Guarding Angel

Guarding Angel

by S. L. Saboviec


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Guardian angel Enael can't seem to keep her human Wards in check. They're the ones who choose their paths before reincarnating-she's just there to help make sure they stay on track. But it's not as easy as it might look.

When she meets and falls in love with charismatic Kaspen, a fellow Guardian, Enael's feelings about Heaven, Hell, demons, and the life she's known are turned upside down. Worse, angel-turned-demon Yasva, Kaspen's former love, still holds him in her clutches. Even as Yasva works toward obtaining complete control of Earth, she taunts and haunts Kaspen's and Enael's lives.

Now Enael is forced to face her past (which is centuries long and bursting with secrets), her present (which is terribly unfulfilling and full of questions), and her future (which becomes more uncertain as time passes). Armed with a newfound love and fear of losing it all, she must figure out how to save the world--and the angel she loves. Which side will win? Who will Kaspen choose? Will Heaven and Earth continue to exist, or will everything go to Hell?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780993744518
Publisher: Saboviec Publishing
Publication date: 05/16/2014
Series: Fallen Redemption , #1
Pages: 484
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.08(d)

About the Author

Samantha grew up in a small town in Iowa but became an expat for her Canadian husband, whom she met in the Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game Star Wars: Galaxies (before the NGE, of course). She's the mother of a preschooler and twin babies-a houseful of girls will definitely keep her husband on his toes.

As of writing this at the end of 2017, she's one month into six months of chemotherapy and immunotherapy after a shocking diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer in October. Her prognosis is good, and she hopes to be cancer-free in 2018. She blogs about her journey on her website.

Samantha's short fiction has appeared in AE, Flash Fiction Online, and elsewhere. She has three novels out about angels and demons: the first two and a companion novel in her Fallen Redemption trilogy.

