Guard Your Heart with All Diligence, for out of the Heart Flows the Issues of Life

Guard Your Heart with All Diligence, for out of the Heart Flows the Issues of Life

by Henrietta Freeman


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Have you ever found yourself dealing with issues of today that may have started as far back as your childhood? Have you ever wondered why certain things trigger your emotions that cause you to react to things in a certain way?

The title of this book, Guard Your Heart with All Diligence, for Out of the Heart Flows the Issues of Life comes from the scripture of Proverbs 4:23. The Author of the book shares with us in her memoir about the revelation she received from this scripture and how she overcame hardships and past hurts that took root in her heart, thus creating the issues of her life. She encourages others to be aware of what enters your heart due to unfortunate circumstances and how others may have mistreated you in the past.

She felt that growing up without a father's love and influence in her life; self-esteem issues; abuse; and harboring un-forgiveness all played a role in her looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. She tried to fill a void in her heart that she later learned that people and things could never fill.

Through a relationship with her (Third Father) which she explains in the book, she found acceptance, forgiveness, and healing, which led her to release her heart's issues and to find her life purpose.

She gives all credit to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for helping her overcome her hardest battles and for making all things possible in her life. Today, she guards her heart a little more closely. She says "one of the best ways to get the last laugh in the face of the enemy is to allow God to take what the enemy meant for evil in your life, and turn it around to work for the good, and What you survive should give hope to others."

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