Gull's Flight: A Novel of the Old and New Worlds

Gull's Flight: A Novel of the Old and New Worlds

by R M Edge


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Ireland under the yoke of English oppression. The brilliance of the Sun King's France. The profits and perils of the pioneering trade. The lush landscapes and bustling settlements of the Americas. Gull's Flight is a vivid evocation of the world in 1700-and an unforgettable tale of love, endurance and adventure.

In 1685, young Ciaran o Faoileann is press-ganged by sailors on the streets of Galway. In the years after escaping from the ship, now using the name Robert Worthington, he meets Summer Guerin, an impoverished Irish girl who is also alone in the world. Falling in love, they pledge to build a life together in the New World, where they can leave in a peace that their Irish homeland cannot offer.

But first they must survive-and that means separation. Robert joins the Irish underground fighting against English persecution. Summer goes to work for Geoffrey Vaux, a wealthy landowner with a secret belief in the Irish cause. When Robert does not return for her, Summer marries her employer and departs with him for his home in France. Missing her by only days, a despairing Robert returns to life at sea.

Summer finds contentment as a wife and mother; Robert wins riches as a privateer. But neither can banish their memories. When the opportunity arises, both will risk it all in the hopes of recapturing the unforgettable love they once shared.

With its richly imagined characters, epic story, and glimpses of some of history's most colorful people and places, Gull's Flight is the perfect read for anyone interested in vivid and engaging historical fiction.

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ISBN-13: 9781511522564
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/06/2015
Pages: 370
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

R.M. Edge is the pen name of Broadus Sowell, a retired physician living in Vero Beach, FL. A distant relation of the Irish writer Maria Edgeworth (from whom the name "R.M. Edge" is derived), Dr. Sowell's research into Irish and family history gave rise to the "Old World" section of Gull's Flight, much of which takes place in Ireland. Additional events, locations, and historical details were inspired by Dr. Sowell's travels. He was stationed in Antigua for two and a half years after World War II; during that time he came to love the Caribbean, which is extensively depicted in the latter half of the book. He has travelled extensively in Ireland and France and also resided in Charleston, where the novel closes.

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