Guardians In Blue: Book II

Guardians In Blue: Book II

by Ken Bangs


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ISBN-13: 9781612969763
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication date: 01/15/2018
Pages: 476
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.06(d)

About the Author

A native Texan Ken was born in Cooper, Delta County, Texas and raised in Plano, Collin County, Texas.
He began his career in law enforcement walking a beat in downtown Dallas at the age of 19. Within a year, he was drafted into the army and assigned to Ft. Polk Louisiana for basic training. Following basic training, he was assigned to the Military Police Corps and deployed to the Alaskan Command, United States Army Alaska.
At the end of his service, Ken returned to a career in law enforcement and public safety. He retired in 2002 having served the last twenty-five years of a thirty-five-year career as the Director of Police, Security and Student Safety Services for the Plano Independent School District.
Ken earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University, a M.S. in Human Relations and Business Management from Amberton University and a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville (Florida) Theological Seminary.
Ken and Trudy (Turner) Bangs have been married 49 years. They have two children and two perfect grandchildren. They currently live in McKinney, Texas.

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The Cloud of Witnesses

The tension twisted each man's gut as they stood silently waiting for the Captain. K.W. chewed his bottom lip and reached down to caress the Colt forty-five strapped to his hip. He ran his hand over the rough checkering of the grips, down along the cool metal of the slide and back up to the hammer. It was 'cocked and locked' with a two hundred and thirty-grain hollow point Super Vel waiting in the chamber. The Colt was ready for action, and so was K.W.

He glanced at the clock on the wall just above the squad room door. The second hand swept up and passed the big red twelve, the minute hand ticked up, and it was now four thirty and the Captain left everyday at five o'clock. 'Come on Captain, I want to kick that door no later than five o'clock tomorrow morning, and I need your approval before you leave today,' K.W. mumbled to himself.

Captain Jack swept into the room and ran his eyes over the detectives. "K.W. do you have the warrant?" he asked.

"Yes sir, right here," K.W. pulled the arrest warrant from his shirt pocket and handed it to the Captain.

The Captain reviewed it carefully and then asked, "You have his picture?"

"Yes sir, and I have given each man a copy of it," K.W. answered.

"Have you double-checked the address, are you sure of the apartment number?" the Captain asked.

"Yes sir, and Elmer confirmed it also. We are good to go," K.W. said.

The Captain locked his gaze onto K.W. and said, "You are good to go when I say so."

"Yes sir," K.W. squirmed under that piercing gaze.

Looking at the raid team, the Captain said, "All of you have done this before. You know how quickly things can go wrong. K.W. here is young and in a hurry. I want you old heads to slow this down and be sure that it goes right.

Elmer, this is K.W.'s case but you are senior, and I want you in charge. Do you understand me, K.W.?"

K.W. nodded and looked at Elmer.

"I didn't hear you answer the Captain," Lieutenant Gus said.

K.W. pulled his gaze from Elmer and turned slowly to his Lieutenant. "I heard him Lieutenant. Yes sir, I understand Captain.

Elmer is in charge, and I will follow his lead. But Cap, I would like to be the first through the door. It is my case, "K.W. said looking from the Captain to his Lieutenant."

"I just put Elmer in charge, so that is his call," the Captain replied.

K.W. nodded and said, "Yes sir."

The captain left the room, and the Lieutenant said to Elmer, "Take over and get this done safely."

Elmer nodded at the Lieutenant and turned to address the team, "Okay, we want to hit that door no later than five tomorrow morning. Let's assemble here at four. K.W. you draw a car before coming to the office. Millie, you get one too.

Johnny and I will ride with K.W. He has driven by the apartment complex several times and knows the way better than I do. He will drive our car and Mille you will drive the second car.

When we get to the complex, follow us in. Turn your headlights off and keep the noise down.

K.W. stopped by the office and got a copy of the floor plan of the unit we are going to hit. The apartment is on the second floor. It is unit two zero nine. It is an open concept unit, with one bedroom, a kitchen, and one bathroom.

As you enter, there will be a door on the immediate right. That is the bedroom. The master bathroom is to the left as you enter the bedroom.

Directly in front and opposite the front door is the kitchen area. There is no door, but there is a four-foot high counter.

K.W. will lead the way as we climb the stairs. I will be next and then Johnny. Millie, M.G., and Forrest you will follow. J.B., I want you to stay with the cars. Leave the motor running so the radio is powered up and ready in case we need to call for assistance.

