Great Expectations: A Graphic Revision Guide for GCSE English Literature

Great Expectations: A Graphic Revision Guide for GCSE English Literature

by Elizabeth May


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This Graphic Revision Guide for Great Expectations is an essential tool for anyone studying this book for GCSE English Literature. It contains comic-style sheets, especially tailored to strengthen the student’s understanding of plot, characters, quotes, themes and more; through using them, learning and revising this iconic novel will become an easier and more enjoyable experience. Students with special educational needs (SEN) will find it particularly beneficial.

This book contains:

  • Visual summaries of the plot
  • Character profiles, including a fact file and quotes from the book
  • Exploration of key themes and the context for the book
  • Additional graphic reference material, to help students understand the setting of the book
  • Activity sheets, including matching quotes to pictures, vocabulary building and drawing character maps.

The resources are printed in black and white for easy photocopying and enlarging.

Although initially designed to help and support SEN students, trials found that all the students in the class wanted copies of the graphic sheets and benefited from using them. Many students find it difficult to remember what happened in a book and in what order, let alone write a timed essay picking apart the intricacies of it. With this book, students will gain confidence in their knowledge before jumping in at the deep end.

How does Pip help the escaped convict? How does Pip meet Estella? Who is Pip’s rich benefactor?

After completing these sheets your students will have these answers at their fingertips.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780857476883
Publisher: Brilliant Publications Ltd
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 78
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.16(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth has been working with SEN pupils in primary and secondary settings since graduating from the University of Sussex with an English Language BA in 2014. She has spent many an hour helping SEN pupils in English Literature lessons as a teaching assistant, and figured out along the way that simple, engaging visual retellings of stories across the GSCE English curriculum prove effective in helping the pupils to understand what they are reading. Currently she works as Deputy SENCo at an Outstanding-graded London school, where she also delivers speech and language interventions, and always tries to make learning as visual and engaging as possible.

Table of Contents


How will this book be effective?

Visual chapter summaries

Part 1

Pip and the convict

Chapters 1–7

Pip and Satis House

Chapters 8–19

Part 2

Pip, the London gentleman

Chapters 20–39

Part 3

Magwitch in London

Chapters 40–54

No longer a gentleman

Chapters 55–59

Context and genre



Gothic fiction

Social commentary

Character profile pages




Miss Havisham




More characters: Biddy, Mrs Joe, Pumblechook, Orlick

More characters: Wopsle, Wemmick, Compeyson, Drummle

More characters: Arthur, Molly, Matthew, The Aged

Theme pages

What is a theme?





Reference sheets

Marsh country

Satis House


Activity pages


Vocabulary: things and objects

Who is Pip describing?

Which place is Pip describing?

Who said it?

Match the couples

How would you feel if …

Trump cards

Character map

Quote analysis map

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