Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics

Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics

Paperback(Third Edition)

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As concern for the environment rises, companies are taking more account of the external costs of logistics-specifically those costs associated with climate change, air pollution, noise, vibration, and accidents.  With contributions written by leading international logistics academics, Green Logistics examines ways of reducing these factors and achieving a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental, and social objectives.
This new edition introduces a new co-editor and contributors, as well as international case studies, for a more global perspective.  For the first time, the book will include downloadable supporting materials, technical information, and guidelines for teachers/lecturers. The editors have added new material on e-business, e-logistics, and the environment along with new chapters on green performance and environmental reporting, nature-inspired network design for distributed logistics, green logistics developments in different parts of the world (including North America, Latin America, South East Asia) and future scenarios for green logistics.

Other key topics examined in the book include: carbon auditing of supply chains; reducing the environmental impact of warehousing; improving the energy efficiency of  freight transport; making city logistics more environmentally sustainable; reverse logistics for the management of waste; the role of government in promoting sustainable logistics.

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ISBN-13: 9780749471859
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd
Publication date: 02/28/2015
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Alan McKinnon is Professor and Head of Logistics at Kühne Logistics University, Germany.

Michael Browne is Professor of Logistics at the University of Westminster, UK.

Anthony Whiteing teaches at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, UK.

Maja Piecyk is Associate Professor in Logistics at Heriot-Watt University, UK.


Julian Allen, Senior Research Fellow in the Planning and Transport Department at the University of Westminster
Peter Baker, Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management
Maria Björklund, Associate Professor of Logistics Management in the Department of Management and Engineering at Linköping University
Daniel Black, teaches Management Science in the Business School at the University of Edinburgh
Tom Cherrett, Associate Professor of Logistics at the Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton
Sharon Cullinane, Visiting Fellow at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
Julia Edwards, former Research Associate at the Logistics Research Centre in the School of Management and Languages at Heriot-Watt University
Richard Eglese, Professor of Operational Research in the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University Management School
Tara Garnett, Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford
Irina Harris, teaches Logistics and Operations Modelling within the Logistics and Operations Management Section at the Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
Adrian Hickford, Senior Research Assistant at the Transportation Research Group at the University of Southampton
José Holguín-Veras, WH Hart Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jacques Leonardi, Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Planning and Transport, University of Westminster
Clive Marchant, former Senior Teaching Fellow at Heriot-Watt University|
Sarah Maynard, former researcher at the Transportation Research Group (TRG), University of Southampton
Fraser McLeod, Research Fellow with the Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton
Christine Mumford, Reader in Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University
Mohamed Naim, Professor in Logistics and Operations Management and Associate Dean at Cardiff Business School
Andrew Potter, Reader in Transport and Logistics at Cardiff University
Vasco Sanchez-Rodrigues, teaches Logistics and Operations Management at Cardiff Business School
Yingli Wang, teaches Logistics and Operations Management at Cardiff Business School.
Allan Woodburn, teaches Freight and Logistics in the Planning and Transport Department at the University of Westminster

Table of Contents

List of Figures
List of Tables

Contributor biographies

Part One Assessing the environmental effects of logistics

01 Environmental sustainability: A new priority for logistics managers
Alan McKinnon
A brief history of green logistics research
Green logistics: Rhetoric and reality
Future scenarios
A model for green logistics research
Outline of the book

02 Assessing the external impacts of freight transport
Maja Piecyk, Sharon Cullinane and Julia Edwards
External impacts
Environmental standards
Measuring the environmental impact of freight transport

03 Carbon auditing of companies, supply chains and products
Maja Piecyk
Guidelines for carbon footprinting
The carbon footprinting process
Success factors in carbon footprinting
Case study: Carbon auditing of road freight transport operations in the UK
Next steps

04 Evaluating and internalizing the environmental costs of logistics
Maja Piecyk, Alan McKinnon and Julian Allen
Arguments for and against the internalization of environmental costs
Monetary valuation of environmental costs
Goods vehicle external costs: Case studies

