Groundwork Training for Your Horse

Groundwork Training for Your Horse



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Groundwork Training for Your Horse by Bayley

*New in paperback—over 12,000 copies sold in hardback, with a number of foreign language editions

*Written in collaboration with some of the most highly qualified and respected horse trainers today

Designed to help develop a bond between the horse and the trainer Groundwork Training for Your Horse will lead riders and equines to greater trust and better relationships. With step-by-step guides on how to improve a horse's suppleness, obedience, and education from the groundwork level, this guide teaches trainers how to tune in to the subtle body language of a horse, and to communicate with the animals in much clearer ways.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780715316030
Publisher: F+W Media
Publication date: 10/15/2004
Pages: 151
Product dimensions: 7.72(w) x 10.58(h) x 0.71(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     4
Know Your Horse     8
Basic Handling Techniques
What you need     10
The importance of touch     12
Learn through feel     14
Field manners     15
Stable manners     16
Leading     18
Respecting each other's space     19
Desensitizing     20
Preparing for Groundwork
Physical and mental fitness     24
Assessing your horse's movement     26
Stretches and suppling exercises     28
Massage     30
Shiatsu     32
TTEAM bodywork     34
Groundwork in Practice     38
Understanding Equus   Monty Roberts
The origins of Join-Up     42
Intelligent Horsemanship   Kelly Marks
Foundation exercises     44
The Join-Up process     50
Passive Leadership   Mark Rashid
Considering the horse     60
Equine Communication   Dan Franklin
The power of positive thought     62
Natural Horse, Man, Ship   Pat Parelli
Using horse psychology     66
The seven games     68
Think Equus   Michael Peace
A non-confrontationalapproach     80
The key elements     82
Positive Horse Magic   Ross Simpson
Positive reinforcement     88
Clicker training     90
TTEAM   Sarah Fisher
Equine awareness     92
Confidence builders     94
Co-ordination improvers     96
Chest-line driving     102
The great debate     106
Fitting the equipment     108
Techniques for good lungeing     110
Lungeing exercises     114
Training aids     119
Long-reining (long-lining)
Why long-rein?     126
Long-reining techniques     128
In-hand Work
Learning the skill     134
Preparation and basic skills     136
Advanced skills     142
Help Yourself - Help Your Horse     148
Further Information/ The Trainers     150
Index     151
List of Illustrations     xiv
Abbreviations     xvi
Chronology     xviii
The BBC War     1
The War within the BBC     57
Chinabound     102
Sounding the South: Kenyon College, Summer 1948     125
Siege and Liberation     134
The New China     172
Changes in China; and Kenyon Again     191
Quitting Communist China     210
Final Reckoning: The Affair of Fei Hsiao-t'ung     237
'A Mighty Raspberry': The Structure of Complex Words     272
Homing to Yorkshire     309
From Poetry to the Queen     349
Menage a Trois     376
The Anti-Christian: Milton's God     432
'They think good literature is a tremendous scolding': From Sheffield to Legon     454
The Road to Retirement     514
Rescuing Donne and Coleridge     560
Roamings in Retirement: from Toronto to Miami     606
Faustus: Finale     650
The Wife is Praised: An Unpublished Draft Poem   William Empson     665
Notes     672
Index     771

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