Greatest Detectives

Greatest Detectives


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No case was too big, no clue was too small. . . . During the Golden Age of Radio, millions of listeners tuned in each evening to the thrilling adventures of their favorite sleuths.

Spade, Marlowe, Holmes, Friday. . . . these were the guys that got the job done every time.

Radio Spirits takes you back to the scene of the crime with 24 classic whodunits, featuring 12 of radio's most famous gumshoes. The Adventures Of Nero WolfeStamped For Murder—10-20-50

The Case Of The Killer Cards—1-12-51 The Adventures Of Philips MarloweThe Cloak Of Kamehameha—4-23-49 Dark Tunnel—8-18-50 The Adventures Of Sam SpadeDeath Bed Caper—6-20-48 Apple Of Eve Caper—6-19-49 Box 13Design For Danger—6-5-49 The Perfect Crime—7-24-49 DragnetThe Big Grandma—10-19-50

Big No—Tooth—4-5-55 The Green HornetThe Corpse That Wasn't There starring Al Hodge—2-28-43 Murder and the Dope Racket starring Bob Hall—10-18-45

Nick Carter, Master DetectiveMurder in the Crypt—8-2-43 Haunted Rocking Chair—5-27-45 Richard Diamond, Private DetectiveCentral Park Murder—8-20-49 Butcher Shop—3-9-51 The SaintBaseball Murder—9-3-50 Tuba Or Not Tuba, That Is The Question—1-21-51 The ShadowThe Poison Death starring Orson Welles—1-30-38 Death Shows The Way starring Bill Johnstone—12-3-39 Sherlock HolmesThe Case Of The Bleeding Chandelier—6-13-48 The Adventure Of The Veiled Lodger—6-20-48 Yours Truly, Johnny DollarThe Delectable Damsel Matter—6-14-58 The Virtuous Mobster Matter—6-21-58

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ISBN-13: 9781570195389
Publisher: Radio Spirits, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/28/2003
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 12.20(h) x 1.26(d)

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