Gunfire And Roommates

Gunfire And Roommates

by Chance Raymond

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This book is fiction, not a prediction, and has no subtle messages.
Eighty per cent of the story is a dream that one of the main characters is having. The first twenty per cent of the book trudges through miscellaneous interaction with everyday people and trivia events which are real, but then re-surface as villains and victims in the goofy dream that follows.

The world as modern day man has known it changed forever. Prelude to the change began when the free nations refused to negotiate with tyrannies. Nobody liked them anyway. Isolated and cut off from the global community and its commerce, the tyrants were no longer a player on the world stage.
New to the world scene was the Coalition Of Nations, abbreviated CON, pronounced con. Its flag, the people's flag, waved red-yellow-black-brown and white with a seal diagonally down the middle that could be seen in the sunlight. The international community under this one government was united to establish peace.
But soon another monster reared its head. For ages the social classes of human society had bottled up some resentment towards one another. Hostility between the rich and the middle class and the poor escalated. The times demanded that the people with more share generously with those with less. This ideology became an international movement. The have nots out numbered the haves and threatened to take what they wanted by force. Since everyone owns more than at least someone, the threat of violence sent shock waves through human society. Insane mobs pounced upon neighborhoods and homes and burned what they didn't plunder. The Invasion as it was called challenged all levels of authority to put out the fires.

The Coalition was determined to stop the social chaos from progressing into an earth wide bloodbath of which there could be no return. Human society committed itself to a plan to heal itself and blamed anyone who didn't participate as the reason for fatigue and disorder. The world neighborhood identified and sorted out religious extremist, free loafers, petty criminals, and other misfits, from the majority of law abiding citizens. It was deemed there were two types of people: those who passionately subjected themselves to international and local government and those who didn't cooperate. The united militaries of the allied nations enforced curfews and martial law in all the earth. Local police forces everywhere were issued the most up to date artillery and generous benefits attracted courageous and stout young men and women to join the force. Neighborhood Watch, the most dreaded patrol of all, was authorized and armed to do whatever it took to crack down on strange sects and force suspicious dissidents into submission. Once real and imagined threats to world order was under control those hardcore organizations and most people eased up on the undesirables. The trouble makers were invited to come clean and reap the socio-economic benefits that came with allegiance to the Law.
The popular opinion being: the monkeys had failed to govern the human race, God was on stand by, the church was next in line, and intelligent man was the only living creature available to make the world a better place by learning from his mistakes, or the opposite, capable of wreaking irreversible havoc on itself by repeating history.

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