Green Wars: Dispatches from a Vanishing World

Green Wars: Dispatches from a Vanishing World

by Bahar Dutt


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What is more important, building a modern airport in rural Uttar Pradesh or conserving the shrinking habitat of the sarus cranes? Producing more palm oil or protecting the orang-utan? Do we allow the destruction of pristine forests with their rich flora and fauna so we can generate much-needed hydel power?

A modernizing economy brings in its wake ecological challenges and misplaced priorities. Development, environment, conservation, global warming - what do they mean in real terms, on the ground, to the people there? Must development always be in conflict with environment?

Combining rigorous research with the experienced traveller's eye for piquant stories, conservationist and environment journalist Bahar Dutt chases some of the biggest stories of our times. From Arunachal Pradesh to the Arctic, from Goa to Gangotri, from illegal mining to climate change, Green Wars journeys to some of the richest wilderness areas, and explores the tension between a developing economy and saving the planet. Lucid, heart-warming and intensely personal, this is a book for green warriors, yes, but equally for those of us who crave blue skies and fresh air.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789351361978
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.46(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

BAHAR DUTT is a conservation biologist and environment journalist and the winner of over ten national and international awards. Her news reports helped halt the construction of an illegal shopping mall on the Yamuna riverbed and an illegal mine in Goa. She took on the then chief minister of Uttar Pradesh who wanted to drain wetlands inhabited by sarus cranes for an airstrip (and won a Wildscreen - Green Oscar - award in the process). Bahar has run an animal ambulance for injured primates, helped build rope bridges for the colobus monkey in Africa, studied a troop of Amazonian monkeys at the world-famous Jersey Zoo in the UK and worked for over a decade with a traditional community of snake charmers helping them fi nd livelihood options in tune with wildlife laws. Her reportage has pushed the boundaries of environment journalism from an obscure segment on the daily news to prime time television.Broadcaster, writer and closet baker, she now lives a more ordinary life in New Delhi with her husband and dog Musibat.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

1 Of Charmers and Hunters 1

2 The Sarus Crane Cannot Vote 18

3 Unicorns in Dacoit Country 25

4 Reporting From the Wettest Place on Planet Earth 34

5 The Prime Minister Who Did Not Care 45

6 Hooked on the Hoolock 59

7 An Officer and the Hog Deer 79

8 The Real 'Avatar' Story 86

9 An Encounter with the Mining Mafia in Goa 105

10 The Orang-utan's Last Stand 119

11 Saving the Ganga and Losing Chompsky 132

12 AJourney to the Roof of the World 146

Acknowledgements 161

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