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Gui, Hua: (Ghost, Flower

Gui, Hua: (Ghost, Flower

by Lita Rosen
Gui, Hua: (Ghost, Flower

Gui, Hua: (Ghost, Flower

by Lita Rosen


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For twenty-five years, the Priscan country of Sinae has been at peace under the rule of the fair and just Emperor, Sima Ai, but that is all about to change.
The adept and determined warriors that make up the Xixuegui Rebellion have launched an assault upon the Imperial family that threatens the very balance of the Jiang Kingdom as they know it.
While the Emperor and his Warriors are attempting to fight off the outward battle, inner-turmoil between Sima Ai and his son, Sima Gui, is also disrupting the palace's balance and creating a rift between the people that should care for each other most.
With Emperor Ai's health hastily deteriorating, Princess Zhaoji Chunhua's love affair and Prince Gui's malicious tongue, will the Sima family be able to cease the fighting amongst themselves long enough to protect their beloved Kingdom and Country from ruin?
Set once again in the ancient land of Sinae, Gui, Hua tells the story of a family in turmoil as the happiness from the first installment of the Sinae Dynasty's whirlwind romance comes crashing down atop all those within the Imperial Palace. From the first page of this book, you shall fall in love with the characters who deserve it, and hate the characters that deserve that even more. Throughout this story of love, betrayal, hatred and injustice, your heart will swell with tales of ancient and forbidden love and shatter when it all comes crumbling down for the highly esteemed Sima family.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781514647554
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/21/2015
Series: Sinae Dynasty , #2
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Lita Rosen has lived in Lincolnshire all her life, and does so with her family and dogs.
She graduated from Sleaford Joint Sixth Form in 2012 with an A-Level in Media Studies, Film Studies and English Language and Literature. During November 2012, she entered the Darker Times Fiction short story competition where she placed runner-up, and entered once again in December of the same year when she was an Honourable Mention. She is also an avid fan of Comic Books, Manga & Anime, Video Games and also loves Poetry - Both to read and write.
She currently volunteers at a Community Radio Station in Lincoln called Siren FM where she is a Radio Show Host.
Her first novel - Xiao, Ai (Little, Love) was self-published in 2013 and is set in a parallel world equivalent of Ancient China called Sinae.

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