Guarding His Heart

Guarding His Heart

by Annie Seaton


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Guarding His Heart by Annie Seaton

Some people get under your skin.
Some get into your heart.

Bestselling author Liam Wyndham needed an escape, and Half Moon Bay, with its small town charm and beautiful ocean, is the perfect place to hide out from the scandal surrounding his estranged dead wife. A place where he can enjoy his writer's block in sweet isolation. But all of his plans to become a surly recluse disappear when carpenter Georgie Sacchi marches into his house...

Georgie wants an adventure, and she has a plane ticket that promises her everything she needs-excitement, independence, and a way to escape the memory of her last ruined relationship. Still, she has one last job to complete before she can leave the country. The last thing she needs is a recalcitrant author with a gorgeous face (and a hot body) distracting her from her plans.

But life doesn't always give you what you think you need...

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ISBN-13: 9781508524823
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/23/2015
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.49(d)

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Guarding His Heart (Entangled Bliss) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Total bliss - after lots of turmoil! Awww! A lovely story where two folk who’ve given up on any chance for love meet and, after lots of turmoil, find their true love and soulmate. Liam is a highly successful author whose wife was leaving him for another when she was tragically killed in a car crash with her lover. The media blamed him for being in the Himalayas and he had lots of bad publicity. Now he’s struggling to find his muse and has moved to his Uncle Joe’s old home, seeking anonymity and wanting to be a recluse. The house, however, is in dire need of restoration so he’s starting by having bookshelves fitted - lots of them! He’s amazed when the person who turns up to measure up and do the job is Georgie. They’d met earlier when she thought he’d drowned. Chemistry rules and is appropriately volatile but can love conquer all, especially their distrust of emotional entanglements let alone love? This truly is a blissful read, great characters with traumatic pasts impacting on their attitudes and emotional encounters in a beautiful setting make this a book I just have to highly recommend. I’ll certainly be looking out for other books by this author in future! Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Georgie Sacchi thought she'd never find her happily ever after.  She'd been hurt so many times she'd resigned herself to living out her life alone.  Before she left Nebbiton for good and go on her travels around the world, she had one last job to do.  The new resident, at Old Joe Humphries house on the hill, wanted some bookshelves built.  Liam Wyndham was an author who moved to Nebbiton to live like a recluse and to find his muse again.  Who knew he would be gorgeous with ice blue eyes and return her attraction with a fierceness she wasn't expecting. Fantastic story!  I love how even though the girls have found their HEA's and are living in different places, they are all still there for each other.  I was really skeptical about Liam at first.  I mean, really!  Who knew someone that rude could turn out to be so completely different.  Thank you Annie Seaton for bringing us back to Half Moon Bay to visit old friends. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
ETrupkiewicz More than 1 year ago
All Liam Wyndham wants is peace and quiet, to be ignored for a while. As a bestselling author, he can't let it get out that his muse has abandoned him for parts unknown, and he's got a deadline pressing down on him. Half Moon Bay, a sweet, lazy small town, seems to be just what he needs. Until he contracts with a local hardware store to have bookshelves installed in the house he's renting, and the "handyman" turns out to be a (very beautiful) woman. Georgie Sacchi is carrying her own devastating emotional baggage (because, really, who doesn't have some to carry?). Having been unceremoniously dumped by her last several romantic partners, she's convinced she's the problem and is determined to stay independent. First step: taking a worldwide tour, going wherever she wants ... alone. But first, she has to build these bookshelves for this angry, impatient, discourteous recluse of an author. If only he weren't so gorgeous to boot ...  Entangled Publishing's Bliss imprint presents GUARDING HIS HEART by Annie Seaton, newly published this month. If you like your romances on the softer side, with tastefully discreet physicality and attraction, check out this offering. Themes in this work include loss, grief, loneliness, pride, independence, love (of course), and the conflicting desires for solitude and relationships (slash community) that war within every human heart ... especially, perhaps, in the hearts of those who have been burned before. Georgie (and, to a lesser degree, Liam) represents every person who has ever been cut down by a careless remark from a person in a position of trust, or who has faced tragic loss and self-recrimination because of it. Georgie's nemesis is fatalism ... the determination that because two (or three) men have dumped her, she's the issue (being the common denominator) and therefore should never be in a relationship. Period. That's the kind of knee-jerk reaction (note: not a rational response) readers can relate to. Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice? Shame on me. And then, when we've cut off what we assume was the source of the emotional (or other) pain, what if we miss an opportunity that life might have handed us, if we hadn't been hardened? GUARDING HIS HEART is a careful exploration of what loss can do to a person's heart, and how lingering pain can affect a person's choices ... for better or worse. # # # Author: Annie Seaton Title: GUARDING HIS HEART Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Bliss) ISBN: 978-1-63375-219-1 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this work from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest, though not necessarily positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
