Guantanamo Bay: The Pentagon's Alcatraz of the Caribbean

Guantanamo Bay: The Pentagon's Alcatraz of the Caribbean

by Carol Rosenberg


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ISBN-13: 9781633533653
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 08/09/2016
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Carol Rosenberg is a senior journalist, with the McClatchy News Service. A military-affairs reporter at the Miami Herald, since January 2002 she has reported on the operation of the United States' Guantánamo Bay detention camps, at its naval base in Cuba. Her coverage of captives at Guantánamo Bay has been praised by her colleagues and legal scholars, and she has been invited to speak about it at the National Press Club. In 2011 she received the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for her nearly decade of work on the Guantánamo Bay detention camp.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Covering Guantánamo a Beat Like No Other 1

New Alcatraz 11

'Humane But Not Comfortable' 11

First Prisoners Arrive 14

A Leader Emerges at Camp X-Ray 19

Interrogations Begin at Holiday Inn' 22

No Pow Status for Prisoners 25

Cells Hold Mostly Young Foot Soldiers 26

An Essay: Camp of Mysteries 31

Walking a Legal Tightrope 33

Inmate's True Name Often Still a Mystery 37

Inside the Prison 39

Bin Laden's Driver in Guantánamo Cell 39

Captives Allege Religious Abuse 41

Letters Arrive at Federal Court 44

Call it Enemy Combatant Elementary School 47

Commander: Suicide Plots Continuing 50

Reporter's Notebook: A Garden at Gitmo 52

Beards are Safe For Now 54

Camp Iguana Serves As 'Uighurville' 56

An Intimate Look Behind the Wire 60

Doing Time on the Convicts' Cellblock 65

Diary Chronicles Fear and Forgiveness 69

Detainees Shun Women's World Cup 74

Yemen's War Compounds Captives' Despair 75

Popular Culture 79

Guantánamo in Comedy, Music, Movies 79

Photos Echo Years Later 84

What's a Bored Guard to Do? Get a Tattoo 86

'Fresh Prince' Popular On Some Cellblocks 88

'Let 'Em Out: Sings Esperanza Spalding 91

'Camp X-Ray,' the Movie 92

Camp Justice War Court 97

Australian Captive Makes a Deal 97

When Did War Begin? Where's Battlefield? 99

Reporter's Notebook: A Chilling Drink 103

Solitary Confinement for Category of One 105

Bin Laden Video-Maker Gets Life 107

Youngest Captive Plays Lawyer 109

'Child Soldier' Gets 40 Years, Will Serve 8 112

9/11 Trial 115

Court Can Silence Captives Who Tell Secrets 115

Alleged Plot Mastermind; 'Martyr Me' 116

Judge Has Handled Tough Cases Before 119

Arraigned Again, But Silent And Defiant 128

What Not To Wear: Guántanamo Edition 133

Remote Censor Surprises Judge 137

Delays Frustrate 9/11 Victims' Families 140

Trial by Skype? 141

Military Judge Shouts Down KSM 144

Forever Prisoners 147

Afghan Man Commits Suicide 148

Lawsuit Unmasks 'Indefinite Detainees' 149

Former Forever Prisoner' Goes Home 152

Guantánamo Limbo 153

A Bin Laden Bodyguard Loses Bid for Release 156

Too Dangerous to Let Go, at 68 158

GITMO, It's A Base, Too 161

Cubans' 6-Month Sleepover Spans Decades 161

Few Buried Here Were American 168

Haiti Earthquake Relief Mission 172

Radio Station Rocks in Fidel's Backyard 173

Energy Conscious Base Strives Togo Green 177

Is Guantánamo Part of the USA? it Depends… 181

Hunger Strikes 187

Prayer Protest Sparked First Fasts 187

Why the U.S. Won't Let Prisoners Starve 189

Food Fight at Camp 6 191

Reporter's Notebook: Desdemona at Gitmo 198

Force-Feeding Video Gone Viral 199

Medics: It's Not Torture 201

Navy Nurse Refuses to Force-Feed 204

Captives Mark 14th Ramadan at Guantánamo 206

The Troops 211

Muslim Cleric and U.S. Naval Officer 211

9/11 Hero Takes Charge at Prison 214

Gitmo Reacts to Obama's Nobel Prize 216

Waste Wars: Captives 'Weaponize' Excrement 218

Listen to the Sounds of a Cellblock 220

Soldier Celebrates Ramadan Alone 221

Airman Supports and Defends Constitution 226

Most Expensive Prison on Earth 229

$800,000 a Year for Each Captive 229

Pentagon Builds a $744,000 Soccer Field 236

Congress Funds New $65 Million School 237

Pentagon Releases Decade-Old Document 240

18 Troops for Each Detainee 243

Platinum Prisoners 247

Former CIA Captives in Off-Limits Camp 247

Plea Reveals New Trial Strategy 249

Coed Ruckus at Camp 7 252

Lawyer Describes CIA Rectal Abuse 254

Court Sees 'Zero Dark Thirty' Torture Scenes 256

Reporting From Redactistan 259

Reporter's Notebook: Camp X-Ray a Memory 260

KSM Censors His First Sketch 260

Court Closes for Classified 'Youtube Video' 261

A Place of Sometimes Puzzling Secrecy 263

Judge Makes Secret Ruling on Secret Motion 268

Transparent Detention? Not Anymore 270

Closing Gitmo 275

Plan for Detainees: Divide and Conquer 275

Closure Order Stirs Days of Uncertainty 279

Emptying the Camps, One Deal at a Time 285

Uzbeks Arrive in Ireland 291

How Congress Thwarted Obama's Pledge 291

'Child Soldier' Returned to Canada 295

First Commander Says It's Time to Close 297

Guantánamo Grinds On 300

Freed Convict Returns to the Fight 305

Yemeni Chose Cell Over New Life in Europe 307

Closure Plan: To Be Continued… 310

Military Plans for Prison After Obama 311

Epilogue 315

Index 317

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