Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

by "Weird Al" Yankovic"Weird Al" Yankovic




Though 1989's Greatest Hits only covers the first half of "Weird Al" Yankovic's career, it nevertheless features nearly all of his best work, with classics such as "Eat It," "Fat," and "I Lost on Jeopardy" chief among its highlights. The collection takes a fairly even amount from each of Yankovic's early albums -- Weird Al Yankovic, In 3-D, Dare to Be Stupid, Polka Party!, and Even Worse -- thus gathering "Like a Surgeon," "Living With a Hernia," and "Ricky" in one place. The small, parody-heavy track-listing may disappoint die-hard Yankovic fans; indeed, some of his original work from In 3-D is better than a few of the parodies that wound up on the collection, and it seems that by 1989 Yankovic deserved to have at least a dozen songs on his greatest hits album. Regardless, Greatest Hits is still the most consistent and concise album in his catalog, and a great introduction to his very special brand of musical humor.

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Release Date: 01/01/1999
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
UPC: 0886979177727
catalogNumber: 791777


  1. Fat
  2. Eat It
  3. Like a Surgeon
  4. Ricky
  5. Addicted to Spuds
  6. Living With a Hernia
  7. Dare to Be Stupid
  8. Lasagna
  9. I Lost on Jeopardy
  10. One More Minute

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