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Guarding Angel 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
JNHLittle More than 1 year ago
I started reading Guardian Angel last night. Only reason I haven't finished it yet is my nook died halfway through. Great book, I could not put it down!!!! I love the world she created, the depths to the characters, and watching the lives of their Wards.
NMCannon More than 1 year ago
I adored GUARDING ANGEL: it was addicting and interesting and tickled my fancies in the just the right way. The world-building, characters, and the characters' development were so spot on: Enael was very relatable and Saboviec outlined all her struggles so well that I kept rooting for her throughout the story, never becoming impatient for her realize such-and-such already. The adventure is epic; the lovers, true; the sadness and joy, real. I recommend this not only to all fantasy and history fans, but to all human beings.
TsBlogging1 More than 1 year ago
Title: A Publisher’s Read “Guarding Angel” by S. L. Saboviec Reviewed by B. Smart 3/19/16 9:07 p.m. Guardian angel Enael’s world is shaken to the core when she meets Kaspen, a charming and mysterious angel who completely alters the way she perceives the human race. Unlike her, he empathizes with his wards, influencing them easily, and she slowly finds herself falling for him; not knowing the reason for their inescapable attraction to one another. All is well until Yasva, Kaspen’s malevolent ex-lover, renounces her place in Heaven and becomes a vengeful demon that is hell-bent on keeping the two apart. Enael has to choose between what matters to her more—the love that she has for Kaspen or her loyalty to Heaven and the humans she serves. Author S. L. Saboviec’s novel is erotic, sensual, thrilling, and romantic. Love triangles are as old as time, but this story’s is told in an original, creative, and thought-provoking way due to its dedication to the main characters’ motivations, the supporting cast’s actions, and every individual’s choices. The relationships in the novel have catastrophic consequences for not only those involved, but the entire world. As a result, Saboviec’s captivating characters keep the reader hooked for the novel’s entirety, and her exquisitely crafted world makes one feel as if they are actually a part of the battle of good versus evil. Guarding Angel is a satisfyingly paced, fast read with well-rounded characters and a beautifully devised plotline. There is a good balance of descriptions and dialogue which makes the story harmonious and intriguing. Featuring a courageous heroine who is willing to die for the one she loves, this novel is one that has the reader engrossed from cover to cover. I highly recommend this to fans of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. This is a Publisher’s Read! I give “Guarding Angel” 5 out of 5 stars. Cheers, B. Smart
Micula More than 1 year ago
Guarding Angel is a very interesting read. Enael is a guardian angel who is responsible for guiding humans through the paths they have chosen as souls. Enael finds it difficult to understand or properly guide her charges, until she encounters Kaspen, a fellow guardian who is responsible for her current charge's temptation. Fascinated with Kaspen and his ways, she becomes embroiled in the plots of a newly fallen angel to rule the world. This book is fascinating. The world building is fairly good, the arguments of free will versus predetermination are well handled and it's very well written. There are a couple of missteps in the narrative but I found the book to be a fairly gripping, swift read. I found Enael to be an fascinating character, complex and slightly dismissive of her charges, she goes through a great deal in this novel and emerges a lot stronger than she does at the beginning. Kaspen is interesting but he needed a little more fleshing out. I thought his emotions flip flopped a little more than necessary. In the negative, I found the Kaspen/Enael romance to be fairly bland and without much spark. Even though the author tried hard not to do 'insta-love' it still felt under-developed and feeble. Their sensual scenes were extremely tame in contrast to other scenes within the book. In a book where you're supposed to root for such an obvious pairing, it's kind of strange that the hottest scene in the entire book is between two enemies. Well for me it was and I would have loved the author to have actually explored that angle a little further. I will certainly read the next book in the series and I definitely recommend this book
IAmy More than 1 year ago
So what motivated me to pick Guarding Angel? I have to confess the concept of a paranormal romance centering around reincarnation is what pulled me in. I am a believer in reincarnation and wanted to see how the author worked it into her story. Angel stories also tend to be one of my favorite branches of paranormal genre, right behind vampires and before werewolves…yes I rank them. So the desire to work more indie authors into my reading rotation and a story that caught my attention it was the right time to give Guarding Angel a shot. If only I wasn’t in such a personal reading slump… Okay, honesty time let’s get the tough stuff out of the way first. It took me nine days to read this book, and I just couldn’t get excited about it. I did like it, but I thought I would like it better when I agreed to review it. The book was a little slow in the beginning, but it did pick up about half way through and I finished the last 120 pages in one day. I think I might have liked the story better if it was set in the modern era or the angel’s charges were in today’s society. I’ve mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of historical reads and this is one case where it didn’t add to the story for me. The author did a fine job staying true to the time periods and I only found one instance where I know something was not historically accurate (baling of hay did not begin until the mid 1800’s about 100 years after one of the background character’s is moving bales of hay). I also had a tough time connecting with the two main characters and did not care for their first set of charges at all. I though Enael was a bit too timid and naive and Kaspen was all over the place. Both characters grew and developed throughout the story, but only Enael was able to grow on me and I ended up respecting her by the end. Kaspen never was able to win me over unfortunately. Their romance was very innocent for much of the book, but did develop a bit of heat near the end, but even that remained off page. For those looking for a less graphic read in the sex area this might be a book you would like to check into. There are some sexual situations, but they not anything that would turn off the average reader in my opinion. So what did work for me? What kept me reading past my 50-100 page dnf cut off. Like I said I enjoyed the story, and perhaps it would have worked better for me at a different time, when I am not in the middle of a reading slump. I did love the reincarnation element that the author based her story around. Much of it was pretty in line with much of the non-fiction reading I’ve done on the subject. It was interesting to see this concept was blended with a more traditional view of heaven/hell and angels/demons. I tend to have a more secular belief on the concept of reincarnation, but for story’s sake this one worked well. I also appreciated the growth Enael experienced throughout the story. In the beginning I wasn’t real sure I could be in her head for 300 some pages, but she surprised me and in the end I did like her. Much of the story is broken into three time periods for three different set of charges for the two main characters. I struggled with the first setting, but the second and third were quite interesting. I almost wish we could have spent more time exploring hell in the book, some of my favorite scenes took place there. I don’t necessarily think that all of the creatures there are as evil as they are classified as just as I don’t think all the angels in
