Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Selling Your Work

Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Selling Your Work


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ISBN-13: 9781600376603
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2010
Series: Guerilla Marketing Press Series
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 335,968
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

• Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, has sold more than 21 million Guerrilla Marketing books since 1984 • Rick Frishman is the president of Planned Television Arts, one of the top publicity firms in the book publishing industry • Michael Larsen is a successful literary agent and the author of Literary Agents and How to Write a Book Proposal. • David Hancock is the Chief Evangelist for the Entrepreneurial Author and founder of Morgan James Publishing.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why You Need This Book and How to Get the Most Out of It 1

Part I Guerrilla Marketing: The Right Idea At The Right Time

Chapter 1 Why You Have to Be a Guerrilla Marketer 9

Chapter 2 An Authors Guide to an Industry on the Edge of Tomorrow 25

Part II Weapons That Make You A Guerrilla

Chapter 3 The Most Powerful Weapons in Your Arsenal 39

1 The Most Powerful Guerrilla Marketing Weapon: You (Priceless) 39

2 Your Books (Expensive) 41

3 Your Networks (Free) 42

4 Word of Mouth (Free) 45

Chapter 4 The Most Powerful Weapons for Selling Your Books 49

5 Your Platform (Free) 52

6 Your Talks (Free or you get paid!) 54

7 Your Grand Tours (Free or you get paid!) 56

8 Publicity (Low cost) 58

Chapter 5 The Most Powerful Weapons Inside You 65

9 Your Objectives (Free) 66

10 Nichecraft (Free) 69

11 Your Ideas (Free) 70

12 Your Creativity (Free) 73

Chapter 6 Weapons That Make You a Guerrilla 75

13 Your Promotion Plan: The First Version (free) 75

14 Your Promotion Budget (Free) 79

15 Your Guerrilla Greenbacks (Free) 82

16 Your Promotion Plan The Final Version (Free) 86

Part III Weapons Galore To Help You Sell More

Chapter 7 More Powerful Publicity Weapons 93

17 Your Elevator Speech (Free) 93

18 Your Television Interviews (Free) 94

19 Your Radio Interviews (Free) 95

20 Your Print Interviews (Free) 96

21 Your satellite tours (Expensive) 98

Chapter 8 Weapons That Prove You're a Guerrilla 99

22 Your Media/Speaker's Kit (Expensive) 99

23 Your Press Release (Free or low cost) 102

24 Your Web Site (Low cost) 105

25 Your Knowledge of Publishing and Promotion (Low cost) 110

26 Follow-ups (Free) 111

27 YourEvaluation Form (Free) 113

28 Your Publisher's Publicity Questionnaire (Free) 114

Chapter 9 Fusion Marketing Weapons 117

29 Your Strategic Alliances (Free) 117

30 Window and In-store Displays (Free) 119

31 Fund-raisers (Free) 120

32 Your Annual Awards (Free) 122

Chapter 10 Weapons That Use Technology to Help You 125

33 Your Tip of the Day (Expensive but you get paid!) 126

34 Online Booksellers (You get paid!) 128

35 Your Links and Directory Listings (Free) 129

36 Your Self-Writing Sequels (You get paid!) 129

37 Your Webcasts (Low cost) 130

38 Your Giveaways (Low cost) 131

39 Your Surveys (Free) 132

40 Your Discussion Groups (Free) 133

41 Your E-mail Signature (Free) 134

42 Your Snail- and E-maillng Lists (Free) 134

Chapter 13 Weapons That Involve Your Books 137

43 Excerpts from Your Books (You get paid!) 138

44 New Editions of Your Books (You get paid!) 141

45 Reading Groups You Attend (You get paid!) 142

46 Promotional Copies (Free) 142

47 Your Titles (Free) 143

48 The Covers of Your Books (Expensive) 145

49 Illustrations (Low cost) 149

50 Your Acknowledgments (Free) 150

51 Your Bibliographies (Free and you get paid!) 151

52 Raffle Prizes (Free or low cost) 152

53 Merchandising (You get paid!) 152

54 Your Money-Back Guarantee (Low cost) 153

Chapter 12 Weapons Made Possible by Your Ability to Write 155

55 Your Brochure (Low cost) 155

56 Your Newsletter (Free or you get paid!) 157

57 Your Articles and Short Stories (You get paid!) 159

58 Your Column (You get paid!) 161

59 Your E-mail Chain Letter (Free) 162

60 Your Book Reviews (You get paid [very little]!) 163

61 Op-ed Pieces and Letters to the Editor (Free) 165

62 Thank-you Notes (Free) 166

63 Handouts (Free or low cost) 168

Chapter 13 Weapons Made Possible by Your Ability to Enlist Allies 169

64 Book Signings (Free) 169

65 Book Festivals (Free) 174

66 Your Special Events (Free) 175

