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Gale Group
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia: Birds I / Edition 2

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia: Birds I / Edition 2


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ISBN-13: 9780787657840
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 10/28/2002
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 635
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

How to use this bookxi
Advisory boardsxiii
Contributing writersxv
Contributing illustratorsxviii
Volume 8Birds I
What is a bird?3
Birds and humans19
Avian migration and navigation29
Avian song37
Avian flight45
Order Struthioniformes: Tinamous and ratites53
Family: Tinamous57
Family: Rheas69
Family: Cassowaries75
Family: Emus83
Family: Kiwis89
Family: Moas95
Family: Ostriches99
Family: Elephant birds103
Order Procellariiformes Tubenosed seabirds107
Family: Albatrosses113
Family: Shearwaters, petrels, and fulmars123
Family: Storm-petrels135
Family: Diving-petrels143
Order Sphenisciformes: Penguins
Family: Penguins147
Order Gaviiformes Loons
Family: Loons159
Order Podicipediformes Grebes
Family: Grebes169
Order Pelecaniformes: Pelicans and cormorants183
Family: Tropicbirds187
Family: Frigatebirds193
Family: Cormorants and anhingas201
Family: Boobies and gannets211
Family: Pelicans225
Order Ciconiiformes: Herons, storks, spoonbills, ibis, and New World vultures233
Family: Herons and bitterns239
Family: Hammerheads261
Family: Storks265
Family: New World vultures275
Family: Shoebills287
Family: Ibises and spoonbills291
Order Phoenicopteriformes Flamingos
Family: Flamingos303
Order Falconiformes: Diurnal birds of prey313
Family: Hawks and eagles317
Family: Secretary birds343
Family: Falcons and caracaras347
Order Anseriformes: Ducks, geese, swans, and screamers363
Family: Ducks, geese, and swans369
Family: Screamers393
Order Galliformes: Chicken-like birds399
Family: Moundbuilders403
Family: Curassows, guans, and chachalacas413
Family: Guineafowl425
Family: Fowls and pheasants433
Family: New World quails455
Order Opisthocomiformes: Hoatzins
Family: Hoatzins465
For further reading469
Contributors to the first edition479
Aves species list497
Geologic time scale560
Volume 9Birds II
Order Gruiformes: Cranes, rails, and relatives1
Family: Mesites and roatelos5
Family: Buttonquails11
Family: Cranes23
Family: Limpkins37
Family: Kagus41
Family: Rails, coots, and moorhens45
Family: Sungrebes69
Family: Sunbitterns73
Family: Trumpeters77
Family: Seriemas85
Family: Bustards91
Order Charadriiformes: Gulls, terns, plovers, and other shorebirds101
Family: Jacanas107
Family: Painted snipes115
Family: Crab plovers121
Family: Oystercatchers125
Family: Stilts and avocets133
Family: Thick-knees143
Family: Pratincoles and coursers151
Family: Plovers and lapwings161
Family: Sandpipers175
Family: Seedsnipes189
Family: Sheathbills197
Family: Gulls and terns203
Family: Auks, puffins, and murres219
Order Pterocliformes Sandgrouse
Family: Sandgrouse231
Order Columbiformes: Pigeons, doves, and dodos241
Family: Pigeons and doves247
Family: Dodos and solitaires269
Order Psittaciformes: Parrots
Family: Parrots275
Order Musophagiformes: Turacos and plantain eaters
Family: Turacos and plantain eaters299
Order Cuculiformes: Cuckoos, anis, and roadrunners
Family: Cuckoos, anis, and roadrunners311
Order Strigiformes: Owls331
Family: Barn owls335
Family: Owls345
Order Caprimulgiformes: Nightjars367
Family: Oilbirds373
Family: Frogmouths377
Family: Owlet-nightjars387
Family: Potoos395
Family: Nightjars401
Order Apodiformes Swifts and hummingbirds415
Family: Swifts421
Family: Tree swifts433
Family: Hummingbirds437
Order Coliiformes: Mousebirds
Family: Mousebirds469
Order Trogoniformes: Trogons
Family: Trogons477
For further reading487
Contributors to the first edition497
Aves species list515
Geologic time scale578
Volume 10Birds III
Order Coraciiformes: Kingfishers, todies, hoopoes, and relatives1
Family: Kingfishers5
Family: Todies25
Family: Motmots31
Family: Bee-eaters39
Family: Rollers51
Family: Hoopoes61
Family: Woodhoopoes65
Family: Hornbills71
Order Piciformes: Woodpeckers and relatives85
Family: Jacamars91
Family: Puffbirds101
Family: Barbets113
Family: Toucans125
Family: Honeyguides137
Family: Woodpeckers, wrynecks, and piculets147
Order Passeriformes: Perching birds169
Family: Broadbills177
Family: False sunbirds and asities187
Family: Pittas193
Family: New Zealand wrens203
Family: Ovenbirds209
Family: Woodcreepers229
Family: Ant thrushes239
Family: Tapaculos257
Family: Tyrant flycatchers269
Family: Sharpbills291
Family: Manakins295
Family: Cotingas305
Family: Plantcutters325
Family: Lyrebirds329
Family: Scrub-birds337
Family: Larks341
Family: Swallows357
Family: Pipits and wagtails371
Family: Cuckoo-shrikes385
Family: Bulbuls395
Family: Fairy bluebirds and leafbirds415
Family: Shrikes425
Family: Vanga shrikes439
Family: Waxwings and silky flycatchers447
Family: Palmchats455
Family: Hedge sparrows459
Family: Thrashers and mockingbirds465
Family: Dippers475
Family: Thrushes and chats483
Family: Babblers505
Family: Wrens525
For further reading539
Contributors to the first edition549
Aves species list567
Geologic time scale630
Volume 11Birds IV
Family: Old World warblers1
Family: Old World flycatchers25
Family: Australian fairy-wrens45
Family: Australian warblers55
Family: Australian chats65
Family: Logrunners and chowchillas69
Family: Quail thrushes and whipbirds75
Family: Fantails83
Family: Monarch flycatchers97
Family: Australian robins105
Family: Whistlers115
Family: Pseudo babblers127
Family: Australian creepers133
Family: Long-tailed titmice141
Family: Penduline titmice147
Family: Titmice and chickadees155
Family: Nuthatches and wall creepers167
Family: Treecreepers177
Family: Philippine creepers183
Family: Flowerpeckers189
Family: Pardalotes201
Family: Sunbirds207
Family: White-eyes227
Family: Australian honeyeaters235
Family: Vireos and peppershrikes255
Family: New World finches263
Family: New World warblers285
Family: New World blackbirds and orioles301
Family: Finches323
Family: Hawaiian honeycreepers341
Family: Waxbills and grassfinches353
Family: Weavers375
Family: Sparrows397
Family: Starlings and mynas407
Family: Old World orioles and figbirds427
Family: Drongos437
Family: New Zealand wattle birds447
Family: Mudnest builders453
Family: Woodswallows459
Family: Magpie-shrikes467
Family: Bowerbirds477
Family: Birds of paradise489
Family: Crows and jays503
For further reading525
Contributors to the first edition535
Aves species list553
Geologic time scale616

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