Great Philosophers and their Influence on the Modern World

Great Philosophers and their Influence on the Modern World

by Allan Powell




Throughout his time on the planet, man has sought to understand his place on it, to comprehend his being.

Philosophy grew out of this search, initially in trying to understand the physical environment, then, with the ancient Greeks, to examine the nature of human beings. Allan Powell demonstrates how some of the foremost philosophers have profoundly influenced the world we live in today, how they remain "on message" for us. We go on a journey throughout time, from Plato at the beginning of the fifth century BC to Karl Popper who died in 1994.

The human condition guarantees that every generation should examine issues relating to the meaning of life, in a modern context but also a timeless one. Philosophy is for all to find; its most influential proponents have sought to offer something of practical value to society. Within the much more complex and diverse setting that is the present, it excludes no-one who is prepared to think.

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About the Author

Allan Powell has lived in the Charente region of south west France for the past 14 years. In addition to contributing monthly articles to two regional journals for many years, he has in this time written books on parenting, behaviourally and emotionally disturbed youngsters, and two travel books.

After graduating in Philosophy and Psychology his career in the UK was in working as a Psychologist with highly disturbed children. For ten years, he was head of a residential school for such children; prior to that, he taught in a similar residential setting, and also had several years as a local authority educational psychologist. In his later years, he worked on providing education for children in care being fostered and/or prepared for adoption, managing a small team of peripatetic teachers. He lectured, wrote for professional journals, and helped to train residential social workers and teachers.

Today, apart from his writing, he lists his main interests as his family of four sons and a daughter and seven grandchildren, reading, travel, vegetable gardening, sport, and trying to master the piano.

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