Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: Proceedings of the IX International Colloquium Held at Cocoyoc, M�xico, June 23-27, 1980

Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: Proceedings of the IX International Colloquium Held at Cocoyoc, M�xico, June 23-27, 1980

by K. B. Wolf (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9783540102717
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/16/1980
Series: Lecture Notes in Physics , #135
Edition description: 1980
Pages: 635
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

Group theory of the Morse potential.- Four Euclidean conformal group approach to the multiphoton processes in the H-atom.- Landau theory, symmetry breaking and the chain criterion.- The configuration dN in cubic symmetry: A symmetry adapted weak field approach.- Group theory of the effective potential.- Bloch theorem for crystals with structural distortions.- Global symmetries of spin systems defined on abelian manifolds.- Phases and conjugacy classes.- The probability density in non relativistic quantum mechanics and the (extended) Galilei group.- Quaternionic quantum mechanics and Adler's chromostatics.- Coherent angular momentum states for the isotropic oscillator.- How to measure the canonical momentum p and operators p + f(q).- A uniqueness result for the segal quantization of a classical system with symmetries.- On the singular points of the matrix elements of the resolvent operator.- Limitations on quantum measuring processes.- Classical and quantum physics on phase space: The state spaces.- Quantum dynamical semigroups and complete positivity. An application to isotropic spin relaxation.- On geometric quantization of the rigid body.- A unified theory of simple dynamical systems.- Geometry of the time-dependent variational principle in quantum mechanics.- Variational characterization of Hamiltonian vectorfields as lie algebra of canonical diffeomorphisms.- The lie theory of extended groups in classical mechanics — Is it of relevance to quantum mechanics?.- On the structure of phase space.- Quantization as mapping and as deformation.- Metric and group structures from quantum physics.- Spontaneous symmetry breaking and restricted superposition principle.- Many-body quantum mechanics as symplectic dynamics.- A nonlinear superposition principle for Riccati equations of the conformal type.- Bäcklund transformations, conservation laws and lie symmetries for the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation.- Killing tensors and variable separation for Hamilton-Jacobi equations.- Lie pseudogroups and gauge theory.- Conformal invariance and symmetry breaking for the one-dimensional wave equation.- The flavour sequence and superselection rules.- The Zitterbewegung of the electron and its compact phase space.- New experimental evidence for a new interpretation of flavor SU(3).- Baryon magnetic moments in broken SU(6).- The Racah-Wigner algebra and the masses of exotic hadrons.- Simple construction of a relativistic wave equation with arbitrary mass and spin and belinfante's 1/S-conjecture.- Poincaré group, symplectic group, and relativistic extended hadrons consisting of spin 1/2 quarks.- An operator S matrix theory of the strongly interacting particles.- Generalized Galilei invariant partial wave expansions of the scattering amplitude for collisions between two particles with arbitrary spin.- Ternary algebras as the basis of a dynamical theory of subconstituents.- Solitons as sections in non trivial bundles.- Effects of heavy colored higgs scalars in grand unified theories.- Categories of nonlinear group realizations: A possible explanation for the multiple states of charge.- Classical solutions of non-linear—-models and their quantum fluctuations.- Higgs representations for SO(n) gauges theories.- Multivortex configurations in the Abelian Higgs model.- Quark confinement in field theories with discrete gauge symmetry Z(3).- Proliferation of effective fields by spontaneous symmetry breakdown.- Explicit solutions for the scalar coupled Yang-Mills system in Minkowski space.- Dynamical supersymmetry SU(6/4) in nuclei.- Group theory of the IBA and its applications.- Bases for irreps of U(6) and three body problems.- Intrinsic sphape of nuclei.- Group theory and nuclear high spin phenomena.- SU3 symmetry in resonating group calculations. Toward a microscopic theory of 12C + 12C molecular resonances.- Collective motion, composite particle structure, and symplectic groups in nuclei.- Group theory and confrontation of nuclear collective models.- Matrix elements of generators of U(6) in a U(6)?U(3)?U(2) basis.- Hartree-Fock one-body dynamics and U(n) co-adjoint orbits.- Group-theoretical aspects of the many-body problem in nuclear theory.- The continuing quest for exact solutions of Einstein's field eouations - - new goals for the eighties.- All non-twisting N's with cosmological constant.- Can quantum effects prevent spacetime collapse?.- Complex plane representation of the Geroch group and a proof of a geroch conjecture.- The Geroch group and soliton solutions of the stationary axially symmetric Einstein's equations.- Geometry of projective asymptotic twistor space.- A truly relativistic approach of the concept of time.- Bases in Sp(2n) representation space.- Semiunitary projective representations of non-connected lie groups: A criterion for the choice of the unitary subgroup.- SU(mn)— SU(m) x SU(n) isoscalar factors and S(f1+f2)— S(f1) × S(f2) isoscalar factors.- Structure of enveloping algebras of low-rank groups.- Computer programs for the reduction of symmetrised nth powers of space group irreducible representations using gard's subgroup method.- Some remarks on the uniqueness and reality of Clebsch-Gordan coefficients for corepresentations.- On some special relations involving 3-jm symbols.- Two problems related to the Stone-von Neumann-Mackey uniqueness theorem.- Non-complex representations and their relation to antiunitary symmetry.- Representation theory of compact groups.- Representation theory of compact groups / Shift operators for discrete unitary representations of O(p,q).- Representation theory of compact groups / Maximal Abelian subalgebras of sp(2n,?) and their applications in physics.- Representation theory of compact groups / Polynomial space group tensors.- A permutation for SUn consistent with duality.- Integral transform representation of SL (2,R).- The theory of G? supermanifolds.- Casimir operations and the relations of the simplest supersymmetric superalgebra.- On realizations of graded lie algebras and on properties of d-polynomials.- On gauge formulations of gravitation theories.- Lagrangian formalism for superfields with internal symmetry.- Causal propagation in second order Lorentz-invariant wave equations.- The exceptional group E8 for grand unification.- Completely integrable N-body problems in three-dimension and their relativistic generalization.- Ward-Takashi identities as a necessary and sufficient condition for gauce invariance.- Supersymmetric generalization of Riemannian symmetric pairs.- Composite gauge fields and Riemannian geometry.- Gauge-theory ghosts and unitarity - Progress in the geometrical treatment.- Color in internal supersymmetry unification.- Canonical (possibly Lagrangian) realizations of the Poincare' group with increasing mass-spin trajectories.- Similarity analysis of wave propagation in axially nonlinear nonhomogéneous systems.

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