Great Shift Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond

Great Shift Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond

by Martine Vallee
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Great Shift Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond by Martine Vallee

This extraordinary book brings together many sources of important information on the changes occurring within our world, ourselves, and the evolution of consciousness leading up to the year 2012. The text is addressed in part to Lightworkers, for whom the energy shift now gearing up has been ongoing for at least the last twenty years. The time is getting closer. The Great Shift is a progress report from the field and the messages are positive. "You don't have to logically do anything but 'show up' with spiritual intent, and the DNA quantum field is activated in your body," Kryon says. He tells us to expect changes and peace we may have never thought to see in our lifetimes, even in the Middle East. He says, "God is not a controlling force. Look for the love." Thomas Kenyon channeling the Hathors, a group consciousness entity, reminds us, "It is your attention to an event that makes it conscious." Kenyon also explains what channeled material is, which is important in understanding how we co-create our own world: "From the standpoint of neuropsychology, channeled information is just another expression of our brain/mind potential . . . a movement into the unknown territory of one's own psyche to see what emerges in terms of contact (with other intelligences) and information." The Hathors message for what is now and what is to come: "It is so simple, it is forgotten. . . . Find a way to live your life in joy and happiness." Mary Magdalene, through Thomas Kenyon, makes it clear that restoring the balance between male and female energies will mean good things for men as well as women and will reignite our creative potency. Patricia Cori channeling the High Council of Sirius reminds us that the future is never predetermined and the past is an illusion-different for each of us.

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Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 02/01/2009
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The Great Shift


By Martine Vallée

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2009 The Great Shift by Martine Vallée
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-015-7



With the phenomenon of science and spirituality being at the forefront, the talk of the town seems to be "talking to our cells." Everybody wants to be able to control their biology at will. Easier said than done.

Instead of "talking" to our cells, don't we need to go about it on an energetic level ... like visualizing? Isn't DNA interdimensional in nature? If so, how can utilizing third-fourth-dimension communication do the job? Doesn't our biology react to our thoughts instead of listening to our talk?

You are correct to ask the most complex question first. Let's review, for the purpose of this book, the Human Being. It is a 3D creature, living within a 3D environment, eating and sleeping and living a 3D life. When you begin the study of DNA, and especially the esoteric properties, can you really understand it? How can you make the leap to a dimensionality that you cannot even conceive of that's greater than 3D?

Before I even begin the discussion of perception and co-creation, I must ask you this: Are you comfortable with your belief in God? God is interdimensional, and so is the basic premise that you are a piece of God. Do you meditate or pray? If so, how do you cross the bridge from 3D to an interdimensional communication? You see what I'm saying? Some things are "experienced" and understood without any true knowledge of the whole.

Then I ask, can you "feel" the love of God for you? Can you experience the emotions that I might have for you and Humanity when I tell you how much God loves your soul? If you can, you are crossing that bridge, but you are not using your 3D logic to do it. So how are you doing it? This is the key: You are stepping out of your intellectual thinking, that part of you that wishes you to place everything in a box for understanding, and simply enjoying the reality of Spirit that you know is there. In other words, you have learned to suspend your 3D to enjoy something you "feel" is real.

Many people will criticize this very thing! They say that you suspend your logic in order to become esoteric, and in the process you have lost touch with reality. This gives you the brand of those who follow odd beliefs and float around in a cult all day. The truth is this: that all Humanity suspends belief when they want something from God. Even the nonreligious person is willing and ready to receive a miracle of healing when in trouble. There is innate understanding that spiritual things are beyond our understanding. The trouble is when you claim that these spiritual things are yours to work with. This is the "New" in New Age that the old energy has trouble with.

Cellular communication is not hard. It's a bridge already built within your body, ready for you to cross it. The majority of Humanity never does, for you are taught early that your body does what it does automatically, and all you have to do is feed it and all will be taken care of. Therefore, you go about life feeding it and hoping that it lasts. All your intelligence and intellect are based in your head (so you think), and so are all your pains and pleasures. Therefore, you look down at your limbs and organs and hope they work ... hoping they don't get a disease ... hoping they don't do something out of your control. If they do, then you say, "I can lose this organ or that organ and still survive." Your brain becomes your entire life, and everything else is expendable to a certain degree, or at least "on its own."

The Universe is like this for you, too. You are aware you are in it, and you know that as long as you feed your body, you can remain in it. Never in a million synapses of your thoughts would you say, "I'm in charge of it." That simply does not occur to you, since you are in 3D and a seeming slave to everything around you.

The truth is that, on both accounts, you are in charge. Universally, you can plug into the seeming chaos and have what you have called "co-creation." This is you, crossing the bridge between your 3D perception and the already existing system of the universe that is all set to "listen" to what you wish to do on your path. Over time, you realize this works, so you begin to nourish the entire idea that you are somehow part of the system and can use it. This is how Lightworkers come about and has been the teachings of Kryon for nineteen years.