beeLG More than 1 year ago
Loved this story!! Liam-a famous author buys a house in a small beachfront town; its a older house needing many repairs.  He hires Georgie through the local hardware store to build him floor to ceiling bookshelves around the room that will b his office. Georgie is loved and well liked by everyone in the town of Half moon bay.   Georgie and Liam have an immediate attraction to each other; although they've both been recently hurt and try to steer clear of each other.   They end up spending lots of time together including the nights and learn to love each other although Georgie tries to hide her live for him from herself.  Lots of goings on, getting to know each other, highly entertaining and emotional.  A love story for all time.  5 stars 
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I have decided after reading this book that I want to move to Half Moon Bay! I have read the previous stories but in no way do you need to do so in order to thoroughly enjoy this story. The setting and the characters draw you into the story from the beginning and I was so glad that I read this book. Well written also.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Such a sweet read--another great addition to the Bliss lineup! I loved that the heroine was the tradesperson and that the hero was the author--nice twist. (I am totally lusting after those two rooms full of bookshelves too--can I get me some of those? Preferably in a house on the coast as well, if it's not too much to ask ;)) Georgie and Liam were an adorable couple, and their meet cute was just that--even if touched with a bit of insta-love. They could have communicated at bit better--there was an awful lot of second-guessing and internalizing going on--but overall I really enjoyed their story.  Couple #1 (Ana and Blake from Tangling with the CEO: A Half Moon Bay Novel ) are in the book in name only, and Couple #2 (Sienna and Jack from Brushing Off the Boss ) are in and out of the action, but this book would work fine as a standalone if the first two books are new to you. Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
The final installment of the Half Moon Bay series is here! I will miss these characters and their uniqueness. Georgie is the focus of this last story. Sienna and Ann are in love and with their partners. Only Georgie remains within arms reach of this much-awaited happiness. She has recently been dumped by her last boyfriend as not being "marriage material". Somehow the fact that she is independent, self assured, and kind to all just does not cut it with the men she has dated. Being told she is not "marriage material" is the last insult she can take. It brings up too many bad memories of her mother. And so, she has resolved to leave Half Moon Bay for a world-wide tour, after which she will decide what to do next with her life. Just one more job to do building shelves for a new neighbor and all her local commitments will be fulfilled. Liam. His name alone brings thoughts of sensitivity, kindness, and emotion. He is the new neighbor needing the shelves. Little did Georgie know this man will stop her cold and make her re-appraise her goals. Annie Seaton creates these marvelous complex characters, full of life and troubles, and she shares them with us with a storyline that grip our emotions. I assure you , we are unable to resist them. Thank you, Annie for Half Moon Bay. I will miss these characters... what are you next writing about?
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review** Liam Wyndham is an author who wanted solitude to get over his shock and pain over his wife's death and to finish his latest book. Vanessa and Liam were separated but still married when she died. Georgie's relationship had just ended, with ex using the standard "It's not you, it's me" excuse. Everyone saw Georgie as a good sport, happy, easy going, and a practical joker. Just before her mother's death, Georgie found out the girl she though was her sister for 21 years was actually her cousin. To sort out her life and to change it, Georgie is going on a tour around the world. First she has to do one last job as a favor. Georgie saw a man laying on the beach and went to help him. He got very rude with her. The next day, when she goes to start the job, turns out the same guy, Liam, actually owns the house. Georgie's new mantra is "I value my independence". Liam's attitude helped her to keep this at the front of her mind. Even though she doesn't want to, she feels an attraction to Liam. She eventually learns that he feels it too. This story was kind of slow. There were no real surprises or twists to it.
Lindsey_Gray11 More than 1 year ago
