Gruber's Complete Preparation for the Sat

Gruber's Complete Preparation for the Sat

by Gary R. Gruber


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ISBN-13: 9780064637367
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 08/28/1992
Pages: 800
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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Important Note About This Book and Its Author

This book is the most up-to-date and complete book on the SAT. EVERY EXAM is patterned after the current SAT, and all the strategies and techniques deal with the current SAT. The SAT incorporates all the Gruber Critical Thinking Strategies.

This book was written by Dr. Gary Gruber, the leading authority on the SAT, who knows more than anyone else in the test-prep market on exactly what is being tested for in the SAT. In fact the procedures to answer the current SAT questions rely more heavily on the Gruber Thinking Strategies than ever before and it is the only book that has the exact thinking strategies you need to use to maximize your SAT score. Gruber's SAT books are used more than any other books by the nation's school districts and are proven to get the highest documented school district SAT scores.

Dr. Gruber has published more than 30 books with major publishers on test-taking and critical thinking methods, with over 6 million copies sold. He has also authored over 1000 articles on his work, in scholarly journals and syndicated nationally in newspapers, has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and has been interviewed in hundreds of magazines and newspapers. He has developed major programs for school districts and for city and state educational agencies for improving and restructuring curriculum, increasing learning ability and test scores, increasing motivation and developing a "passion" for learning and problem solving and decreasing the student dropout rate. For example, PBS (Public BroadcastingSystem) chose Dr. Gruber to train the nation's teachers on how to prepare students for the SAT through a national satellite teleconference and videotape. His results have been lauded throughout the country from all walks of life.

Gruber is recognized nationally as the leading expert on standardized tests. It is said that no one in the nation is better at assessing the thinking patterns of "how" a person answers questions and providing the mechanism to improve the faulty thinking approaches. SAT score improvements by students using Gruber's techniques have been the highest in the nation.

Gruber's unique methods have been and are being used by Public Television (PBS), the nation's learning centers, international encyclopedias, school districts throughout the country, in homes and workplaces across the nation, and by a host of other entities.

His goal and mission is to get the nation's potential realized and the nation "impassioned" with learning and problem solving so that they don't merely try to get a "fast" uncritical answer, but actually enjoy and look forward to solving the problem and learning.

Important: Many books do not reflect the SAT questions. Don't practice with questions that misrepresent the actual questions on the SAT. For example, the math questions created by the test makers are now oriented to allow someone to solve many problems without a calculator as fast as with one and some faster without a calculator. This book reflects the SAT more accurately than any other commercial book, and the strategies contained in it are exactly those needed to be used on the SAT It is said that only Dr. Gruber has the expertise and ability to reflect the exam far more closely than any competitor! Don't trust your future with less than the best material.

Gruber's Complete Preparation for the SAT. Copyright © by Gary Gruber. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Table of Contents