Now, apply this thinking to your body. Think of several trillion parts of DNA all identical, organized into the biological system that creates your body system. Do you understand that the DNA is the same throughout the body? Oh, it creates specialized cells that form organs, nerves, and muscle, but the DNA double helix is the same throughout. Start seeing this in yourself as a better understanding of really what is going on.

Let me ask you, Lightworker, which part of you is enlightened? Many will point to their heads at this point. The truth is that the entire system is part of your awareness engine. Your big toe is just as enlightened as your brain. So is your elbow. Do you see? In fact, your very ability to send light is based on using all the DNA at once, creating a quantum field around you that actually is "seen" by the Universe and sends energy into Gaia itself. Picture Humans who are trying to be Lightworkers without knowing this. They try and try and can't feel anything. It's because they have no idea about "talking to their cells" and no idea that the "light engine" needs all of them working together.

The interdimensional attributes of your DNA is more than ten times the size of the 3D chemical double helix you see under the microscope. Scientists even see this, since they recognize that the Human genome only seems to use 3 percent or less of itself to create all the genes in the body. The rest of it is unexplainable. That "rest of it" is the bridge! It's a set of almost three billion chemical parts that organize and structure the 3D part (the 3 percent that is protein encoded). So you can actually "see" the bridge under the microscope in 3D, but since its function is not in 3D, it has no structure or symmetry and is perceived to be useless.

Now comes the good part: Since all the cells are as enlightened as the next one, as you absorb the truth of God, and your own part of the system of God, every cell knows it. After all, they are coming along for the ride, you know? {Kryon humor.} So let's say you have an epiphany of some kind about your spiritual self. You awaken blessed and wiser than you were, and you celebrate your new attitude and knowledge. Now, did you know that your elbow and big toe also "got it"? The only difference is that you never talk to them to know it! All your cells are "hooked together" to participate in everything spiritual. The only thing that is missing is direction "from the boss," and you are the boss.

So, therefore, when you begin to address the cells either with your thoughts or your voice or through any possible form of communication, they are already on board with all the facts, just waiting for direction from the person in charge. The real truth is supplied in this paradoxical question: If your DNA is interdimensional by default, why do you think you are a 3D creature? (Now you know the secret.) Your perception is based in 3D, but in actuality the interdimensional engine is already at work within you and will stay invisible until you begin your path of enlightenment. As you study and absorb spiritual truth, you "fill the jar" of your own vibrational energy within each and every DNA strand.

Communication is easy. Don't analyze it! Do you analyze how the internal combustion engine works in your car before you drive away? Do you analyze how a cellular telephone works before you speak in to it? No. You just know it works and you do it! It's time to start driving and calling your body.

One of the great mysteries of biology is how cells communicate with each other. DNA—that is, the blueprint of the body's proteins and amino acids—seems to control every chemical aspect of our being. From the research I've done, each cell undergoes, on average, some hundred thousand chemical reactions per second, and that process, it seems, repeats itself simultaneously across every cell in the body! I'm trying to understand how we can literally slow our body clock, like you mention, within this immensely complex system.

If DNA is in the control room, what is the mechanism enabling individual gene and cell activities to act in unison?

So, on our side, is it the same mechanism that will permit us to work consciously in unison with our DNA?

There is a field structure that is interdimensional around each double helix. This has recently been discovered by your science. {From Lee: Vladimir Poponin found an interdimensional field around DNA that actually patterns light particles in a physics experiment. It was so potent that whatever light the field changed stayed that way even after the DNA field was removed.}

But there is a communication element that biologists have not yet seen or acknowledged. DNA fields overlap, and therefore they are "seen" interdimensionally as one field together. This one field is the quantum element of the Human that is so profoundly affected by your spiritual work and is also the part of you that is spoken to by forces you haven't even discovered yet. So what I'm saying is that your DNA is locked together by overlapping fields that communicate and are "one field" interdimensionally. Here is the secret finally ... the glue that allows a "whole body experience" that is immediate and ready for healing.

This should again show you how ready the DNA is to "listen to the boss"! For you don't have to logically do anything but "show up" with spiritual intent, and the DNA quantum field is activated within your body. Let it do the work, and you just turn the steering wheel.

From what I know of biology, the hormonal system is the one that pretty much controls the aging process. So to slow down the body clock we have to work directly with this system. For us to be able to change our body clock, as you mention, I think we need to understand precisely how to do it because just talking to it doesn't work, and very few people know what to visualize—the DNA, the cells, the hormonal system, colors. Also, I think we are having a hard time believing we can accomplish such a thing, because mainly we simply don't know how to do it.

Kryon, could we take one example and work with it? Let's take the hormonal system. Would you tell us how we could go about having enough influence on it that it would slow the body clock?

First, do not compartmentalize the body. It's a result of your 3D logic that you wish to address the parts of the engine in order to help this function or that function. It doesn't work that way. Which part of the soup do you bless before you eat it? The salt? The tomato? The answer is that you bless the whole bowl, consisting of millions of molecules of different types.

