Grief Steps Workbook: 10 Steps to Regroup, Rebuild and Renew After Any Life Loss

Grief Steps Workbook: 10 Steps to Regroup, Rebuild and Renew After Any Life Loss

by Brook Noel




In her wise and compassionate guide GriefSteps, best-selling author Brook Noel shared the steps one must take to grieve successfully and rebuild a full life after loss. This companion workbook offers step-by-step exercises based on years of research and working with the bereaved. For anyone seeking to work through their grief on their own or in a support group setting, this companion workbook reveals the 10 Steps that we must take to face our grief and heal.

Whether your loss is a relationship, a job, a loved one, or a piece of yourself, there are universal steps that must be taken to rebuild. Noel reveals each step along with exercises and HopeNotes to guide you in your journey. Whether your loss is recent or years ago, GriefSteps will show you how to resolve and reconcile your world to find contentment and purpose in your life.

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ISBN-13: 9781891400346
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/01/2004
Series: Grief Steps Guide
Edition description: Workbook
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 261,004
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Brook Noel is the founder of and best-selling co-author of I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye. She is a noted grief expert and has appeared on Fox, ABC World News Now, CNN and many other shows and stations.

Table of Contents

Introduction to GriefSteps®
How to use the Grief Steps® to get the most out of this workbook
-Where do I start in my grief work?
-Exploring grief
-Basic guidelines for grief work
-Depression and anxiety
-Myth-breaking: grief knows no time schedule
-Healthy grieving vs. Unhealthy grieving
Step One: Shock and survival
-A note about substance abuse
-What to expect: physical and emotional changes
-Three goals for the first few weeks
-Understanding out support needs
-What is I cam pas the acute grief stage?
Step Two: The emotional rollercoaster
-Feeling practice
-Exploring emotions
-Why am I angry?
-Understanding anger
-Appropriate anger
-Practice being angry
-Analyzing anxiety
-Anxiety screening
-Blame game
-Analyzing blame
-When blame has merit
-Sadness and depression
-Understanding emotional triggers
Step Three: Expression our emotions through active grieving and acknowledgment
-Make a space
-Journaling to music
-Journaling with sentence starters
-Utilize freewriting
-Living for today
-The serenity prayer
-Realize your resilience
-Positive and negatives
-Multiple grief
-Hurtful self-talk
-Reprogramming self-talk
-Can we grieve too much?
Step Four: Understanding your story
-Uncovering your story
Step Five: Finding forgiveness
-Forgiveness brings freedom
-Letter writing
-Self-forgiveness and self-love
-Unblocking unforgiveness
-Simple self-love exercise
Step Six: Finding faith
-Faith communities and anger
-Anger as evidence of faith
-What do I believe?
-The act of prayer
Step Seven: Finding Meaning
-Exploring tough questions about finding meaning
-Leaning through Loss
-Questions for exploring meaning
-Thank you exercise
Step Eight: Redefining ourselves
-Looking at life now
-Exercises for understanding what we have lost
-Another angle
-Examine your expectations
-Exercises for Understanding what we have left
-What my experience has left me
Step Nine: Living with our loss
-Make a list
-Tell stories that incorporate your loss
-How to create your own ritual
Step Ten: Accepting our new life
-Defining priorities and stepping toward fulfillment
-Accepting change
-An exercise in hope
-Calming exercise
-In closing
Appendix A: Guide for those helping others with grief
Appendix B; Other resources to help you heal
Appendix C: Online support classes, groups and resources
Appendix D; Exploring grief questionnaire
Appendix E:Suggested reading

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