The apartment faces the landing. We will fan out along the wall on either side of the door, and K.W. will kick it. He is first in, and we will follow.

K.W., Johnny and I will go in with pistols. Millie and M.G. will have shotguns, Forrest you will stay on the landing for security. Choose your weapon.

I will stay with K.W. Johnny, you will secure the front room. Millie and M.G. you will sweep the rest of the apartment. Bring anyone you find to the front room, cuff them and sit them down on the floor with their backs to the wall. Do not put them on the couch or in any stuffed chairs until those seats are checked for weapons. Johnny, you will maintain control of those they bring in.

Finally, remember that this is a violent felon. This man has pistol-whipped customers and staff in three other robberies. Newton and his gang are responsible for the killing of the guard during the robbery of The Big World Liquor Store. The rules of engagement are that you free to fire on any hostile action without the requirement to issue a warning. Are there any questions?"

The detectives were quite for a few seconds, and then Forrest asked, "Any chance the office personnel might have tipped them off about K.W. picking up that floor plan?"

Elmer looked at K.W. and waited. K.W. shifted his weight and said, "I don't know. I didn't ask for the floor plan to that particular unit, didn't tell them I was police. I just asked if they had any one bedroom second-floor units available.

None were available at that time. But the manager said that one was due to come open in two months. She told me that all the one-bedroom units had the same plan. I told them I would get back with them."

"What kind of weapons can we expect to be up against," Millie asked.

"Pistols, shotguns and a sawed off twenty two rifle is what they have used in the robberies," Elmer answered. Our target this morning, Issac Newton, is the last of this bunch. The rest are locked up. Newton carried the sawed-off rifle during each robbery," Elmer answered.

K.W. led the caravan of unmarked police vehicles through the predawn darkness. He cut the headlights on his car as he pulled into the parking lot of the Lemon Avenue Apartment Homes complex. He looked into the side view mirror and saw that the trailing cars did the same.

He stopped at the foot of the stairway leading to unit two zero nine. He stepped from the car and closed the door without making any noise. He walked to the foot of the stairway, paused and looked back at Elmer and the other officers assembled in a single file.

Elmer nodded, and K.W. eased the forty-five Colt from its' holster and clicked the safety off. He mounted the stairs and then sprinted up to the second floor landing.

K.W. stepped aside and let the team fan out on either side of the door. He turned to face the door and waited. He felt Elmer place his hand on his shoulder, holding him in place.

Time seemed to have stopped. Everything was happening in slow motion, and he saw only the door, standing at the end of a long tunnel directly in front of him. There was an acrid taste in his mouth, and his heart was pumping so hard and fast that the pulse in his throat was choking him. Then, the barking of a dog in the unit next door shattered the silence. 'Damned dog,' K.W. thought.

Elmer tapped his shoulder and said, "Go."

K.W. rocked back and exploded forward crashing his right foot just to the side of the doorknob. The cheap lock gave way, and the door slammed inward, bounced off of the wall and swung back toward the charging officer.

K.W. lowered his shoulder and pushed through. Movement on his right caught his attention, and he swiveled to see Issac Newton running toward the bedroom doorway.

Newton tried to close the door, but K.W. used his momentum to force his way through. The edge of the door struck Newton's face, and K.W. heard the bone shatter as the nose was flattened. Blood splattered across K.W.'s face, and he felt it flow across his cheeks and down over his mouth. He fought to resist the impulse to lick the blood from his lips.

Newton had fallen across the foot of the bed. K.W. quickly kneeled with his knee on his chest and placed the Colt between his eyes.

"Dallas Police, don't move or I will scatter your brains all across this bed," K.W. growled, his voice thick from the rush of adrenaline.

Looking into Newton's eyes, K.W. saw that he had no fight left. He holstered the Colt; flipped Newton onto his stomach and Elmer handcuffed him.

K.W. wiped the blood from his mouth and stood looking down at this man who had brutalized so many. He didn't look so mean now, lying there in handcuffs with his blood pooling on the bedspread.

The pounding in his head began to subside. His breathing was no longer audible, and things were happening in real time again. K.W. looked at Elmer and nodded.

It was over. Newton was the last of the Big World bunch. They were no longer threats, no longer would they prey on the innocent.

He grabbed a corner of the sheet and wiped the blood from Newton's face. He lifted him from the bed and moved toward the front door. As he stepped onto the landing, he heard the little dog barking again. "Did you hear that dog bark just before we came through the door," he asked Newton.