InvestedIvana More than 1 year ago
Not what I expected, and not like anything else I’ve read, this centuries-spanning novel takes you from Heaven to Hell and back in an attempt to examine human nature. Guarding Angel is well written and intriguing. Saboviec creates an entire culture of angelic – and formerly angelic – beings without being religious or falling back on stereotypes of the genre. I never felt the story was predictable. In fact, I was never sure where the story was going, so my curiously kept me reading all weekend until I finished! I read a lot, and so finding something in my preferred genre that feels so unpredictable is quite a treat. I particularly loved the peaceful feeling the author created for Heaven. I can’t say all the angels were nice to each other, but there is a feeling of being taken care of and being treated gently, of not being judged too harshly. Saboviec’s Heaven isn’t perfect, but it mostly feels like what I imagine Heaven to be. I also love the idea that we reincarnate, and plan out our next lives purposefully to learn something each time we live. I don’t hold to any particular religious beliefs myself, but intellectually I’ve always loved the idea of reincarnation—of a soul returning to life over and over to grow and become wise, to be tempered by having so many experiences. It’s an idea that fits with my own passion for learning and self-improvement, and so it made this story all the more engaging for me. In addition to the rich culture she created for Heaven, the author also created some wonderfully rich characters. Enael and Kaspen, the main characters, change so much over the course of the novel. They learn an awful lot from each other, from the humans they guard, and from their experiences that each of them is a very different angel at the end of the book than they were in the beginning. I’m thinking the message of the book has to lie somewhere in how these characters change over time; but I’m still processing. I don’t mean to say the message is vague or poorly written or even absent. I think it is a very well-crafted message that takes some thought. This isn’t a “popcorn” book – there’s not a lot of kicking-down-the-door-and-beating-your-enemies action. This is a very thoughtful book that will probably be percolating in your brain for a while.
Amy_A_Novel_Start More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or my review in any way. The author asked me to review this book before the cover reveal of the second in the series, Reaping Angel. I was a little bias actually, I don't usually judge a book by its cover, but with a book like this you just can't help it - it's so pretty! It sounded like my kind of thing as well, so I said yes. You know what? It was fantastic. I really loved Enael as a character, she's an angel, but she's also very relatable! She's trying to learn how to be a better guardian angel. Some of the trials she goes through are very similar to what we go through, love and lust for example. She's sweet and innocent, but there's also a fire in her that I can just feel burns with a vengeance. I can just feel she's the type of person you just don't want to cross. I love her strong morals, her sense of right and wrong, I think it's because of this which is why I love her so much. She isn't afraid to help the underdog, even if it makes her unpopular. I love that she doesn't care what others think, she just does it because it's the right thing to do. The storyline is very believable. Yes, it's a fantasy. It's about angels and fallen angels... but it's so real! Put it this way, it's one of those books that brings up a lot of philosophical questions, and in the right place too. The things this book makes you wonder is just fantastic. For example, I'm left wondering if we really do choose our life plan before we incarnate on this earth. It's a reasonable thing. I believe in God, I'm not afraid to say it. Is it therefore such a huge leap to say we reincarnate many times so we can experience different trials in each life? Each trial is discussed with our guardian angel to see if it'd be too difficult for us at this stage. If we agree that our soul becomes wiser from it, I don't think that's such a huge leap. I actually think that's very reasonable. You now see what I mean by this book bringing up philosophical debates in your mind :) It'd be excellent for a book club! Guarding Angel is beautifully written, I love the level of description. Emotions are also very well portrayed in this book because it helps angels understand their wards better. I think it's because of the world it's built in that requires this level of detail, but Saboviec really pulled it off! It's wonderful, amazing, and just awe-inspiring. Rather than thinking, "could I believe this world exists?" I'm actually trying to persuade myself it doesn't. That's how good the world-building and description is. Needless to say the story really touched me. I loved it. The storyline was fantastic and flowed beautifully. You can really feel the struggles in the story, it feels so realistic I had to stop reading a few times because "I had something in my eye", you know? Another favourite aspect of this book is I was worried it'd be concentrated on Christianity. It isn't. Belief in this book is based on all religions, so long as you pray to somebody (anybody), that's what counts :) It's the belief in something higher than yourself that matters, not the who. I just really liked that, it's one of the smaller touches in the book but I thought it was very well thought out. I'd definitely recommend this book to lovers of fantasy. If you believe in angels or have an interest in them - read this book! Seriously, do it.
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
