Greatness: 21 Compelling Stories That Open the Heart

Greatness: 21 Compelling Stories That Open the Heart

by Rebecca Field


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Greatness: 21 Compelling Stories That Open the Heart - Inspiration, Direction, and a Path Forward For Anyone Who Wants to Achieve or Understand Greatness

People everywhere wonder what it takes to be a truly great person. Rebecca Field, PhD spent a lifetime traveling the world gathering these 21 true stories that illuminate the meaning of greatness.

Over and over again one is reminded greatness comes in many forms. Great people range from famous captains of industry and politics, to local community leaders, to a simple worker who helps others perfect her craft, and animals that clearly exhibit greatness.

These stories have been acclaimed for opening the heart and inspiring the mind. Each of them has a theme covering our most common concerns and cherished values. Things like Forgiveness, Illness, Details, Openness, Friendship, Growing Up, Fear and Faith, and 14 more.

Each story sheds light on the quality of greatness we so often see in people around us. This is the greatness we all aspire to. Yet a common definition or notion of what makes someone great can be difficult to arrive at. This book, with its meaningful true tales, comes closest as it deftly illustrates the greatness existing in every person and animal.

Depending on the story, real greatness runs the impressive range of human experience. From leadership, perceiving and obeying inner truth no matter the cost, to the special ability to use humor to gain emotional distance from a trying experience.

Field's examples show greatness as something each of us has. It's the special gift you have inside. Those who are great are those to use their gift, develop it, further it, optimize it, then use their gift to benefit others.

From a great teacher who inspires young students year after year to a parent who instills honesty and confidence in a family of children, to a doctor who keeps a community well - all are great in their own way.

And yes, animals can be great too. How many times have you experienced a pet who shows a depth of love, trust, and understanding few humans are capable of. This is perhaps the thing pets do best. One way in which our furry friends can be just as great as famous leaders, scientists, and innovators.

Not all Field's lessons are familiar or comfortable. For instance the chapter "Love of the Enemy" or "Forgiving a Government." Others are reassuring as we struggle through our daily challenges: Building a Community, Hope, and The Larger Plan.

Greatness: 21 Compelling Stories makes exceptional bedtime reading. As each story leads to a thoughtful framing of the day's events while suggestion new actions and observations for tomorrow. The stories offer an excellent family project for sharing with a younger person. And this book serves as a magnificent celebration of the precious potentials and accomplishments that make all people great in their own way.

Get this book. Read it. And enjoy its many eye-opening ideas, values, and concepts. A powerful, delightful journey to help you become your greatest.

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