Newton nodded and said, "I heard him. I looked out the window and saw you in front of the door, and the others lined up along the wall. My rifle was in the kitchen, and I was headed for it when you kicked the door. I generally sleep with it right beside me. You are damned lucky that I left in the kitchen last night. I would have shot your white ass right through that front door."

K.W. just kept him moving forward. No need to argue with a dead man, and he fully intended to do all he could to see that Newton got the death penalty for killing the guard at the Big World robbery.

Garth Binkle had been sixty-six years old. K.W. had kneeled beside Binkle's dead body, laid his hand on his chest and promised to bring to justice those who had murdered him. They were all in jail, but justice was not fully served. Not until they forfeited their lives for the one they had taken from Binkle.

He looked back as the detectives came down the stairs behind him. Their faces were beginning to relax as the adrenaline rush faded. 'They are Guardians, proven many times over. I will ride with anyone of them, anywhere, anytime,' K.W. thought.

"Watch your head as you go in," K.W. said to Newton as he placed him in the back seat of the squad. He closed the door, hitched up his gun belt and smiled up at the sun that was peeking over the roofline of the apartments.

There, now visible in the morning haze, was a cloud filled with light. But, it appeared that there were figures of men within that light, peering down at him.

K.W. nodded his head and smiled. There had been a cloud of witnesses watching.

'Not all Guardians wear blue. Some are clothed in light,' he thought as he settled in behind the wheel and turned the vehicle toward downtown Dallas.


The Skull ~ The Rolex

~ The Ring

Bobby woke and lay in bed gathering his thoughts. He glanced to his right and saw that Eugene had left a note on the bedside table. He tried to sit up but the sheets were wrapped around his legs, and he had to struggle to free himself.

He kicked out of the tangled mess and stood up. He grabbed the folded paper and saw that there was no money in it. "Damn you, Eugene. You promised you would leave my money when you left for work," Bobby flopped back down on the bed.

He opened the note and read, 'Sorry that I lied to you Bobbie; I think of you as Bobbie rather Bobby. I am as broke as you are. I get paid Friday, and I will catch you up. Hey, you showed me a great time last night, and I won't forget it. See you later. Eugene.'

Bobby wadded the note up and tossed it across the room. Hunger pains pinched his belly. He stood again and moved to the bathroom. He pulled the false eyelashes off and laid them carefully on the side of the sink. He took the stud earrings out and placed them beside the eyelashes.

He looked at the tub and grimaced. 'I am not getting in that vat of filth. I bet Eugene has never cleaned it,' Bobby said and opened the tap on the sink faucet. He opened the towel cabinet and grabbed the last clean cloth. He held it under the cool water and then began to remove the makeup and lipstick from his face. He ran the cloth over his head, across the back of his neck and then down and under his arms.

Finished with his morning cleansing, Bobby pulled on his jeans and then took a shirt out of Eugene's closet. He pulled it over his head and settled it around his waist. 'I'll keep this as an advance on what you owe me, Eugene,' he mumbled. He grabbed an empty envelope off of the table and put his eyelashes and ear studs in it. He looked around the room and walked out.

Bobby stood in the shade the canopy provided. He could feel the heat radiating off of the sidewalk. 'Hot as hell and it is only the middle of July. What will August be like?' he wondered. He looked both ways along Forest Avenue and could feel the increase in tempo as the sun began its' westward slide.

He heard the click of high heels on concrete and heard his name called, "Bobby, what's up my man or is it going to be Bobbie again tonight. I saw you leave with Eugene last night. Bet he didn't pay you, did he?"

He looked at the woman standing before him. She was at least six foot tall in those platform shoes. Her red hair swooped back and swirled around her long, slender neck. She had just the hint of makeup on, light blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, and eyelashes that had to be a half-inch long. She was wearing a gold lame dress that stopped at mid thigh, dangling gold hoop earrings, a gold chain necklace and a pink hat that sloped down almost touching her shoulders.

"Well look at you! Girl, you look like Eleanor Rigby herself. I have to admit, you are the best looking woman on the block," Bobby smiled.

"Don't forget Bobby; this is real. I am a real woman. Why do you try to compete with this Bobby? You know that given an option the men are going to choose me every time," Eleanor laughed.

"They will tonight for sure. You are always beautiful, but tonight you are hot," Bobby nodded his approval.