Enael was more human than I expected her to be. Despite being a supernatural being charged with keeping her Wards on track, she suppresses any desire to connect with them. She was more a jailor than guardian in that she refused to really understand who her Wards were. It was plain to see they were more than just a human who chose a path and needed an unseeing guide to ensure they stayed on that path. They were souls reincarnated multiple times whose histories revealed their thought processes, their heart's desires, their needs and wants, their strengths and weaknesses. But Enael couldn't understand any of that until she met Kaspen. Kaspen was an interesting angel. He wasn't afraid to delve into what his Wards were feeling. He embraced the madness that was human emotions, finding beauty in the outcome of those emotions being acted on. But he wasn't reckless. He was just more willing to connect with his Wards than Enael was with hers because he understood them. He got to know them through their life books. They were like diaries, tracking the reincarnated life of every soul on earth. They were a gold mine of information for the soul's current guardian. Reading them was just words on paper; laying a hand flat on a page transported the guardian into that person's body, giving the guardian first hand experience of what that person experienced. Kaspen used these to books to his advantage; Enael did not until he made her do it. Kaspen and Enael's relationship was more than interesting. Who knew angels could fall in love with one of their own? Ms. Saboviec's angels do, and that aspect lends a few interesting twists to this story as it develops. Enael's loved before, but he hurt her badly. Kaspen also has loved before, but his love is jealous, alive, and fallen. She's a former muse wrecking havoc on earth as a demon bent on ruling the world. Kaspen and Enael had enough on their plate, individually and as a couple, when it became obvious they were brought together for a reason that was greater than being soul mates. They were predestined to stop Kaspen's ex's plans. It broke my heart when they fell--Kaspen because he felt unworthy, Enael because she wanted her love back--and it was hard to accept that Heaven would so willingly let them go without a fight. I won't lie; I was angry that Ms. Saboviec created a Heaven where Archangels didn't seem to care about guardians, that those who fell were not worth saving, not worthy of redemption. I kept asking myself, "If their Wards' souls are worth saving, why aren't they?" Enael's journey from distant to passionate as a guardian was heartbreaking, thought-provoking, and multi-faceted. I wondered at her ability to be a great guardian to her Wards, and questioned her resistance to becoming a better guardian. But I smiled when she fell in love again, and melted when she declared her feelings to Kaspen. My heart jumped out of my chest when he fell, effectively cutting himself off from her and what they had. And, like I said, I was angry at Heaven and the Archangels when Enael sought their help and they refused. The best books I've read are the ones that make you feel, that demand a reaction to whatever the author has written. This isn't a fast-paced book. This isn't about fire and brimstone raining down on earth. This isn't a battle for one person's soul. This is a well-written, slow-paced story about an angel who wants to understand her true place in Heaven, who falls in love, and who discovers that there is more to her home and superiors than she could ever imagine. It's long, it's slightly wordy, but it was worth reading. The end hinted at another book. Will there be another, Ms. Saboviec? I hope so! 4.5* ***Received from author for an honest review***
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
Give it a whirl! Did I enjoy this book: I loved the premise–a book from the perspective of Guardian Angels isn’t something you come across every day, so I was excited to start reading. I LIKED the book  (it kept me sane during a week-long stay in a hotel with a two-year-old): I liked the world-building, I liked the characters, and I loved the discord. I had a few small issues with, you know, ALL of the main characters burning off their wings and heading to Hell just when things got a little tense, but I guess I understand. I’d say things took a turn for the Charmed (you know, that series with the Who’s The Boss? girl once she grew up and got gorgeous?) after I realized angels and demons (and the other not-quite-human folk who populate Saboviec’s world) could switch sides at will, but I suppose that’s what makes a book like this work–unpredictability. Um. Except that I sort of already knew what was going to happen, ohhhh, about a third of the way through. And, though I know the choice Enael and Kaspen have to make at the end of the book is supposed to be a cliff-hanger, I’m pretty sure Saboviec’s going to have to jump the shark to surprise me. Would I recommend it: Yeah, why not? It might not be the *most* original story line out there, but it’s the only book I’ve read where guardian angels get to be protagonists. Give it a whirl! As reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance Book Reviews. Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do not waste your time on this awful and confusing book, unless, of course, you enjoy being board to death by pretentious, ostentatious storytelling. I would give this book zero stars if I could. It's hollow, pompous, and utterly pointless. The plot lines are shockingly remedial and comically bad. The characters are completely empty and unbelievable - in short, the characters suck. And even the worst writer-hacks in the world know the basic rule: show don't tell. Sadly, this author clearly missed her writing 101 classes. Owning, and abusing, a thesaurus does not make someone a wordsmith, just like giving a character a name doesn't make that character come to life. I suggest the author quits writing, or learns how to tell a story that readers can enjoy. It's impossible to enjoy this one. Life is too short, people. Don't walk, RUN away from this snoozer joke of a book. You'll be glad you did.  PS - did mention how boring this book is?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While guarding reincarnated humans through the 17th century, Enael’s growing love for Kaspen, a fellow Guardian, is tested by the interference of his former lover, a powerful fallen angel. Opening lines: My Ward, Daniel Michael Wheaton, was a special assignment, direct from the Council of Seraphim — the highest rank of angel in Heaven — and I was determined to prove myself with him. I am so excited to be able to finally give my congratulations to author & friend S.L. Saboviec on her debut novel! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, then this story of good and evil, heaven and hell, angels and demons, fate and free will, and the sacrifices we make for those we love is one for your ‘to-read’ list. Look for it on Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Amazon paperback! What I liked BEST about this novel… I love how the author weaves Enael’s story through real-life historical times and places. Each of Enael’s Wards (the humans she’s protecting) live very distinct lives in very distinct places in time. The relationship between Enael and Kaspen is very realistic. It grows and changes throughout the book, developing naturally over a period of time and fluctuating as the characters face challenges. The ending. I’m going to try not to spoil anything, but even though this book is planned as the first of a series, the resolution was very satisfying.