Green Eye Fly

Green Eye Fly


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The Green Eye Fly would suddenly appear, and they all wondered why? Only Antonio had a Green Eye Fly in the beginning. Why? No one knew.

When Mr. VV appeared with his long coat and big hat, they were not sure if he was real. When Maggie and Pedro got their Green Eye Fly and accomplished magnificent feats, it got around school quick. Seems the Green Eye Flies helped them focus on the problem at hand, and shove all that other stuff back out of the way. Their confidence grew and they gained control of their lives.

Sometimes everyone needs a little crutch, so why not a fly with a single pulsing green eye that helps clear confusion and doubt. Some crutches are good, others can ruin a young life. You are the choices you make, and there is always someone you can have riding on you shoulder, like that "Bluebird" thing in the song.

The book was written by five freshmen at Poly High School, Fort Worth, Texas with the help of a retired mentor that saw unlimited power in struggling readers when they could have a say in how to raise their reading level. It is quite amazing to see 9th Graders write the story they are reading. See how these five high school freshmen took an old man that could write, and guided him in creating a book they love, and now want to share.

We read a chapter each week during Reading & Relationship Class. We then talked about what should happen next and what the characters should do next. Week by week it grew and became Green Eye Fly, and they had found a way to focus on the problem they needed to solve. It is like magic itself.

The ending is a giant dose of reality and was directed the writing team. The message (of course there's a message) - focus and make good choices, for in the end only you can make yourself happy or sad.

Trapped in a cage with no education, choices, or hope; is that a good life? Now---go read as if life itself depends on it.

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ISBN-13: 9781530248148
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/08/2016
Pages: 118
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