Guitarist's Guide to Computer Music: With Cubase SX/SL

Guitarist's Guide to Computer Music: With Cubase SX/SL

by Robin Vincent, Tom Vincent


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ISBN-13: 9781870775878
Publisher: PC Publishing
Publication date: 07/28/2003
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.52(w) x 9.36(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Vincent is technical director of Carillon Audio Systems in the United Kingdom, where he designs and builds computer music studios.

Table of Contents

1Starting with the familiar1
The average guitarist's home studio1
2Installing the software from CD-ROM4
Setting up the tuner6
Setting up Cubase SX7
Setting up Amplitube12
Play the demo song12
3Let's record some guitar15
Plugging the guitar into the computer17
Using the line input18
Using the mic input18
Getting the right signal19
Recording your first track20
Multitrack recording and playing along with yourself23
4Getting the right hardware26
Talking about soundcards26
Dealing with latency30
The 'right' hardware32
5Virtual effects processing34
Talking about plug-ins34
Using Amplitube38
Recording with effects43
6Bring on the drums44
Virtual drum machines44
Loading VSTis46
Native Instruments Battery46
Velocity layers48
Fxpansion's DR-00849
Playing and programming drums in Cubase53
Understanding MIDI53
Connecting MIDI to the computer54
Playing drums in Cubase57
Recording a drum track60
Groove Quantize64
Using the drum editor65
Arranging patterns67
Preset patterns68
MusicLab's SlicyDrummer70
MIDI files74
Using drum loops75
Loops in Cubase78
7Creating a virtual band84
Talking about software synths84
Software samplers86
Creating a VSTi bass line in Cubase89
Using the Key Editor to create notes91
Using effects with VSTis93
Adding other instruments94
CPU performance96
Adding and editing a guitar track96
8Hands- and feet-on control99
Talking about MIDI control99
Drum control102
MIDI floorboards103
Controlling stuff in Cubase104
Controlling the mixer104
Controlling effects107
Controlling VSTis108
Using a MIDI floorboard with Cubase110
Basic floorboard control in Cubase111
Floorboard control of Amplitube in Cubase113
All-singing and all-dancing control of Amplitube in Cubase114
9Mixing and automating123
Mixing in Cubase124
VST channel editor126
Track mixer126
Applying effects127
Level adjustment130
Automating effects135
Automating VSTis135
Tidying up136
10Creating a finished product138
Mixing down in Cubase SX139
Mastering software140
Putting your mix onto CD143
Creating MP3s of your music145
What is MP3?145
Making your own MP3s147
Publishing your music on the Internet147
Other Internet music formats152
11Studio setups154
Basic setup154
Enhanced basic setup155
Basic mixer setup156
8-bus mixer setup158
Digital mixer setup160
The virtual studio161
Virtual studio with real control162
12Taking it on the road164
Using software effects live165
RT Player168
Getting sound into and out of a laptop168
USB and Firewire audio169
Getting the right laptop170
13A round-up of computer hardware and software172
Deciding what's right for you172
Recording software184
Effects plug-ins192
Drum software194
Software synths and samplers196
MIDI controllers201
14What about the computer?208
What to look for208
Where to buy211
The great 'PC versus Apple Mac' debate212
Example specification213
15Looking back through what we've learned214
What the future holds214
Appendix AUnderstanding the difference between MIDI and audio216
Appendix BSetting up Windows XP for music220
Appendix CInternet resources226
Appendix DGlossary227

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