Grow with the Flow: Embrace Difference, Overcome Fear, and Progress with Purpose

Grow with the Flow: Embrace Difference, Overcome Fear, and Progress with Purpose

by Katie Mehnert


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The world unleashes daily tidal waves of information, and in our current news cycle, it can be overwhelming. Our planet's energy is changing-not just industrially, but fundamentally and spiritually too. As the current conversation around global energy, technology, and the economy pushes our collective psyche to burst, how can we learn to ride these waves?

Katie Mehnert is staying in the water to find out. She's spent decades building her career as a health and safety executive working for Shell and BP. In 2014, she leaned in to form Pink Petro, a startup that's addressing the intersection of an inclusive workforce and the energy transition.

When Hurricane Harvey uprooted her work and life in 2017, she began to think less about controlling energy and more about how to grow from it. Grow with the Flow is all about personal evolution, because personal evolution is about planetary evolution. Each of us is a puzzle piece in our collective future, and each of us matters immensely. So be mighty, be bold, and grow. The world depends on it.

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ISBN-13: 9781634893237
Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Publication date: 05/11/2020
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

The modern architect of culture change in energy, Katie Mehnert is a diplomat, speaker, author, and sought-after expert shaping the workforce needed to address our world's energy transition. She's the founder and CEO of Pink Petro and Experience Energy.

Katie has held transformation leadership roles with BP and Shell in safety and environment. She's led global change programs in periods of global financial crisis, spills, divestment, and globalization. Katie also held consulting roles in power and utilities at Duke Energy, Entergy, and Enron. Her corporate path drove her to entrepreneurship to help energy companies prepare for the looming talent shortage and workforce diversity needs to address energy poverty and climate change.

She most recently testified before Congress on the clean energy workforce of the future, and she's published in Scientific American, Forbes, The Hill, CNBC, CNN, and other international outlets. She is also the founder of Lean In Energy, a global nonprofit solely devoted to mentoring in the energy sector.

Katie is a four-time World Major marathoner, having completed London, Chicago, New York, and Berlin. She and her husband Mark, an executive with Baker Hughes, live with their daughter Ally in Houston's Energy Corridor.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Introduction: We the People 1

1 Hurricane Harvey 7

2 Ready for Takeoff 31

3 Know Your Meaning 53

4 A Tale of Two Layoffs 61

5 Be a Weirdo 79

6 Sharks in the Water 89

7 The Illusion of Control 107

8 "I'm Not Ready" 119

9 The Three Traits You Need to Succeed 129

10 Don't Sweat What Wasn't Meant to Be 151

11 Going with the Flow 159

12 The Best Stock to Bet On 167

13 Learning to Receive 175

14 Travel Lightly 197

15 E3, P3 203

Acknowledgments 213

Book Katie 223

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