"Well thank you, Bobby. I see that you aren't made up yet. Are you going to work Forest Avenue tonight? If so, let's agree on what part of the block each will work," Eleanor said.

"I'm not working Forest tonight. I am broke and hungry. I am going to call my white man and meet him downtown," Bobby said.

"I wish you good luck getting a whole sack of sugar from that daddy," Eleanor said as she headed for her corner.

Bobby stepped out of the shade and walked down to Harwood and turned north. He stopped at the 'Rack Em Up' Pool Hall and asked Joey if he could use the phone. He dialed the number from memory and waited for his meal ticket to answer.

"Anyone have anything else to add," Jeremy asked as his team continued to gather their papers and push back from the table.

No one answered and he said, "That's it then. Have a good night, and I will see you all tomorrow."

He gathered his papers and walked to his desk. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearing six o'clock. He shuffled the papers and was tempted to sit down and work through the issues that had been raised during the meeting.

'Nope, it will wait until morning,' he thought as he turned to take his jacket off of the rack. He reached for the door, and his phone rang. He hesitated with one hand on the doorknob and looked at the phone. He sighed deeply and walked back to the desk. Picking up the phone he said, "This is Jeremy."

"Can you come out tonight?" Bobby said softly.

Jeremy said, "Wait one," and stepped back to close the partially opened office door.

He walked around behind the desk and sat down in his chair. "I don't think so. I have been working late every night this week. I should go home tonight; maybe I can come out tomorrow night," he said.


Excerpted from "Guardians in Blue: Book Two"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Ken Bangs.
Excerpted by permission of Black Rose Writing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Title Page,
What the Guardians Say,
What the Readers Say,
Chapter 1 The Cloud of Witnesses,
Chapter 2 The Skull,
Chapter 3 The Beast Gets Loose,
Chapter 4 The Date,
Chapter 5 At Water's Edge,
Chapter 6 Taken,
Chapter 7 The King,
Chapter 8 The Ring Man,
Chapter 9 Working The Scene,
Chapter 10 The WaySide Inn,
Chapter 11 Burning The King,
Chapter 12 The Summer Marriage,
Chapter 13 LampLighter Inn,
Chapter 14 The Sergeant,
Chapter 15 To Be or Not To Be,
Chapter 16 Pillow Talk,
Chapter 17 Lemonade and Omelets,
Chapter 18 Lubbock International,
Chapter 19 Back To The Badge,
Chapter 20 Too Late For Virtue,
Chapter 21 Coming Home,
Chapter 22 Passing The Test,
Chapter 23 Back In The Saddle,
Chapter 24 The Blue Moon,
Chapter 25 Coming In,
Chapter 26 In The Alley,
Chapter 27 Together Forever,
Chapter 28 "NO DADDY",
Chapter 29 The Detective,
Chapter 30 Sean's Issue,
Chapter 31 The Cold Case,
Chapter 32 Heads Up,
Chapter 33 Cooking The Specs,
Chapter 34 Filter Dump,
Chapter 35 The Safety Meeting,
Chapter 36 White Hats,
Chapter 37 The Lie,
Chapter 38 Freezer Run,
Chapter 39 The Left Handed Rifle,
Chapter 40 Culture Change,
Chapter 41 Coming Out Day,
Chapter 42 Deadly Dawn,
Chapter 43 Revenge Shooting,
Chapter 44 Probable Cause,
Chapter 45 Mr. Popcorn,
Chapter 46 Travel America,
Chapter 47 The Silent Man,
Chapter 48 The Shadow,
Chapter 49 Death Warrant,
Chapter 50 Clean The House,
Chapter 51 The Night Walker,
Chapter 52 Killing With Honor,
Chapter 53 The Guardian,
Victory's Hand,
BRW Info,

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Guardians In Blue: Book II 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Coming from a law enforcement family, I consider Ken Bangs' book a compelling eye opening account of just what police officers face on a daily basis. A glimpse of the harsh realities they encounter - seeing the worst in people but also seeing the best. It is great to read Ken's book in a time when law enforcement officers are receiving negative press and our society is not showing the respect and appreciation our “guardians” deserve.
HomicideFish More than 1 year ago
You would be hard pressed to find a book that better puts the reader in realm of police officers, what they do, and how they do it than Guardians in Blue ~ Book Two. Ken Bangs is a highly experienced police officer and a gifted writer who conveys his knowledge and experience of law enforcement in an easily readable volume. If you enjoy a basis of truth and reality in lively story-telling, this is a volume you will truly appreciate!