Grown Up Coloring Book: Anti Stress Coloring Book For Adults: Featuring Wild Animals From A To Z

Grown Up Coloring Book: Anti Stress Coloring Book For Adults: Featuring Wild Animals From A To Z

by Talon James, Robyn Jamison


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Grown Up Coloring Book: Anti Stress Coloring Book For Adults: Featuring Wild Animals From A To Z by Talon James, Robyn Jamison

Grown Up Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Coloring Book for Adults Featuring Wild Animals From A To Z

  • With unique illustrations that showcase over 50 assorted wild animals, from the Anteater to the Zebra
  • Suitable for anyone with its varying levels of complexity
  • Provides a convenient and calming coloring experience
  • The art of coloring is a universal practice that knows no bounds, breaking the barriers of age, culture, and background. Colors give life to everything around you. When you color, you tap into your innate creativity and artistic flare.

    It is a myth that only the "gifted" can create beautiful, meaningful art. In fact, you CAN be an artist in your own right. After all, art is a form of expression, and you will always have a story to tell and a range of emotions to release. The art of coloring not only allows you to create and give life to images, but to also express your authentic self without any inhibitions.

    Is it simply art, or is there something more to coloring? Experts have found that coloring is a grounding experience that allows you to be still and concentrate on the present moment. When you color, you are focused on the process without overthinking it. This is tremendously helpful if you want to practice and master mindfulness, a technique proven to be effective in reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Coloring may not erase all your cares away, but it is guaranteed to appease your mind and equip you with the calm and mental stability that you need.

    The act of coloring mostly utilizes the right part of the brain, which is also the emotional, expressive side. This means that there is little rationalization and far more expression involved. This assists in emotional and psychological healing, as well as in the release of pent-up feelings, particularly those that have not been expressed in a healthy, productive way. Coloring makes it easier to air these emotions out without being destructive or negative.

    The fact that coloring involves little rationalization also means that all mental chatter and noise are subdued. One of the things that bothers most people is the endless flow of chatter in their minds, most of which leads to insecurity, stress, and self-doubt. Thanks to coloring, this mental buzz is silenced, leading to peace of mind and serenity.

    Coloring is a great way to relax, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. It is convenient and easy to do; all you need are your coloring book and some coloring materials. It only takes a few minutes to put color to an image, making this activity perfect for people on the go.

    With all the astounding benefits of coloring, it's high time you get into this activity and be your unique, expressive self!

    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781515244882
    Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
    Publication date: 07/28/2015
    Pages: 108
    Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.22(d)

    About the Author

    Talon James is passionate about everything in life and lives life to its fullest. Her reason, is that as a young woman she was struck down with massive pain, which she suffered for years before finding out that she has Fibromyalgia.

    "I was shattered thinking that my life dream was now out of reach. I couldn't even get out of bed some days, and I remember thinking about my future. I had always relied on my physical self to get by, and now that was no longer an option," stated Talon.

    It was during this period of her life that Talon found her love of reading and learning, however had trouble remembering the important facts of what she had just read.

    During this time of recuperation, Talon stumbled upon an old tattered 70 year old book. This book changed her life. Instead of having to rely on her physical body, Talon was now able to work with her mind. "My memory became so much better...I was now able to remember important lists and to-do steps from all the books I was reading. No longer was I struggling to remember steps 1 and 2 and struggle with the rest."

    Talon was so excited about the change in her life, that she wrote her first book about this very topic. "This method has changed my life so much that I wanted to share this technique with others."

    Talon James has since gone on to publish 3 books: "Exclusive Memory Learning Blueprint: The Secret Technique To Improve Your Memory", "Master The Code: Unlock The Secret Techniques To Sales And Marketing Strategies To Boost Business" and her latest "Grown Up Coloring Book: Anti Stress Coloring Book For Adults Featuring Wild Animals From A To Z".

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