
  3. Don't Fight It, Feel It
  4. Higher Then the Sun
  5. Inner Flight
  6. Come Together
  7. Loaded
  8. Damaged
  9. I'm Comin' Down
  10. Higher Than the Sun
  11. Shine Like Stars

Disc 16

  1. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
  2. A Design for Life
  3. Kevin Carter
  4. Enola/Alone
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. Small Black Flowers That Grow in the Sky
  7. The Girl Who Wanted to Be God
  8. Removables
  9. Australia
  10. Interiors (Song for Willem de Kooning)
  11. Further Away
  12. No Surface All Feeling

Disc 17

  1. Intro
  2. Mass Destruction
  3. I Want More, Pt. 1
  4. I Want More, Pt. 2
  5. Love Lives on My Street
  6. Bluegrass
  7. Sweep
  8. Miss U Less, See U More
  9. No Roots
  10. Swingers
  11. Pastoral
  12. Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow
  13. What About Love
  14. In the End
  15. Mass Destruction
  16. Blissy's Groove
  17. Miss U Less, See U More
  18. I Want More

Disc 18

  1. Empire
  2. Shoot the Runner
  3. Last Trip (In Flight)
  4. Me Plus One
  5. Sun Rise Light Flies
  6. Apnoea
  7. By My Side
  8. Stuntman
  9. Seek & Destroy
  10. British Legion
  11. The Doberman

Disc 19

  1. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
  2. Oh My God
  3. Stop Me
  4. Toxic
  5. Valerie
  6. Apply Some Pressure
  7. Inversion
  8. Pretty Green
  9. Just
  10. Amy
  11. The Only One I Know
  12. Diversion
  13. L.S.F.
  14. Outversion

Disc 20

  1. Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
  2. If You Wanna
  3. A Lack of Understanding
  4. Blow It Up
  5. Wetsuit
  6. Norgaard
  7. Post Break-Up Sex
  8. Under Your Thumb
  9. All in White
  10. Wolf Pack
  11. Family Friend

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jeff Beck   Guitar
David Bowie   Saxophone,Vocals
Ian Hunter   Piano,Vocals
Chris Rea   Slide Guitar
Joe Strummer   Guitar,Piano,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Dave Howard   Alto
Kevin Armstrong   Guitar
Duster Bennett   Harmonica
Mick Fleetwood   Drums
Jeremy Spencer   Piano,Vocals,Slide Guitar
John McVie   Bass
Verden Allen   Organ,Vocals
Mark Berrow   Violin
Phil Chen   Bass
Dan Donovan   Keyboards
K.K. Downing   Guitar
Mick Gallagher   Keyboards
Peter Green   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Gregory   Alto
Dale "Buffin" Griffin   Percussion,Drums
Rob Halford   Vocals
Topper Headon   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Ian Hill   Bass Guitar
Garfield Jackson   Viola
P-Nut   Guitar,Drums,Bass Guitar
Mick Jones   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Koulla Kakoulli   Background Vocals
Graeme Kelling   Guitar
Don Letts   Vocals
Martin Loveday   Cello
Alan Mair   Bass
Rita Manning   Violin
Lorraine McIntosh   Vocals
Max Middleton   Keyboards
Peter Perrett   Guitar,Vocals
John Perry   Guitar,Keyboards
James Prime   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Mick Ralphs   Guitar,Vocals
Greg Roberts   Drums,Vocals
Paul Simonon   Bass,Vocals
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Glenn Tipton   Guitar
Ewen Vernal   Bass,Background Vocals
Gavyn Wright   Violin
Stuart Zender   Bass
Ol' Dirty Bastard   Vocals
Michael Tighe   Guitar
Ben Chappell   Cello
Sister Bliss   Piano,Strings,Bass Guitar,Keyboards
Peter Lale   Viola
Sam Koppelman   Percussion,Drums
Boguslaw Kostecki   Violin
Jackie Shave   Violin
Bruce White   Viola
Christine Perfect   Piano
Mike Kellie   Drums
Ricky Ross   Vocals
Robbie Williams   Vocals
David Daniels [cello]   Cello
Maxi Jazz   Vocals
Julian Leaper   Violin
Everton Nelson   Violin
Dido Armstrong   Vocals
Rachel Bolt   Viola
Justin Young   Guitar,Vocals
Raymond Angry   Piano,Keyboards,Clavinet
Sam Farrar   Bass
Alex Greenwald   Guitar,Vocals
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Warren Zielinski   Violin
Neal Sugarman   Tenor Saxophone
LSK   Vocals
Dave Holland   Drums
Mark Ronson   Organ,Guitar,Percussion,Clavinet
Ian Hendrickson-Smith   Baritone Saxophone
Santi White   Vocals
Jordan Galland   Piano
Daniel Merriweather   Vocals
Amy Winehouse   Vocals
Nick Movshon   Bass
Mark Robertson   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Clavinet
Binky Griptite   Guitar
Homer Steinweiss   Drums
Perry Montague-Mason   Violin
Lily Allen   Vocals
Thomas Bowes   Violin
Chris Elliot   Piano
Matt Allchin   Guitar
Thomas Brenneck   Guitar
Cochemea Galecum   Baritone Saxophone
Cenophia Mitchell   Vocals
Chris Scianni   Guitar
Tom Pigott-Smith   Violin
Christopher Tombling   Violin
David Woodcock   Violin
Jonathan Rees   Violin
Ivo Jan van der Werff   Viola
Raphael & Friends   Horn
Dave Guy   Trumpet
Leo Williams   Bass,Vocals
Alex Gale   Bass
Mark Lockhart   Saxophone
Overend Watts   Bass,Vocals
Ahmir Thompson   Percussion
Richard Bailey   Percussion,Drums
Gordon Edwards   Keyboards
Freddie Cowan   Guitar,Background Vocals
Santogold   Vocals
Arni Arnason   Bass,Background Vocals
Pete Robertson   Drums,Background Vocals
Peter Petter   Keyboards
Douglas Vipond   Percussion,Drums
Alla-Marie   Vocals