Important Note About This Book and Its Authoriii
The Author Has Something Important to Tell You About How to Raise Your SAT Scorev
I.Important Facts about the SATxi
II.The Inside Track on How SAT Questions Are Developed and How They Vary from Test to Testxvii
III.What Are Critical Thinking Skills?xix
IV.Are Men Better Than Women on the SAT?xxi
V.Multi-Level Approaches to Solution of Problemsxxii
VI.A Four-Hour Study Program for the SATxxiii
VII.Longer Range Study Program and Helpful Steps for Using This Bookxxiv
VIII.Format of the SATxxv
IX.Format of the PSATxxvii
Part 1Diagnostic SAT Pre-Test1
Answer Sheet Practice Test 13
SAT Practice Test 1 [Full-Length Diagnostic Pre-Test]9
How Did You Do on This Test?49
Answer Key for Practice Test 150
Explanatory Answers for Practice Test 152
What You Must Do Now to Raise Your SAT Score85
How to Score the SAT for Tests 1-587
Raw Score/Scaled Score Conversion Tables for Practice Tests 1-589
Chart for Self-Appraisal Based on the Practice Tests You Have Just Taken91
Part 2Strategy Diagnostic Test for the SAT93
Purpose and Instructions94
Strategy Diagnostic Test Answer Sheet96
Section 1-Verbal Ability97
Section 2-Math Ability107
Strategy Diagnostic Test Answer and Diagnostic Table (keyed to Strategies in book)116
Part 3The 22 Questions That Can Determine Top College Elibibility121
Verbal Portion123
Math Portion125
Answers and Hints (keyed to Strategies in book)129
Part 4The 101 Most Important Basic Skills Math Questions You Need to Know How to Solve131
101 Questions Answer Sheet133
101 Questions Test135
101 Math Questions: Solutions, Generalizations, Rules147
101 Math Questions: Answers148
Basic Skill Math Diagnosis (keyed to Math refresher)150
Part 5Strategy Section163
Using Critical Thinking Skills to Score High on the SAT164
5 General Strategies165
47 Easy-to-Learn Strategies167
How to Learn the Stretegies167
Important Note on the Allowed Use of Calculators on the SAT167
Important Note on Math Questions on the SAT168
The Gird-Type Math Question168
Use of a Calculator in the Grid-Type Question172
25 Math Strategies174
Regular Math Strategies174
Introduction to Quantitative Comparison-Type Question220
Quantitative Comparison Strategies220
22 Verbal Strategies236
6 Analogy Strategies236
4 Sentence Completion Strategies245
Critical Reading Strategies252
What Reading Comprehension Questions Ask252
Introductory Passage 1253
Breakdown and Underlining of Passage253
How to Answer Reading Comprehension Questions Most Effectively254
Introductory Passage 2255
Introductory Passage 3257
9 Reading Comprehension Strategies260
3 Vocabulary Strategies275
Part 6Mini-Math Refresher281
Part 7Complete SAT Math Refresher291
Session #1Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, etc.294
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages291
Ratios and Proportions298
Comparison of Fractions299
Practice Test 1302
Answer Key for Practice Test 1312
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 1312
Session #2Rate Problems317
Word-Problem Setup318
Distance and Time320
Practice Test 2324
Answer Key for Practice Test 2334
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 2334
Session #3Area, Perimeter, and Volume Problems314
Area, Perimeter, and Volume Problems315
Practice Test 3353
Answer Key for Practice Test 3362
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 3362
Session #4Algebra Problems368
Algebra Properties369
Algebra of Graphs372
Exponents and Roots383
Practice Test 4385
Answer Key for Practice Test 4394
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 4394
Session #5Geometry Problems399
Basic Definitions400
Properties of Triangles403
Four-Sided Figures406
Many-Sided Figures407
Practice Test 5410
Answer Key for Practice Test 5419
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 5419
Session #6Miscellaneous Problems429
Averages, Medians, and Modes430
Properties of Integers132
The Absolute Value Sign437
Practice Test 6438
Answer Key for Practice Test 6446
Answers and Solutions for Practice Test 6446
Session #7Tables, Charts, and Graphs451
Charts and Graphs452
Tables and Charts452
Bar Graphs454
Circle Graphs455
Line Graphs456
Practice Test 7 and Solutions457
Part 8Vocabulary Building That is Guaranteed to Raise Your SAT Score463
Knowing Word Meanings Is Essential for a Higher SAT Score (8 Steps to Word Power)464
The Prefix Root Suffix List That Gives You the Meanings of Over 150,000 Words468
A List of SAT Words Appearing More Than Once on Actual SAT Exams473
The 291 Most Important SAT Words and Their Opposites475
The Gruber SAT 3,400-Word List479
100 Tests to Strengthen Your Vocabulary531
Answers to Vocabulary Tests595
Part 9Four More SAT Practice Tests599
Four Important Reasons for Taking These Practice Tests600
10 Tips for Taking the Practice Tests601
SAT Practice Test 2602
Answer Sheet603
Test 2608
How Did You Do on This Test?645
Answer Key646
Explanatory Answers648
SAT Practice Test 3676
Answer Sheet677
Test 3683
How Did You Do on This Test?723
Answer Key724
Explanatory Answers726
SAT Practice Test 4758
Answer Sheet759
Test 4765
How Did You Do on This Test?802
Answer Key803
Explanatory Answers805
SAT Practice Test 5835
Answer Sheet836
Test 5842
How Did You Do on This Test?881
Answer Key882
Explanatory Answers884
Part 10The SAT-II Writing Test917

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