Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

by Rupert HolmesRupert Holmes


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Rupert Holmes' swinging '70s sound only occupied a small portion of his career, as Hip-O's 18-track 2000 collection Greatest Hits illustrates. He had a yen to be a little bit more than a soft rock craftsman -- he drew heavily from Brill Building and Tin Pan Alley, plus Hollywood musicals, wryly obvious social commentary, and soft pop to create a distinctive blend. It's often overly ambitious -- even his biggest hit, Partners in Crime, is a sociological portrait of Me-era dating -- and it can be a little fussy, particularly in the years after Partners in Crime, when his recordings gained the antiseptic cleanliness of '80s adult contemporary (even on his nostalgic theme song for "Remember WENN"). Greatest Hits contains all these aspects, perhaps downplaying the appealingly weird early '70s recordings a bit too much (those are collected on Varese's Epoch Collection), but giving a good idea of what Holmes' career was all about. And be forewarned -- it's not just about Pina Coladas, and not a lot of these songs sound like that.

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Release Date: 07/25/2000
Label: Hip-O Records
UPC: 0731454155724
catalogNumber: 541557
Rank: 7998


  1. Remember When
  2. Second Saxophone
  3. Terminal
  4. Escape (The Piña Colada Song)
  5. Him
  6. The Last of the Romantics
  7. The People That You Never Get to Love
  8. Weekend Lover
  9. Answering Machine
  10. Speechless
  11. I Don't Need You
  12. Let's Get Crazy Tonight
  13. Less Is More
  14. Widescreen
  15. Studio Musician
  16. Morning Man
  17. Talk
  18. Town Square & The Old School

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