Great Naval Blunders: History's Worst Sea Battle Decisions from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Great Naval Blunders: History's Worst Sea Battle Decisions from Ancient Times to the Present Day

by Geoffrey Regan


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Great Naval Blunders: History's Worst Sea Battle Decisions from Ancient Times to the Present Day by Geoffrey Regan

From the Admiral Popov, the circular Russian battleship that wouldn't steer straight, to the HMS Trinidad, a British cruiser that managed to torpedo itself, this copiously illustrated collection of incompetence on the high seas takes a serious if often entertaining look at the misjudgments of captains, fleet commanders, and ship designers from Roman times to the present day. Full of jaw-dropping anecdotes, Great Naval Blunders proves the old adage, "Worse things happen at sea."

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ISBN-13: 9780233003504
Publisher: Carlton Books
Publication date: 08/07/2012
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,218,280
Product dimensions: 12.70(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Geoffrey Regan wrote 30 historical and educational books, including Naval Blunders, Historical Blunders, Royal Blunders, Flying Blunders, Blue on Blue, and Fight or Flight. He was the Series Consultant for Channel 4's Great Military Blunders series, broadcast in 2000.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

The Voyage of the Damned 12

Part I 21

Chapter 1 Lunatic Admirals 23

Lord Belly-Cloth, D.S.O. 23

Admiral Pierre and the Case of the Drugged Wine 29

The Loss of the Northumberland 33

Price at Petropavlovsk 34

The Man Who Walked on Water 35

Admiral Plumridge Scores an Own Goal 41

'The Duckworth Touch' 43

Chinese Junk 45

A Day in the Life of Captain Vukovic 46

A Paper Tiger 47

Typhoon 48

The Capture of the Rosario 49

The Escape of the Goeben 51

To Encourage the Others 55

The 'Triumphs' of Admiral Barroso and Admiral Tamandaré 59

'Black' Charlie' Napier in the Baltic 61

Chapter 2 The Tale Of A Tub 63

The Round Ships 63

Le Grand Hôtel 63

Battlecruisers 65

Ships That Torpedo Themselves 69

The Art of Self Defence 70

Sir Percy Scott Sticks to His Guns 72

The Thunderer 76

Powder B 76

Smoke Signals 79

What's in a Name? 79

Chapter 3 The Price of Admiralty 81

Friendly Fire 81

The 'Livebait Squadron' 84

The Scattering of Convoy PQ17 89

Force Z and the Art of Gunboat Diplomacy 95

The Indianapolis 800 100

Operation Catherine 106

Scapa Flow and the Submarine Peril 108

Operation Menace 111

The Floating Whorehouse 119

Nile by Way of Bantry Bay 122

Chapter 4 A Life on the Ocean Wave 127

The Rulers of the Queen's Navee 127

The 'Cat' 130

Hard Tack 133

Admiral Hosier's Ghost 134

Commodore Anson's Voyage 136

Roderick Random and Jenkins' Ear 138

Chapter 5 Above Us the Waves 143

K for Catastrophe 143

L'Entente Cordiale 148

The Triton Oxley 150

The Admiralty Drags Its Feet on Convoys 151

Torpedoes Away 156

The Q-Ship 160

Chapter 6 That Sinking Feeling 163

The White Ship 163

The Loss of the Mary Rose 164

The Loss of the Vasa 167

D'Estrées the Navigator 169

Admiral Hovenden Walker at Quebec 170

The Low of the Royal George 174

The Loss of HMS Captain 177

The Loss of the Vanguard 180

The Loss of the Grosser Kurfürst 182

Part II 185

Case Studies 187

The Battle of Drepana (250 BC) 187

The Battle of Damme (1213) 188

The Battle of South Foreland (1217) 189

The Battle of Sluys (1340) 190

The Battle of Negropont (1470) 192

The Battle of Sapienza (1499) 193

The Battle of Djerba (1560) 195

The Dutch in the Medway (1667) 197

The Battle of Oland (1676) 201

The Battle of Beachy Head (1690) 203

Benbow's Last Fight (1702) 206

The Battle of Toulon (1744) 209

The Armada of 1779 212

The Battle of Navarino (1827) 218

The Battle of Lissa (1866) 223

The Battle of Manila Bay (1898) 232

The Battle of Coronel (1914) 237

Tile Navy and the Dardanelles (1915) 241

The Battle of the Dogger Bank (1915) 248

The Battle of the Denmark Strait (1941) 253

Exercise 'Tiger' (1944) 261

The Battle of Leyte Gulf (1944) 265

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