by M. K. Anthony


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Three years ago, Leelah Bayard left her easygoing life to take a highly secretive position as the main guardian of the queen of Altecia. She made friends quickly within the city and finally became comfortable enough to call Burreck Castle her home, but it still did not change the fact that her heart longed for her family up north.

When the stubborn and arrogant Dogan Ramstien joined the royal guard, Lee’s life as she knew it began to turn. As time went by, the two of them tried to work around their differences, and he ended up teaching her things about herself that she never knew existed. Lee found out she was a direct descendant of an ancient race called Fae—well, that is she thought they were an ancient race. Not only did she learn that she possessed powers but that she was a part of a group that had a destiny to follow. Just when Leelah thought she knew all the facts, some new information comes to light, causing her to stumble back.

As the enemy, the Salvatorians, began to show their faces, Lee needed desperately to save herself and the queen. While on a race in search for the king and his men, a haunting question will be answered about her soul mate. With the visions from the spirit realm, is Lee going to accept what is shown to her, or is she going to fight it all the way to the end?

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ISBN-13: 9781641916448
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Series: Legends of Breena , #1
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.07(d)

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