One of the main reasons I read is to be swept away. Some people love the excitement of Hogwarts, the mystery of Narnia, or the hills of The Shire. I, for one, love the small towns with energetic communities, a place I could step on to any street and call home. I've said in my reviews of Kristan Higgins' Blue Herron series, I would love to live in Manningsport. Now, I think I've found my west coast home in the heart of Half Moon Bay. This is the third in this series, but the first one I've read. I wasn't confused at all, so it is good to read as a stand alone novel. It did have me yearning to find out how exactly Georgie's friends met their leading men. The first thing that drew me in was the promise of a reclusive, yet handsome, author. I had a fascination with an old movie about an author who goes to an old house to attempt to write in. I've watched countless times and wanted to see if I could get a little of that thrill reading this book. Not only did I get the thrill of romance and the excitement of the chase, but a heaping helping of humor to balance it all out. Liam comes off gruff and cranky to begin with, but it was perfectly understandable. I warmed up to him instantly once his situation was explained. I was happy we didn't have to wait as long as Georgie did to know what was in Liam's heart and mind. It really helped that Seaton portrayed Liam accurately as a writer. I know I get lost in my head and can write for hours on end without thought of the world around me. Georgie is the consummate people pleaser who for the very first time in her life is putting herself in front of anything else. That of course is a problem when she has a hot, sexy, author right next door who needs her to build his bookshelves. Try as she might, Georgie can't fight that feeling anymore. But it was a lot of funning reading about how she got there. Guarding His Heart fits perfectly into the Entangled Bliss imprint. Hot, sweet, and in the perfect setting. Now I need to go back and read book #1, Tangling with the CEO, and book #2, Brushing Off the Boss. Thanks so much to Annie Seaton and Entangled Bliss for gifting me with a copy of Guarding His Heart in exchange for an honest review.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Liam Wyndham is a bestselling author who is under a tight deadline to finish his latest book. With the death of his wife and the fallout from it, he has some of the worst writer’s block. He’s hoping a move to Half Moon Bay will give him the privacy he craves and get his creative juices flowing. Georgie Sacchi has watched her two best friends and former business partners find love and move away. Funny that she was always the one who dreamed of marriage and family, but is now the odd man out. She wants to leave Half Moon Bay and prove to her ex that she isn’t who he said she was. Georgie wants an around the world adventure or so she thinks. Before Georgie can leave, she has to complete a custom build job for a new client that she hasn’t met. The first meeting of Liam and Georgie isn’t the greatest. Their second meeting isn’t any better. But the two are going to have to find a way to co-exist since Georgie is building bookshelves for Liam’s office. If you’ve read some of my other Entangled Bliss reviews, then you know I’m a huge fan of the line. From the first page I felt content, like I was entering my happy place. Liam and Georgie are both characters you can’t help but like and understand. Each have had a hard time with past relationships and have sworn off of them. But you know the saying about love finding you, when it’s ready. Well, it’s true. Each try to fight their feelings, but realize that it’s a losing battle. Guarding His Heart is the first book I’ve read from Annie Seaton’s Half Moon Bay Series. Yes, I can hear the audible gasps now. I really like the book, however, for some reason, I felt as though I was missing some inside knowledge about Georgie. I still think the book could be read as a standalone. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 satisfying stars I really enjoyed Guarding His Heart. Seeing Liam and Georgie fall in love was entertaining and fun.  Loved how the book ended and the epilogue left me full of happy feels. Thank you Annie Seaton for writing this enjoyable series. The Half Moon Bay series has been a great read, I highly recommended all the books =)
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
So very sweet!  Liam and Georgie were golden together.  Georgie has the biggest heart and always takes care of others.  In the beginning, I wanted to yell at Liam for his treatment of Georgie.  He was a little frustrating at first.  But as both their stories were told, their interactions changed the whole feel of the book.  I adored them together as well as some of the other characters.  Great small town feel to this book where everyone knows you and your business.  I am a little sad this series is over, but it was a very sweet endearing story. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
KYBookmama More than 1 year ago
Georgie's meeting with Liam is a sour one and it goes downhill from there when she realizes she is building shelves in his house. Liam is aloof and rude but finds himself attracted to Georgie. Sure Georgie finds Liam hot but she's leaving for a vacation around the she doesn't want to get tangled up in another failed romance. Loved the banter between the characters. This was a sweet read but a little slow and dragging at times.
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book! This is a great book! This is the third book in the Half Moon Bay series by Annie Seaton.  This is a fun read with great characters, once I started reading it I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it. Liam is a bestselling author who needed to escape. He figures that Half Moon Bay is the perfect place to escape to. Georgie wants an adventure, she has one job left to complete before she leaves on her one way trip. When she gets to the house she meets the sexy author Liam and he is a very tempting distraction. If you are looking for a great romance with amazing characters then you need to read this book and the other books in this series. I can’t wait until the next book in this series comes out.  A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
