Great Prayers Of The Bible

Great Prayers Of The Bible

by Ralph F. Wilson


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Eleven profound prayers teach you the essence of faith and petition.

If you're like many believers, you long to pray better, to shake off your dullness of spirit and encounter God more intimately. You want to pray with the courage of Abraham, to beseech God with the courage Moses, but....

There are many examples in the Bible of men and women who prayed fervent, effective prayers that God answered. That's the question: What kinds of prayers does God answer? What kind of faith does God respond to?

This book examines in considerable depth eleven amazing prayers. Some are short, others lengthy, but each has something important to teach us. You'll study key prayers of Jesus, Paul, Moses, Abraham, David, Hezekiah, Daniel, and Nehemiah.

The aim of this study is to help you develop in prayer, increase your faith, and move you into a new plane of communication with your Father in heaven.

However, this is not a course in learning to manipulate God to get your way. It is a study of who God is and how He responds to his children's petitions. Thus it will help you adopt His own heart as you petition your Father.

As you model your prayers and your faith after the exemplars put before you in God's holy Word, you'll gradually learn to take your place as one of Jesus' disciples whose prayers move heaven and earth.

The book contains 11 lessons that can be used for personal enrichment and by small groups and classes. Preachers and teachers will also find a lot of their word study research done for them, with a number of illustrations and insights for lessons and sermons.

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