Greed 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 3

Greed 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 3

by Pure Slush


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prose and poetry by A.R. Abbott, M. Baer, A. C. Baird, G. Beck, P. Beckman, J. Bell, D. W. Bressack, H. Brown, M. H. Brownstein, I. Buckler, E. Buttimer, S. Carr, G. Castillo Oriard, C. S. Chesney, J. Chronister, L. M. Crate, J. E. Cricelli, T. Daly, J. Davies, S. DiFalco, W. Doreski, M. Driscoll, M. Estabrook, C. Feild, A. Fish, N. Ghosh, K. Gosse, A. Grenfell, S. Guthrie, S. Hough, M. Hudson, A. Iyengar, C. Johnson, J. Khan, A. Konchalovsy, J. Lambremont Sr, R. Lavalette, L. Lefkowitz, C. Leslie-Bole, M. Lewis-Beck, P. Lingard, JP Lundstrom, DS Maolalai, B. MacWilliams, B. A. Meier, K. L. Merrifield, T. Mico, J. Mills, M. Mittman, P. Nieuwland, E. OÕDwyer, C. P. Palmer, M Pauseman, M. J. Porter, M. Quigley, D. Rae, N. Reddick, E. Reilly, L. Rhodes-Ryabchich, C. Rose, R. S. Rosenthal, S. A. Sanders, R. Scotellaro, W. Scheer, J. Slusher, C. Smadja, L. Stice, F. Trecost, L. Tyler, L. Tyrrell, R. Walker, M. Webb, J. Weisman and C. H. Williams

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ISBN-13: 9781925536645
Publication date: 08/27/2018
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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