Growing Up Clean in America

Growing Up Clean in America

by The Incredible Moses Leroy



Growing Up Clean in America is a collection of demos released prior to the Incredible Moses Leroy's 2001 coming out, Electric Pocket Radio. Presumably recorded in Leroy's home, these four-track ditties are of the lowest production standard and minimal in their arrangements and ambitions. Leroy's greatest pop gift, his delicate voice, is used to fine affect on the opener "Sour" and "Ugly Train," but the former is ruined by some ear-splitting synth whistling that painfully continues throughout the entire track. More thoughtful sonic experiments on "Zap" make for a better experience, as the hero-speak samples spliced in between spy movie fuzz-guitar riffs work nicely. The guitar and vocal musings on "The 4a" have a genuine '70s pop
ock feel that's somewhere between "Kansas" and "Dan Fogelberg." There is a slightly irritating electric metronome sound effect in "I Had You" that threatens to derail the track, but Leroy keeps things together with some intelligent breaks and a suggestive, less-is-more lyric. Purely experimental, Growing Up Clean in America has some nice moments that fans of Leroy's other pop experiments will surely appreciate.

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Release Date: 03/28/2000
Label: Ultimatum
UPC: 0665907665921
catalogNumber: 76659

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