Growing Up & Liking It

Growing Up & Liking It

by Dolores Ayotte



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ISBN-13: 9781617398032
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.60(d)

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Growing Up & Liking It 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
moondance2010 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I finished reading Growing Up and Liking It this week, and I loved it. We went to Florida over spring break, and I took it with me to read. I shared a lot of it with my sister and she enjoyed it as well. Mrs. Ayotte's writing is so down to earth and her stories are very pertinent to everyone's lives. I think you will truly enjoy reading both of her self-help books because they are full of wisdom and wit, as well as Christian values applied to daily life.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Growing Up & Liking It.Blessings,Susan K. Earl, author of Moon Dance
AvidReader2015 More than 1 year ago
Here is an author who cares passionately about people. Having offered her gentle advice for a happier self in her first book, I'm Not Perfect And It's OK, Dolores Ayotte is back to share her inspiring bits of wisdom, this time in the sequel: Growing Up And Liking It.  As always, her advice is never overbearing, and she makes it especially palatable by mixing it in with quotes, and anecdotes and humor. Supported by a rich bibliography, her advice is more than palatable—it comes with the combined wisdom of many writers, philosophers and story tellers. And, it is personal—by which I mean, it comes from the heart, based on the trials and tribulations of a troubled past, when the dosage of anti-depressants prescribed to her was doubled by her doctor. "I got on my hands and knees and prayed like I had never prayed before in my whole life. I sought out the peace and comfort of a loving and forgiving God." I love her words, "Now that I have put this message into words, my healing circle is complete. I sincerely hope that you can learn from my experiences and find your healing circle too. I have discovered that what appears to be the end may really be a new beginning." Five stars.
Books4Tomorrow More than 1 year ago
This is the second in a series of books written by Dolores Ayotte, her first book being "I'm Not Perfect & It's Okay". I haven't had the opportunity to read her first book, but was asked to review "Growing Up & Liking It". However, having read this book I definitely want to read her first book! “Growing Up & Liking It” is filled with humorous quips, anecdotes and quotes about life; and with her wonderful philosophy for living a happy, rewarding life, no matter the circumstances, this is the manner in which Dolores brings home the truth of the matter to the reader. Her thirteen steps to a happier self are expounded in chapters with intriguing titles such as "Shake It Off"; "Mister Sun and Mister Wind"; "The Happy Snipper"; "God's Wife" and "The Skunks". The author draws on her decades of experience as wife, parent, grandmother, gardener, storyteller, teacher and author, to present thirteen valuable life lessons in an easy-to-digest manner. As Josh Billings says: "Life consists not in holding good cards, but of playing those you hold well.", which is a truth this book is centered on. She also makes liberal use of stories to demonstrate her points. Here's an excerpt to demonstrate her wisdom: "Gratitude takes three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and giving in return." In all my years I have never had gratitude explained so concisely! The book is a pleasant and easy read - all too easy to read in one sitting, but I suggest you read this book only one "bite" at a time so you can have time to savour the flavour and digest the lessons. It is a wonderful, motivational book that each one should have in their personal libraries. I highly recommend it! (David Fritz)
AuthorJimHughes More than 1 year ago
Growing Up & Liking It by Dolores Ayotte is a book written from the heart through life¿s experiences as a helpful guide for living. You will find here many quotes, stories, and wisdom gleaned from life as Dolores has lived it. You will certainly find some things that will encourage and inspire you in your own walk. Your own experiences may differ from Dolores, but one thing you will learn from this book is that living is always a learning process. We learn from others, the mistakes we make along the way, and God revealing things to us through the things we observe. The key to peace and happiness in living is rooted in our ability to first and foremost love God. We learn that true joy is to grow through our living process, and liking the progression we make
Nikki12345 More than 1 year ago
Dolores is a writer and a former teacher. She recently published her book, Growing up and Liking It, a follow-up to her first, I¿m Not Perfect and It¿s Ok. Dolores suffered with depression at one point in her life. Over the years, she learned some tools to help her rise above the darkness. Her book contains some of these life lessons that helped her to empower herself. Lessons she wants to share, to give others hope. This compact book contains 13 self-help tips. Each chapter is a quick read with nuggets of truth Dolores shares from her life. She uses her interactions with family members; her husband, children and grandchildren to bring home her message of hope and empowerment. In reading Growing Up and Liking It I felt as if I was sitting with Dolores listening to her share her heart. There is a genuine warmth and intimacy in her writing. This book can be helpful for people who need some ¿inspiration to get back on track.¿
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loraine_Lotter More than 1 year ago
Growing Up and Liking It by Dolores Ayotte. Review by Loraine Lotter. 22 October 2011. Growing up and liking it is inspiring, motivating and definitely worth reading if you are in need of a life changing lesson or two. The book is full of great quotes and tips on how to cope with every day's problems, stress and let-downs and truthfully, it was just what I needed to perk up my day. It was like a breath of fresh air. I love the author's laid-back writing style. You can tell that Dolores is an inspiring, humble and excitable person, accepting the challenges in life and embracing them in faith. Growing up and liking it is full of great stories, making the book so much more stimulating to read. Each line, each little joke, whether it be a factual story or not, will make you smile and keep you captivated just as it did with me. It encourages us to stay positive, no matter what the circumstances may be. Your problems will never be bigger than you, for God will not put a hindrance in your way if you cannot handle it. I love Dolores' advice as it is true and encouraging. The book really helps and influences you in such a way that you will accept who you are when you finish reading it. It will encourage you to think before you act so that you will make the right choices in life. It will stimulate you in a way you can only imagine, helping you find peace and balance by following the easy, simple steps provided. Packed with loads of tips for relationships and a happy marriage, this book is really inspirational. This book is all about laughing at the small things in life, learning from every choice you make and living life to the fullest. It's definitely a must-read for anyone who needs a little encouragement and advice in life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I looked so forward to Dolores' second book coming out! I read her first book and couldn't put it down!!! This book is so beautifully's a gift everyone should give to themselves or share with loved ones!
ReaderwriterBarb More than 1 year ago
Growing up and Liking It: 13 Steps to a Happier Life by Dolores Ayotte is thirteen chapters of down-to-earth life experiences published by Tate Publishing, copyright 2010. This nonfiction book is loaded with the wisdom that comes from personal experience. It's inspiring, encouraging, full of insight, and I love the quotations. Savor it a chapter at a time. Written in her usual style, these personal stories and quotes are easy to identify with and relate to, thus life-altering if you decide to use her practical suggestions. It's a perfect paperback that provides the feeling of sitting down over coffee with a friend. Check out her other books!
MavenDA More than 1 year ago
Growing Up & Liking It ~ More Steps to a Happier Self is a wonderful follow-up to Ayotte's first book, I'm Not Perfect And It's Okay. Ayotte's warm style remains consistent in her second book. It is written in her usual style, chock full of quotes and personal stories sure to touch your heart. She continues to offer practical, down-to-earth bits of wisdom based on her own personal experiences. Her stories and suggestions are very easy to relate to and can only add to your daily life if you decide to put them into practice. If you read Ayotte's first book, you won't want to miss this one.