Guardians of Stone (Relic Seekers Series #1)

Guardians of Stone (Relic Seekers Series #1)

by Anita Clenney
4.2 10


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Guardians of Stone 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
babygirl2bad More than 1 year ago
Please Make available on the Nook 
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
A nicely timed mystery with paranormal and romantic overtones, Anita Clenney’s Guardians of Stone opens with a brief, gently haunting prologue then moves swiftly into the lives of the talented Kendall, manipulative Nathan and rebellious Jake. Soon there are hints of mystery in all the protagonists’ pasts, but the author fills the story with adventures the present, keeping the reader intrigued as the pages fly by. Sent on a quest to find a curious box, hidden by a secret order, perhaps, and never to be opened except… Kendall and Jake are soon entangled in banter filled with pleasing double entendres and adventures filled with fear. Entertaining dialogue, sharp descriptions, dark hints of evil, and fast cars on beautiful Italian roads—what more could you want? The point of view switches convincingly between the three protagonists as the story progresses, a technique that works smoothly and pleasingly as each has their own different take on their purpose, and a nicely curious attitude to each other’s skills. Dangers threaten, St. Peter’s gorgeous architecture beckons, and mystery turns to ghost-hunting, murder and constantly thwarted romance. Jake “believe[s] in strength, wits, and common sense. And a good supply of weapons.” But there’s evil afoot and Kendall has an unpredictable skill for seeking it out. In the gothic dark of an ancient castle, with the gloriously handsome Jake Stone platonically sharing her bed and the mysterious monk filling her dreams, will she or Jake be first to uncover the secrets of their pasts? Or will Nathan intervene. Guardians of Stone tells a fascinating story with enough closure to complete the novel and enough loose ends to leave me eager for more. I hope the author’s working on another tale—these characters have so many secrets still waiting to be told. And the telling’s fun. Disclosure: I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this novel before its release, which I suppose means I’ll have all the longer to wait until the next book comes out. Alas poor me. I really enjoyed this tale.
lhill82125 More than 1 year ago
If this book were a movie I would have been on the edge of my seat the entire time! I would love to have her abilities. I can't wait to read the next one to see what other trouble she gets into. Thanks for another great book Anita!
sportochick More than 1 year ago
This is a great read for all readers and I give it a 5 STAR. Wow an Indian Jones type book that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. It has fast action, some scary parts, little tease of romance and extremely well written suspenseful moments. Anita Clenney is a consummate writer of beautiful flowing descriptions that makes you feel like you can taste it, touch it, feel it and smell it. I read this book in one sitting it held me spellbound. To see the full review visit my blog: sportochicksmusings.blogspot . com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please make available on the kindle!
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Anita Clenney’s first book in The Relic Seekers series is ‘Guardians of Stone’. The main characters are Kendall Morgan (the relic hunter), Nathan Larraby (the eccentric billionaire), and Jake Stone (the mercenary). I thought the premise was way cool, with a relic hunter who has a supernatural knack hunting down a mysterious box which may contain one of the worlds’ most powerful artifacts. Kendall, Nathan, and Jake are all haunted by their pasts and their secrets may cause even more harm in the present day. I liked how we learned about the characters as the plot unfolded and the multiple viewpoints made it easy to see what was going on with each character, but some of the dialogue was stunted and not all of it truly contributed to the storyline. I was caught up in the mystery and Kendall’s supernatural abilities, but sometimes there were entire sections of dialogue which could have been handled better by showing the characters’ actions. Overall, I love the concept, the characters definitely grew on me, and I really need to know what happens next – especially with the way ‘Guardians of Stone’ ended. I think The Relic Seekers series will be able to grow into a solid series. The Relic Seekers series: Guardians of Stone (1), Fountain of Secrets (2)
jeannietone More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Anita Clenney and I have to say I loved it. This is a very fast paced and action packed book with romantic tension interlaced. Little bit of TombRaider (yes Anita is a female relic detector) and DaVinci Code(follow the clues). Kendell has a knack for not listening and going with her gut, that gut normally gets her into a situation that Jake has to save her from. I didn't like Jake at first because he was kind of an ass about going on a relic hunting mission with Kendell. Nathan is a very interesting character and I want to know so much more about him. He hides a lot of things which cause some issues with those involved, even though he is the boss I thought he should be upfront and honest with Kendell as it seems he really cares for her.  The mystery of this book was very search for the holy grail like which i loved you don't know what the relic is till later and i have to say I loved the Sentry Guards, the ghost monk and the Italian setting... Very Cool.  There is also romantic tension between Kendall and Jake which I loved and there are parts which make you wonder how they can stay undercover with all the hiccups along the way. One side character will make you want to tell her to shut up and mind your own damn business lol.  Anita Clenney wraps up this relic finding mission very nicely, I say mission because well there has to be another one with Kendell, Jake and Nathan and I can't wait to read it. I finished this book in a about 4 hours cause I couldn't put it down and I have read it twice more. There is some transaction issues and questions that are not answered but I loved the fast paced action mystery of the book that made me want to keep reading regardless of these issues.   I won this book and my review is honest and of my own opinion
KJKW More than 1 year ago
My first Anita Clenney book. LOVED it! Easy to read, enjoyed the multiple points of view, danger, excitement, sexual tension, secrets..what's not to love? I'm a sucker for a series and hate that I have to wait for the next one.
bklvr16 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. It's a combination of Indiana Jones and the DaVinci Code. Kendall Morgan has a 6th sense when it comes to relics. All she needs to do is touch them and she knows possibly where to find the relic. Same with people; she can "dig into their heads" to read their thoughts, but she doesn't because she wouldn't want someone reading her thoughts. Jake Stone is a tough, hunky, common sense body guard. He doesn't trust Kendall or her gift. He is convinced she is a gold digger after their employer's money. Both are unhappy at being sent to Italy by that employer, Nathan Larraby, a reclusive billionare, to find a mysterious box. Even though they are not happy at being thrown together, eventually they come to like each other and respect their abilities. While searching for this box, they are shot at; drugged; kidnapped and locked in a catacomb. What happens when they finally find the box. What happens to the thugs who chase them all over Rome. Will Nathan, a strange one to begin with, let them in on all his secrets? Once I got into this story, I found it hard to put the book down. I really enjoyed Anita Clenneys' Highland Warrior series and I can not wait to read the next book in the Relic Seekers series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am hooked!  I cannot wait for book two.  I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoy Kim Harrison's Hollows series or a good mystery with an Indiana Jones feel to it.