Technical Credits

Kurt Weill   Composer
Nina Simone   Composer
David Bowie   Composer,Producer
Bruce Dickinson   Reissue Producer
Thomas Dolby   Producer
Emerson, Lake & Palmer   Arranger,Director
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Only Ones   Producer
Psychedelic Furs   Producer
Lou Reed   Composer
Joe Strummer   Composer
Keith Emerson   Composer
Greg Lake   Composer,Producer
Mike Vernon   Producer
Phil Thornalley   Producer
George Martin   Composer,Producer
Robert Ash   Producer
Billie Holiday   Composer
Bob Clearmountain   Producer
Bill Curbishley   Management
Lamont Dozier   Composer
K.K. Downing   Composer
Rob Halford   Composer
Martin Hannett   Producer
Eddie Holland   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer
P-Nut   Composer
Mick Jones   Composer,Producer
Jon Kelly   Producer
John Leckie   Producer
Steve Lillywhite   Producer
Johnny Marr   Composer
Morrissey   Composer
Eddy Offord   Engineer
Carl Palmer   Composer
Paul Weller   Composer
Mick Ralphs   Composer
Paul Simonon   Composer
Guy Stevens   Producer
Ian Taylor   Producer
Glenn Tipton   Composer
Stevie Wonder   Composer
Mike Hedges   Producer
Howard Thompson   Producer
Colin Greenwood   Composer
Jonny Greenwood   Composer
Phil Selway   Composer
Sister Bliss   Composer,Producer
Jim Abbiss   Producer
Hugh Gilmour   Reissue Design
Ray Staff   Cut
Maxi Jazz   Composer
Thom Yorke   Composer
Jayne Andrews   Management
Jules Taub   Composer
LSK   Composer
Chris Martin   Composer
Will Champion   Composer
Dan Grech-Marguerat   Producer
Rollo Armstrong   Producer
Mark Ronson   Producer,beats
Kasabian   Producer
Invisible Girls   Producer
Barny   Engineer
William Neal   Paintings
Tom Allom   Producer
Lou Austin   Engineer
Chris Hughes   Producer
Greg Bunbury   Art Direction
Dominic Burnham   Producer

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