Part Two Strategic perspective

05 Green logistics, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility
Maja Piecyk and Maria Björklund
Sustainable development and sustainable distribution
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) 
Stakeholders in CSR
CSR reporting standards
CSR and the logistics function
Case study: CSR reporting in the logistics industry

06 Restructuring road freight networks within supply chains
Irina Harris, Vasco Sanchez-Rodrigues, Mohamed Naim and Christine Mumford
Traditional network design
Green network design
Uncertainty in transport and supply chains
Uncertainty mitigation approaches in road freight transport networks
Gaps in our understanding and priorities for research
Consequences and conclusions

07 Transferring freight to ‘greener’ transport modes
Allan Woodburn and Anthony Whiteing
Characteristics of the main freight transport modes
Environmental impacts of the main freight transport modes
Case study: Container train load factors
The policy framework
Initiatives to promote freight modal shift for environmental benefit
Good practice in achieving modal shift to rail and water

08 Development of greener vehicles, aircraft and ships
Alan McKinnon, Julian Allen and Allan Woodburn
Road freight
Rail freight
Air freight

09 Reducing the environmental impact of warehousing
Peter Baker and Clive Marchant
Scale of the environmental impact
Increasing resource intensity
Framework for assessing the environmental impact of warehouses
Ways of reducing the environmental impact

Part Three Operational perspective

10 Optimizing the routeing of vehicles
Richard Eglese and Daniel Black
Vehicle routeing problems
Problem varieties
Environmental impact

11 Opportunities for improving vehicle utilization
Alan McKinnon
Measuring vehicle utilization
Factors affecting the utilization of truck capacity

12 Increasing fuel efficiency in the road freight sector
Alan McKinnon
Fuel efficiency of new trucks
Vehicle design: Aerodynamic profiling
Reducing the vehicle tare weight
Vehicle purchase decision
Vehicle maintenance
Increasing the fuel efficiency of trucking operations
Benchmarking the fuel efficiency of trucks
More fuel-efficient driving
Fleet management

13 Alternative fuels and freight vehicles: Status, costs and benefits, and growth
Jacques Leonardi, Sharon Cullinane and Julia Edwards
State of development of alternative fuels for freight vehicles
Current use of alternative fuels for freight vehicles
Costs and benefits
Growth potential

Part Four Key issues

14 Sustainability strategies for city logistics
Julian Allen, Michael Browne and José Holguín-Veras
Urban freight research and policy making
Efficiency problems in urban freight transport
Urban freight transport initiatives
Urban consolidation centres
Collaboration between the public and private sectors
Environmental zones

15 E-business, e-logistics and the environment
Alan McKinnon, Yingli Wang, Andrew Potter and Julia Edwards
Business-to-business (B2B)
Business-to-consumer (B2C)

16 Reverse logistics for the management of waste
Tom Cherrett, Sarah Maynard, Fraser McLeod and Adrian Hickford
Waste management in the context of reverse logistics
The impact of waste treatment legislation
Reuse, refurbishment markets and take-back schemes
Managing waste as part of a sustainable reverse process

17 The food miles debate: Is shorter better?
Tara Garnett
Transport and GHGs: Is further worse?
Transport, the second-order impacts and the implications for GHGs
Local vs global and the self-sufficiency question

Part Five Implications for public policy and the future of supply chains

18 The role of government in promoting green logistics
Alan McKinnon
Objectives of public policy on sustainable logistics
Policy measures
Reducing freight transport intensity
Shifting freight to greener transport modes
Improving vehicle utilization
Increasing energy efficiency
Switching to less polluting energy sources
Government-supported advisory, best practice and accreditation programmes

Postscript 1: Distribution by drone
Alan McKinnon 
1 Introduction
2 System specification
3 Applications
4 Operational feasibility
5 Environmental impact

Postscript 2: 3D printing
Alan McKinnon and Anthony Whiteing

Postscript 3: Physical (logistics) internet (π)
Maja Piecyk

Postscript 4: Peak freight: could it ever happen?
Michael Browne


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