The spiritual body is a "whole body" interdimensional experience. It does not understand specialized input. It does not understand "I want to age less." Imagine you are a shaman, stepping outside and asking nature to move one cloud to the left for you. Nothing would happen. Instead, nature responds to your intent to move the entire weather system. The ocean responds, the heat and coldness of the water respond, the winds and evaporation comply with the request, and as a result, all the clouds move to the left or are eliminated completely.

Slowing down the body clock is a whole body experience. It's part of healing and energy. It's part of voiding your karmic attributes and changing a life's path. We told you early on that there would be those who would see you age less and demand to know how you did it. There you would sit, trying to explain how you take apart soup! Humans wish to separate attributes from the whole and try to manipulate just the items of their choice. It won't work.

Let me give you something you didn't expect ... a scenario that some will not like: Millions of Humans every day are telling their cells to age less. They are not necessarily Lightworkers, either. They are regular Humans who have no idea that what they are doing is communicating to the cells at a physical level ... a message that says, "Slow down!" They are the ones who are going to the gyms every few days and working out! (I told you that you wouldn't like it.) This quantum field around DNA that I told you about has its antennas out for change and intent. What the Human is doing is telling the cells to change through exercise. It just so happens that this helps to slow down aging. It might seem to be counterintuitive that increasing metabolism also slows the body clock down, but it does. For the body clock is linked to everything around it, including how open your blood vessels are or how able your heart is to pump efficiently. Therefore, many are slowing this clock down without ever knowing it. The body always tries to cooperate with "the boss" (you). When the cells "see" that they are working like they were when they were younger (through exercise), then they begin to slow the aging process to accommodate the change.

Now, add the power of intent of those who can communicate with their cells through a short meditation every day, and you have a real message being given. The cells get "directional intent" from the boss and also proof that they mean it (the exercise).

Anyone who is in touch with their spiritual selves can do this. Spend just a moment each morning as the boss, talking to your cells. Tell them what you wish to accomplish as a whole, not the little stuff. Visualize yourself when you were a child with fresh DNA, before age, before disease, before anything that has happened. Tell them that your intent is for that fresh health. Then if it's appropriate, do some exercise. Anything will help, even a few trips around the block or a few stairs. Do a small ceremony around it ... thirty seconds ... so the cells "link" it up to your meditation. This is all it takes.

So ... does it work for you? If not, perhaps you should examine your "whole body" spiritual experience. Are you really living what you teach? Are you increasing your spiritual understanding, or wallowing in this message trying to find the secret of getting younger? See? It's all related to that connection to the Higher Self, which you cannot separate from biology.

I heard also that we all have a Master cell or Signature cell that resides in the pineal gland; some even call it God cell. Supposedly, this cell contains the entire initial blueprint of our life's journey as a Human, and throughout our life the Signature cell or God cell retains the code of our original perfection and purpose. This cell can be activated by breathing light through the pineal gland, and that energizes the Signature cell that can then bring balance and harmony to all four bodies, from the physical to the spiritual.

Is this for real, or are they talking about the DNA but just in another manner? If it does exist, is it important to be conscious of it and work with it?

The answer is yes, there is indeed a master blueprint. It's metaphoric that it would exist in one place or that it would be in one organ. But it's presented that way for you to work on your pineal gland, which some feel is the "third eye." That creates a smooth pathway for this teaching, for the third eye has always been seen as the ascension structure.

If you have been studying my information regarding what is interdimensional within each DNA double helix, then you already know what's coming. For within the DNA layers is the "Akashic record" layer and also the "God layer." Both of these sound a great deal like the Signature cell, don't they? But they exist in each of the trillions of double helix structures that exist in your body and represent original code and balance between interdimensional worlds.

Excerpted from The Great Shift by Martine Vallée. Copyright © 2009 The Great Shift by Martine Vallée. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents



PART ONE: KRYON          


FROM KRYON          

1. Transforming Our Biology and Slowing the Body Clock          

2. The DNA of Healing          

3. Religion as Education          

4. My Personal Experiences          

5. Moving Closer to 2012          

6. Following the Numerological Path of the Great Shift          



FROM JUDI SION          


7. The Order of Magdalen          

8. Temple of Isis          

9. Da Vinci and The Last Supper          

10. Misunderstood Teachings          

11. The Return of the Divine Feminine—The Divine You          

12. Prayer, God, and Intentional Creation          




13. The Power of Sound          

14. The Holons          

15. The Spiritual Center and Crop Circles          

16. Ecstasy of the Heart          

17. The Year 2009 and Beyond          

18. The Making of a Very Special CD          




19. The Mystery of Egypt          

20. The Alexandrian Library and the Vatican          

21. The Mission and Initiation in Egypt          

22. The Crystal Skulls, Extraterrestrial Visitors, and Crop Circles          

23. Beyond 2009: The Desert Days          

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