The Great Titanic Conspiracy

The Great Titanic Conspiracy

by Robin Gardiner


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'Everybody makes mistakes, but the Royal Navy's inquiry into the collision between HMS Hawke and Titanic's sister ship, Olympic, was more than merely mistaken - it must have been an intentional cover-up, a travesty. In order to accurately fix the position of the collision, the Navy said that it had recovered Hawke's armoured ram from the sea bed where it had settled after being torn off as the cruiser reeled away from Olympic. In reality Hawke's ram had not been torn off at all but had survived the collision without any appreciable damage. The ram, clearly still in excellent condition, had still been attached to the cruiser when she returned to Portsmouth Harbour. There is a crystal-clear photograph of HMS Hawke in dry-dock for repair after the incident, the undamaged ram firmly in place on her otherwise badly mauled bow. The Royal Navy lied at the Inquiry.'

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ISBN-13: 9780711034969
Publisher: Allan, Ian Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2010
Pages: 225
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About the Author

After a life-long interest in the Titanic, Robin Gardiner published Riddle of the Titanic in 1995. The feedback from that convinced him that further investigation of the subject was inevitable. He has continued to put forward his reasons for still believing in his original conspiracy theory, that Titanic and her sister ship were switched and that the disaster of April 1912 was not entirely accidental. He is a keen amateur engineer and likes nothing better than restoring and riding old motorbikes.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 7

Introduction 8

Chapter 1 The search for Titanic 17

Chapter 2 Enter John Pierpont Morgan 27

Chapter 3 A dual role 34

Chapter 4 1911: Agadir and Egypt 39

Chapter 5 Preparations for war at sea 48

Chapter 6 Olympic and Hawke 56

Chapter 7 The switch 68

Chapter 8 Finishing 'Titanic' 77

Chapter 9 Belfast to Southampton 84

Chapter 10 Carpathia and Californian 91

Chapter 11 All aboard 98

Chapter 12 Cherbourg and Queenstown 106

Chapter 13 'Westbound steamers report bergs...' 115

Chapter 14 'Iceberg right ahead' 123

Chapter 15 'A slight jar' 131

Chapter 16 What had Titanic hit? 139

Chapter 17 The view from the Californian 147

Chapter 18 The view from the Carpathia 160

Chapter 19 Boats away 168

Chapter 20 Too many survivors 176

Chapter 21 The inquiries 185

Chapter 22 Conclusion 193

Appendix 1 The shipbuilders' scale models 201

Appendix 2 Titanic's insurance 204

Appendix 3 Tutankhamun's scroll 207

Appendix 4 The Quitzrau affidavit 209

Bibliography 210

Index 213

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