67 Your Contests (Free) 177

68 Cooperation with Your Peers (Free) 178

69 Your Promotion Potlucks (Low cost) 178

70 Your Broken-in Walking Shoes (Low cost) 179

Chapter 14 Weapons That Deliver Free Advertising 181

71 The Last Pages of Your Books (Free) 181

72 Bartering Stories for Space (Free) 183

73 Per-order Ads (Free) 183

74 Catalogs (Free) 184

Part IV Weapons That Are All About You

Chapter 15 Weapons That Prove You're a Pro 189

75 Your Professionalism (Free) 189

76 Trade Shows (Expensive) 190

77 Professional Conferences (Expensive) 194

78 Your Memberships in Business Organizations (Low cost) 195

79 Your Memberships in Community-Service Groups (Free) 195

Chapter 16 Weapons to Make Part of Your Identity 199

80 Your Passion for Books (Free and you get paid!) 200

81 Your Enthusiasm (Free) 201

82 Your Sense of Humor (Free) 202

83 Your Sense of Balance (Free) 203

84 Your Courage (Free) 204

85 Your Competitiveness (Free) 204

86 Your Speed (Free) 207

87 Your Flexibility (Free) 208

88 Your Smiles (Free) 209

89 Your Optimism (Free) 210

Chapter 17 Weapons for Communicating Your Identity 213

90 Your Audios (Low cost) 213

91 Your Videos (Low cost) 215

92 Your Stationery (Free or low cost) 216

93 Your Business Cards (Low cost) 220

94 Your Bookmarks (Low cost) 221

Chapter 18 Weapons for Building Your Invincible Marketing Machine 223

95 Your Identity (Free) 223

96 Your Slogan (Free) 227

97 Your Logo (Free) 228

98 Your Package (Free) 229

99 Branding Your Books (Free) 230

100 Your Promotion Calendar (Free) 234

Chapter 19 The Great Adventure: Giving Yourself a Promotion 237

Resource Directory 245

Appendix I The Guerrilla Marketing Weapons for Fiction and Nonfiction Listed in Order of Importance 249

Appendix II How to Find the Publicist You Need 253

Appendix III How Your Networks Can Help You 257

Appendix IV Sample Media Kit 259

Appendix V The Timeline for a Publicity Campaign 269

Appendix VI Writer's Digest Publicity Questionnaire 271

Appendix VII The Top 100 Markets in the United States 279

Appendix VIII Mike's Evaluation Form 283

About The Authors 285

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Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Selling Your Work 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
The_Boompa More than 1 year ago
It gives you exactly what the title says. Just one thing to keep in mind. In general the lower the cost of the technique the more of your time it requires. This is time not devoted to writing. Yet many of the lowest cost, most time consuming, are the most effective. This is a trade off you have to find a way to balance if you want to get your book out there.
Ron_Kurtus More than 1 year ago
This is a good book in the popular Guerrilla Marketing series that is specifically aimed at writers and the marketing they must do to sell their books. I recommend it to those planning on being published, as well as for published authors.
hugh_ashton on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Disappointing for me - your mileage may vary. This is based around the premise that (a) you have written a non-fiction book, preferably a self-help or an "inspirational" work, and (b) that you have been published or are looking seriously at being published by a New York publisher. Since my independently published books are fiction, this book is less use to me than to many readers. It also assumes that your market and your home are the USA (slightly more reasonable as an assumption, I suppose, but it doesn't apply to this Brit living in Japan). As it happens, this book is actually a POD book (I recognize the footprints of Lightning Source), and is none the worse for that, but I find it ironic that the authors are writing about commercial publishing and are not being commercially published.As to the content: a little bit repetitive, and often recycled from other books in the series, sometimes without due regard to the applicability of the advice to authors. There are gems of advice there, and there are a few things I hadn't considered. Some, as I say, are useless - local newspaper, radio, TV stations? Forget these in a country which isn't my target market. Some edge towards being entrepreneur/MBA waffle (substitute any term you like for "waffle"), but if you're prepared to work your way through this oddly-structured book, you may find something that will be of use to you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago