Greatest One-Percenter Myths, Mysteries, and Rumors Revealed

Greatest One-Percenter Myths, Mysteries, and Rumors Revealed

by Bill Hayes


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ISBN-13: 9780760349779
Publisher: Motorbooks
Publication date: 05/09/2016
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,278,059
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Bill Hayes is one of those rare authors who abides by the age-old writing advice: "Write what you know." And for him, it works. His love for motorcycles—specifically the always-compelling biker culture—launched his writing success. His bestselling book, The Original Wild Ones: Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, followed by American Biker ( and The One-Percenter Encyclopedia have all become classics within the genre. Hayes has served as the National Press and Publicity Officer for the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club (BFMC), continually striving to get the media to trade in their sensationalism for the truth.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Part I The Clubs

Chapter 1 The Lost Lore of the Laughlin River Run: From Butterflies to Blood 10

Chapter 2 1% Doesn't Mean 100% White: Many Colors Wear MC Colors 20

Chapter 3 Women in the Wild: Mamas, Sheep, Ol' Ladies, and Lies 26

Chapter 4 Purple Wings…Really?: Codes, Secrets, and Anti-Everything Acronyms 36

Chapter 5 When Puppets Breed: Secret Numbers and Support Clubs 50

Part II Chronicles of the Culture 55

Chapter 6 One More for the Road at Johnny's: The Holiness of Hollister, the Sins of the Scribes 56

Chapter 7 Gettin' Chummy with Charlie: The Straight Satans' Strange Soiree with Manson 64

Chapter 8 Costume Copies to Cut-Collecting: Masking and Mocking the Monster 74

Part III Countries in Chaos

Chapter 9 The Thunder (and Blunders) Down Under: Bikies, Tribes, and Tribunal Tribulations 82

Chapter 10 What Would Mao Do?: A Three-Piece Cultural Revolution?! 88

Chapter 11 Eine Rockerlegende aus Berlin: The Enigma of Lommel and Germany's Born to be Wild MC 100

Chapter 12 The "Running-Out-of-Control-Tribe": The Strange Rise and Fall of Japan's Bosozoku 104

Chapter 13 "Putin's Angels": Throwing the Separation of MC and State to the Wolves 110

Part IV The Cops 115

Chapter 14 Taking the Shirt Right Off Your Back: The Feds' Puzzling Pilfering of MC Patches 116

Chapter 15 Toy Story Forever, Forever Toy Story: Buzz Gets Busted 122

Chapter 16 Swingin' In the Wind with the Lynch Report: The Looniest Legal Document Ever? 126

Chapter 17 Mind Games: Inside the Snitch's Subconscious 130

Chapter 18 The Paradox of the Pigs: Club Cuts with a Badge in the Pocket 138

Chapter 19 Seminar Secrets: What "They" Are Being Taught about "Us" 146

Part V Choppers, Classics, and Crusades

Chapter 20 Floating Alone: The Night Train that Took to the Ocean 158

Chapter 21 "Gimme a Bike on the Rocks, Please…": The Fifty-Six-Year Freeze of a 1938 S German NSU 164

Chapter 22 Exhuming Al's Baby: Back-Engineering the Crocker Motorcycle 168

Chapter 23 Extreme and Insane: The Mysteries of the Most Grueling Solo Trips Ever Attempted: Who Takes Them … and Why 176

Chapter 24 Captain America's and Billy's Wrecked Rides: What Really Happened to the Easy Rider Bikes? 186

Part VI Celebrity 193

Chapter 25 "Didn't Anyone Check Her ID?": The Awkward-est Issue of Easyriders 194

Chapter 26 Who Really Hatched Easy Rider?: "Someone's" Intellectual Property Changed a Generation 200

Chapter 27 Who's Laughing Now?: The Mystery of the Most Hated Biker Television Show in History 206

Chapter 28 Confessions to Murder on National Television?: Hmm… If I'm Not Mistaken, There's No Statute of Limitations on That 214

Chapter 29 "Here's Your Bikes; Oh, Hey, Can You Guys Ride?": Giving the Cast of SOA Their Keys 218

Part VII Conclusion Confusion 227

Chapter 30 Waco: Perhaps the Biggest Mystery of All 228

Epilogue: If You Fear Something Enough, You Can Make It Happen 235

Acknowledgments 236

Index 237

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