cutiephinphin More than 1 year ago
After the death of his estranged wife, all Liam wants now is peace, time alone and to continue writing his book. However, his muse left him since the death of his wife. Despite that they were in the midst of a divorce, Liam couldn't help but feel a tinge of guilt towards his wife and betrayed by his wife's actions. Georgie has just been dumped by her current boyfriend who said that she isn't marriage material. After seeing the love that blossomed for her best friends Ana and Sienna, Georgie couldn't help but feel maybe she isn't fated to have love and be loved. Determined to get a new start on her life, she accepts a last job before jetting off on an adventure... so she tells herself. Neither Georgie or Liam saw that cupid arrow coming and despite the grumpiness and rude portrayal by Liam, Georgie saw past that and noticed vulnerability, sadness and loneliness. Liam was determined not to feel for anyone anymore but someone is slowly crumbling those walls of his. He sensed that there is more to Georgie than is led on. I waited quite a long while for Georgie's story and I must say Liam couldn't have been more perfect for her. The title Guarding His Heart seemed only half appropriate since both Georgie and Liam were guarding their own hearts. I love how both of them came together and how Georgie did her best to stand on her own against Liam. Somehow Liam brought out the stronger Georgie as compared to how she was in the earlier 2 books. Annie has written a great epilogue for Liam and Georgie and this has indeed been an enjoyable series with this book being my 2nd favorite. Many thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
WinnieL More than 1 year ago
Guarding His Heart is the 3rd book in the Half Moon Bay series and I thought it was even better than the previous two. I really liked both Liam and Georgie. Their love story was sweet, romantic and entertaining. The two eccentric old ladies were a hoot and I couldn't help laughing at the antics. I also love the short trip they took to San Francisco. It made me long to visit San Francisco.  Guarding His Heart may be part of a series but it can be read as a standalone although the reference to the part where Sienna used to be Georgie's sister may be a little confusing for those who have not read Book 2.
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
In Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand, Alex is an expert art appraiser who finds herself on the run, her life in danger after falling for the wrong man.  Estranged from her prominent family in the US but still not wanting to endanger them, she flees to Oxford, England.  There she becomes a chameleon and blends in with the university crowd as she figures out her next move.  Alex, aka "Gabe", meets Henry when her past is fast catching up to her and she needs to hide.  Henry is an Earl, a professor, former military and so much more.  He immediately knows Alex is running from something or someone, but she won't tell him what or who. Despite Alex having her secrets, Henry wants to help her.  He wants to keep her safe, and soon he finds himself wanting her as a woman also.  The attraction is mutual, but Alex is scared, and the feelings Henry evokes in her are new for her.  She's not sure who to trust.  Henry is sure he trusts Alex though, and for various reasons, Alex is soon agreeing to help him find a painting that has been stolen from him.  Even if this means she'll be closer than ever to the danger she's desperate to escape from.  Henry wants to protect her, and he finds himself wanting a future with her, but Alex is keeping her secrets carefully guarded. When her secrets are finally uncovered will it be too late to save her?   Untrue Colors is a fast paced, intriguing, edge of your seat romantic suspense with an international flare!  Veronica blends suspense, action and romance perfectly in Untrue Colors.  She even managed to catch me very off guard which was so unexpected it added a great twist to the plot. I love how Veronica built up all the players in the story, from the main characters Alex and Henry to Henry's brother Simon and the evil Luc.  She slowly peels away their layers, but still leaves you wanting more with each page.  Alex is brave, brilliant, determined and independent.  She was a bit frustrating though because she was so determined not to let anyone help her or know her secrets for fear of putting them in danger, but they were already in danger just from her being with them.  So I felt like she was kind of leaving Alex especially in the dark a little too much.  Watching her grow and bloom after what she's been through was very rewarding though, and I liked the way Veronica did not sugar coat Alex's experiences.  I also liked that as scared as Alex was, she was cautious but she didn't hold what happened to her against all men.  There is so much more to Henry than what meets the eye, and even Alex doesn't realize how much.  I liked his character.  He was protective, strong and caring with out being over bearing or full of himself. I really liked the secondary characters in Untrue Colors, and found Simon, Henry's brother especially intriguing.  I'm really hoping there is a follow up book with him, because I feel like that was the only part of the story that was unfinished for me and that was a little disappointing.   I also love the main setting of Oxford, it is perfect for this book!  The title is also will find out why when you read the book! Easy to become absorbed in and feel part of, I'd recommend Untrue Colors to any romantic suspense reader!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Be ready to laugh as eccentric old ladies, friends, and family matchmake with the help of a pet. Past relationships make it a very difficult task. Another can't put down read by Annie. 
