Guardian Anal

Guardian Anal

by Violet Jessamy

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Everyone has a guardian angel, but Keith has a more intimate relationship with his angelic protector than most people. Despite the life-threatening danger that calls the angel to his side, the two of them make time to get to know each other very well indeed. His angel goes above and beyond his calling in order to heal his human charge's heartbreak with tried-and-true mind-blowing sex.

Keith couldn’t stop his eyes from closing, his breathing from picking up noticeably. His body was taut and alert, every single cell tingling, but all of his attention focused on Julius’ caressing movements.
Then he felt the angel’s weight shift, realized he was leaning forward. Lips brushed his collarbone.
The lust that flooded him was so good, so overpowering. Keith realized suddenly that, ridiculous as it sounded, there was a very good possibility he might faint with pleasure. Not wanting to miss even a single bit of this, he fought to stay free of the tempting, dark fog. Apparently, being kissed by an angel was a step up from being touched by one.
Another gentle kiss landed on his chest. He wailed. His fingers clung to the bed sheet and pulled until a ripping sound reached his ears. Paying it no mind, Keith scrambled to try and prevent Julius from kissing him yet again.
It felt too good. He couldn’t handle it.
“Right. Sorry,” Julius whispered. Cool, angelic breath brushed his stomach and drove Keith up the walls all over again. He couldn’t manage to clear his mind enough to think.
Julius’ hand twisted and jerked him again. This time Keith groaned, threw his head back, his cheeks flushed with heat. His entire body shook violently.
“Do you want me to stop?”
There was a hint of regret in the angel’s voice.
“Wait.” Keith’s mouth barely managed to form the word. “Just… for a moment.”
Julius froze, half-leaning above him. The seconds ticked by as they both remained in their respective positions. Keith struggled with himself, tried to get a grip on the wildfire within him that was threatening to slip from his control completely. Then he raised his head just far enough to meet Julius’ eyes, and was struck by how starved the angel looked.
“Why are you doing this?” he wanted to know. The words came out no louder than a whisper.
“I told you I used to like watching. But I always wished that I…” The angel’s voice faded.
“What?” Keith asked.
Julius dipped his head, and before Keith managed to figure out what was happening, his guardian angel had pressed his lips to the tip of Keith’s cock. The fire flared up, and he was burning.
He sucked in one single breath, so deep that his lungs stung, and could not manage to expel it again. Time slowed to a crawl. His body was moving completely without his doing, hips thrusting out, hands tearing at his pillow, mouth open in a silent scream. He was burning up from the inside, like his blood had turned 190-proof and Julius had just put a lit match to him.
When time sped up again, Keith had his head pressed to the remains of his pillow and was actually screaming his lungs out. His back was arched, both of his hands gripping Julius’ shoulders and keeping the angel in place. He had never felt anything like this. Having Julius’ lips on him was a sensation so good that it hurt more than any pain he had ever experienced. It was frightening and addicting at once.
Through the rush of a thousand conflicting emotions, he felt the angel’s mouth engulfing more of him, lips sliding slowly down his shaft. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to bear it.
He was even more afraid that Julius might stop.

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BN ID: 2940014782227
Publisher: Violet Jessamy
Publication date: 06/12/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Violet Jessamy’s thoughts do not always revolve around sex - just most of the time. She believes that this fact, along with her hyperactive imagination, is to blame for her choice of secondary career. Having developed a passionate interest in erotica as soon as she figured out it existed, she credits the internet in general for allowing her to pursue said interest and tolerating her early attempts at creating the perfect arousing tale.
She also writes non-erotic fiction, but gets far more enjoyment out of writing smutty stories.

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