Growth of Crystals, Volume 21 presents a survey, with detailed analysis, of the scientific and technological approaches, and results obtained, by leading Russian crystal growth specialists from the late 1990's to date.

The volume contains 16 reviewed chapters on various aspects of crystal and crystalline film growth from various phases (vapour, solution, liquid and solid). Both fundamental aspects, e.g. growth kinetics and mechanisms, and applied aspects, e.g. preparation of technically important materials in single-crystalline forms, are covered.

A large portion of the volume is devoted to film growth, including film growth from eutectic melt, from amorphous solid state, kinetics of lateral epitaxy and film growth on specially structured substrates. An important chapter in this section covers heteroepitaxy of non-isovalent A3B5 semiconductor compounds, which have important applications in the field of photonics.

The volume also includes a detailed analysis of the structural aspects of a broad range of laser crystals, information that is invaluable for successfully growing perfect, laser-effective, single crystals.

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ISBN-13: 9781461536611
Publisher: Springer Nature B.V.
Publication date: 08/06/2012
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

Growth and Doping of Semiconductor Compounds: Kinetics of Incorporation Processes at Kink Sites; Yu.Yu. Hervieu, M.P. Ruzaikin.
Gas-Phase Growth Kinetics and Morphology of Lead and Germanium Telluride Crystals; L.V. Yashina, V.I. Dernovskii, V.P. Zlomanov, V.I. Shtanov.
Lateral Epitaxy of Gallium Arsenide by Chloride Vapor Transport; I.V. Ivonin, L.G. Lavrent'eva, L.P. Porokhovnichenko.
Growth and Structure of Si Epilayers on Porous Si; A.A. Fedorov, M.A. Revenko, E.M. Trukhanov, S.I. Romanov, A.A. Karanovich, V.V. Kirienko, M.A. Lamin, A.K. Gutakovskii, O.P. Pchelyakov, L.V. Sokolov.
Heteroepitaxy of Heterovalent Compounds: Molecular Beam Deposition of ZnSe on GaAs; M.V. Yakushev, Yu.G. Sidorov, L.V. Sokolov, V.G. Kesler, L.M. Logvinskii, T.A. Gavrilova.
Effect of Crystallographic Orientation of the Interface on the Growth of Perfect Epitaxial Layers of Semiconductors; E.M. Trukhanov, A.V. Kolesnikov, G.A. Lyubas.
InGaAsP Solid Solutions: Phase Diagrams, Growth from the Melt on GaAs Substrates, Elastically Strained Epitaxial Layers; Yu.B. Bolkhovityanov, A.S. Yaroshevich, M.A. Revenko, E.M. Trukhanov.
Theory of Island Film Growth from a Eutectic Melt at the Late Stage of Evolution; S.A. Kukushki, D.A. Grigor'ev.
Self-Sustained Nuclei-Assisted Explosive Crystallization; V.P. Koverda, V.N. Skokov.
Morphological Instability and Inclusion Formation during Crystal Growth from a Flowing Solution; S.Yu. Potapenko.
Mechanisms of Striation Formation in Layer Growth of Crystals from Solutions; I.L. Smolsky, A.E. Voloshin, E.B. Rudneva, N.P. Zaitseva, J. De Yoreo. Block Formation and Crystallographic Orientation Changes during Growth of Shaped Sapphire Single Crystals; P.I. Antonov, S.I. Bakholdin, V.M. Krymov, I.L. Shul'pina, M.P. Shcheglov.
Revised Phase Diagrams of LiF-RF3 (R = La-Lu, Y) Systems; P.P. Fedorov, B.P. Sobolev, L.V. Medvedeva, B.M. Reiterov.
The Growth of Laser Oxide Crystals: Structural Aspects; E.V. Zharikov, G.M. Kuz'micheva, S.G. Novikov.
Vibrational Control of Czochralski Crystal Growth; A.Z. Myal'dun, A.I. Prostomolotov, N.K. Tolochko, N.A. Verezub, E.V. Zharikov.
Ingrown Regular Domain Structure and Impurity Distribution in LiNbO3 Doped with a Rare Earth (Nd,Eu) and Magnesium; I.I. Naumova, N.F. Evlanova, O.A. Gliko, A.A. Lukashev, S.V. Lavrishchev.

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