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Fantastic read that is perfect for a nice relaxing afternoon! Georgie Sacchi is done living a lonely existence in Half Moon Bay, after another failed relationship she's done. One last renovation project to do then she is off on an adventure. And she's determined, no matter how distracting her new client, Liam Wyndham is!! Liam Wyndham came ti Half Moon Bay for some peace and quiet to finish his latest novel. Now if he can just find his pesky muse again. She's been missing since the scandalous death of his wife. The last thing he needs is a distraction. Especially one in the form of a very sexy carpenter working at his house every day! This two are perfect together! You definitely want to grab this one. I highly recommend it.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
bumpy road of life leads two people back to each other , back to true love ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review*** Georgie Sacchi is done living a lonely existence in Half Moon Bay. Everything there seems to go wrong, especially relationships. She has One last renovation project to do then she is off on an adventure. And she's determined, no matter how distracting her new client, Liam Wyndham is!! Enter Liam Wyndham, who came to Half Moon Bay for some peace and quiet to finish his latest novel. His only problem is he has lost his muse since the death of his wife. Now he has the carpenter working around him-The last thing he needs is a distraction- especially one so gorgeous and sexy who will be working around him every day.  This is a fantastic story of two people who have been hurt in life in different ways who are afraid to take chances on love. They are perfect together, they work. They do clash at times and the road to happiness is paved with gravel and road bumps. But they can't seem to forget about each other. Can they overcome their misconceptions about themselves and take a chance on love and happiness? What I can say is that they are two people who are made for each other and that this is a great story and you should read this story. It is wonderful and full of great characters who stay with you long after you are done reading this story. Do Georgie and Liam get together, well, read this story and you will find out!! You won’t regret reading this story! My rating: 4.5 stars ****
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating! I think that I'm a little bit in love with this book...and Liam. I was sitting here thinking everything through in my head as I tried to determine how I was going to rate this and what to say in my review and really there ended up being no question what to do. When I tried to formulate a list of things in my head that I didn't like about Guarding His Heart, things that could possibly take away points towards my rating, well, they were just so tiny and insignificant, nitpicking really, that giving it anything less than five stars honestly would just be me lying to myself. There are so many things I can list to explain why I enjoyed this book so much. Characters would be at the top of the list but just below that would be the setting. I absolutely adored Half Moon Bay. Like to the point where I Googled it and am seriously contemplating visiting the area some day. It just seems so charming and quaint, plus the beaches and the ocean. It sounds like the type of place where I'm afraid if I go, I may never leave. Of course the characters though were definitely what sucked me in so deeply. Georgie was very easy for me to relate to. She's a doer. She will happily give and do and be a rock to everyone around her and she'll do it with a smile on her face. Even if on the inside things aren't as cheerful as they seem, she puts on a smile and hides behind a mask and just gives everything she has to others. Not everyone is fooled by her outward appearance though and I really felt for her as she continually lied to herself and those around her just how deeply she's been affected by stuff from her past. Liam Wyndham is in a class of swoonyness (it's a word...) all of his own. First of all he's an author, so that alone had my bookish heart ready to sing his praises from the nearest mountain. But it's his sweetness and his passion and his actions that had me falling hopelessly. Plus I generally cannot resist a broken man and his story had me aww and sigh and want to wrap him up and hold him tight. Yikes, could I sound any more smitten? Yeah. I've got it bad! Sometimes there is nothing better than a sweet romance like you find in these Bliss books. It's that kind of light and fluffy romance that you daydream about, and I mean that in the best way possible. And while these two fight their feelings out of fear, the spark between them is undeniable. Even the people around them see it and try to stick their nose in the relationship. And let me tell you this book is packed full of brilliant characters. With everyone's antics I was either laughing or sighing contentedly as I whipped through this book in one sitting! I haven't read either of the first two books in this series but that's something I plan on fixing very, very soon. I definitely need more of Half Moon Bay and these characters in my life! Thanks Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!