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3.3 3
by Kelly Anne Blount

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Book #1 "Grishma"
Book #2 "Ayla"

In the world of Necoh, everyone fears Grishma, a hideous murderous beast responsible for ruining or ending the lives of anyone who dare cross her.

As a young boy, Ryder lived with his family, deep in the caves underneath the Kadin Forest, unaware of the horrors of the world. His simple world was turned upside down


Book #1 "Grishma"
Book #2 "Ayla"

In the world of Necoh, everyone fears Grishma, a hideous murderous beast responsible for ruining or ending the lives of anyone who dare cross her.

As a young boy, Ryder lived with his family, deep in the caves underneath the Kadin Forest, unaware of the horrors of the world. His simple world was turned upside down one horrible night when Grishma attacked his family, killing his father and kidnapping his mother and younger sister.

From that night on, Ryder devoted his life to killing Grishma. He tracked the monster from Necoh, to our world, and back again. Unfortunately, during his quest, he accidentally transported Brooklyn, a high school junior into his tumultuous world, where she is mistakenly identified as Princess Sophie, the missing princess of Sumner.

Days after Princess Sophie's return, Grishma plots and manipulates the King into drugging and marrying off his only daughter to Prince Algid of Dratun. Desperate to save Brooklyn, who now believes she is the long lost princess, his mother, and his little sister, Ryder embarks on the deadliest part of his quest.

Will he save Brooklyn?

Will she ever regain her memory?

What will become of his mother and sister?

Through epic adventure, loss, and love, GRISHMA depicts the strength of the human spirit and the tight bonds formed by the unique creatures of Necoh.

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Necoh Saga , #1
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Meet the Author

Kelly Anne Blount was born in Madison, WI. After attending university, she moved to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to teach elementary school. While living there, she met the love of her life and was married in a beautiful ceremony on the Caribbean Sea.

After returning stateside, Kelly started to pursue another passion, writing. She recently wrote her first young fantasy adult novel in between teaching preschoolers with special needs and taking care of her husband and their five furry rescues. Kelly also enjoys reading in her free time. Her favorite genres are YA fantasy, MG, paranormal romance, and the occasional thriller.

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Grishma 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
E_F_Rose More than 1 year ago
Grishma is a truly wonderful book, filled with amazing characters and fantastic imagery. I enjoyed reading Grishma from the first page to the very last and the farther into the story I got the harder it was to put down. The last chapters of this book set it up for the next one very nicely and the author, Kelly Anne, did a really great job at leaving me wanting more!! Great job Kelly!! I highly recommend this book...
InLibrisVeritas More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to like Grishma, but in the end it just wasn’t working for me at all. Grishma revolves around Ryder and Brooklyn, who have been forced together by a horrible beast called Grishma. This is a very fast paced adventure taking place in a world called Necoh, where everything is being turned on its head. While the plot does promise some rather unique ideas, but I felt that some of them were never fully realized and others became confusing. I loved the idea of their being a world in addition to our own, but it felt disconnected and I wasn’t really sure why it necessary to have ‘our world’ involved at all. I was also quite intrigued by the Grishma, who is at first depicted as this towering beast of legend that is more than willing to rend flesh from bone….but then it sort of evolves into a more power hungry, intelligent being that is less likely to gut you. It was such a weird transition for me and not one I fully understood, if the Grishma was such a  well known nightmare why is it in a position of power? There were also inconsistencies that I wasn’t sure about. For example: Ryder doesn’t know about the King or the missing princess, but this is his world and it seems odd that he of all people would be out of the loop on it. I did like the variety of creatures in Necoh, but wish they had been expanded upon so that I could get a feel for what they were like culturally. The world seems rather interesting and I liked learning about the different plants and foods that Brooklyn encountered. Ryder showed some potential toward the beginning, but I think due to how quickly things were progressing and the lack of true description really pulled some of that back. I don’t feel like I know him that well but I do feel his skill level doesn’t match the way it was described. Brooklyn got on my nerves for most of the book and felt sort of like a stereotypical teenage girl, who doesn’t really do a lot as a whole. The one big issue I did have was the conversation, it felt odd. Being in a different world usually means a different way of speaking, but not in Necoh. There were only a few moments where something Brooklyn said was pointed out as being weird, and they were not even the weirdest things she said. In fact most of the characters speak like we do and understand modern curse words, and it really brought me out of the story. So in short Grishma just wasn’t for me. I had issues all through this story and it’s not likely that I’ll continue the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grishma sets the stage for an exciting young adult fantasy romance. It follows the adventures of ordinary girl, Brooklyn, and her dashing hero, Ryder. No, not Flynn Ryder. He’s more of a sweetheart than a rogue, and Brooklyn is not quite as adventurous as Rapunzel. But, trust me, they do manage to have their adventures. If you’re looking for a nice light fantasy that doesn’t involve traditional elves and dwarves, then this is a great read.   The book moves along at a nice clip, never really getting bogged down despite the fact that this takes place in a new world with an intriguingly horrific creature named Grishma. Personally, Grishma reminded me a bit of Grendel/Grendel’s mother. It’s not what you think initially, but the great thing is that even with this intriguing monster, the main characters don’t lose center stage.  Brooklyn can be a tad whiny at times. However, she feels like a legitimate teenager who is thrust into this situation. She responds, not as most teens wish they would respond, but how they probably would.   The main weakness of the book, in my opinion, is how fast everything moves. Blount created such an intriguing world, and I just wanted to immerse myself in it more. I wanted more details and descriptions and setting. However, that’s not a bad thing. There’s never a chance to get bored, but the book doesn’t exhaust you before its conclusion. Instead, you’re aware that you’re in this unique fantasy world and that, as the details become relevant, they will be revealed. Otherwise, buckle up. There’s a lot of adventuring to do, and the plot thickens quickly.  Don’t expect a typical damsel in distress story either. There might be a pretty girl on the cover of this book, but that’s not all there is to Brooklyn. Blount manages to avoid both the overly emotional and overly need female stereotype and the overly strong and overly independent female stereotype in the same story. A nice blend really, and I anticipate seeing some great growth from Brooklyn in the future books.   Grishma is the first in a trilogy. It’s just over 63,000 words, and the other two books are of similar length and tone. Blount says they’ll be up and published by the end of summer; lucky for us! They’re great for reading out loud, and they’re also suitable for reading on trips or before bed. You won’t want to put them down, but you won’t have nightmares if you have to stop either. Overall, a great young adult fantasy romance.